Nobody tries Pastel de Choclo and Incidentally sees a Train Falling from the Sky

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It seems that I've already arrived at the place, there are a lot of things I've to find out. According to my watch right now it's 10 o'clock P.M. I'll go look for a restaurant later, I hope there's one still open.

The road was quite hectic, so I hope it'll be worth it. The information I got will be very important if it is true. A shipment from the Foundation will be arriving here shortly, and I also have a rickety car to make my story believable. I think this is the route where transports pass by?I have to study this world more.

Apparently I haven't introduced myself here yet, I'll take advantage of that fact. I spotted the truck from a distance, it looks like I found a shipment of… Class-D? I wonder if they call them the same here.

I can't miss this chance, I'll try direct contact and I'll pretend to be a lost civilian, hopefully I can learn something.

I was able to ask the driver some questions. He told me where we are, and informed me that a police car is on its way here so they can help me. I've managed to place a tracker on one of the tires (I was told these were undetectable. It has worked in other places, I don't know if it works here as well).

I'm inside the police car, the policeman is very nice, we even stopped for coffee at a gas station. Although the coffee was horrible, apparently the quality of these places is always the same. I was telling him a road close to the inmate truck, I'll reach a town 30 km away from where he stopped.

I'll ask for transportation.

It looks like it'll be a couple of hours before it's going to be here. There are several restaurants here, I'll see what can satisfy my stomach.

One of the restaurants seems to serve food from here, I'm going to see what's up.

Something tells me I've spent too much time trying to order something; what is "choclo"? I ventured out and ordered a "pastel" of it. I thought it was a dessert, but it's a main course. I also ordered some empanadas to go with it, I'll save the dessert for later. Here, people are also used to tipping, I guess it's like in the USA, but people tip less here.

Looks like my order has arrived, the empanadas are what I was expecting. Very tasty, by the way, and as for the pastel de choclo, it's like a, I don't know how to describe it, it looks like mush over meat or something. I guess that's corn on top. Wait, this isn't corn?

Holy mother of Christ, this is delicious, the bottom half has ground beef, onion, egg and chicken, and the top half is choclo/corn paste I don't know which, with a top layer that is a little bit harder and sweeter than the rest of the meal. I hope it's like this everywhere. I'll order a dessert and one of these cakes to go.

Oh my god, this apple bread pudding is amazing, I have to tell Lefty to try this, he likes sweets, I think.

It seems that the vehicle has already arrived, he told me that it was customized to enter restricted areas, that the guards would see it as one of theirs. I hope so, he also gave me this uniform, it looks like the one I wore the other day, I guess it'll have the same effect.

I've managed to get close to the area, it looks like a traditional, small facility. I don't think it's the main facility. I'll activate the camouflage.

I made it through, although I don't know if they saw me, that's the least important thing now. According to what I was told, the uniform should now make me look like a normal researcher. I'll access a computer and try to make a copy of the database.

Inside it still looks similar to those of other universes, I don't see too much security, I don't think this facility is very important, it looks more like a transit facility.

I've accessed an office, its owner is in the cafeteria, so I have some time.

I'll use the USB I got, it's supposed to be able to make a copy anonymously and undetectably. I hope so. I'll look at one or two more files and see if I can get more information.

It looks like the researcher was writing something, the date is April 13th, 2013. I guess today. It looks like an entry for an anomaly. His name is written at the bottom, one Andrey. I'll keep looking around while it copies everything, it doesn't look like any alerts went off, that's a good thing.

I've managed to copy the database from here, I'll send it to be deciphered and to remove the potential killer memes.

I think I've gotten everything I could, I'll go get my vehicle, although I don't know what to say to the guard at the entrance.

Something has happened, blue clouds started to appear and something seems to have fallen in the courtyard, I'm going to investigate.

I joined a bunch of guards and researchers, it looks like a train has fallen from the sky, literally.

I'm going to blend in with the guards and see what happens.

moving human body parts have appeared , I was literally able to see part of a head jumping through the fire. The smell of burnt flesh was indescribable.

It looks like they're sending a recon team, I'll investigate from a safe distance, I'll try to get in on the radio stations and listen to some of what they say, even see if it's possible to get some pictures.

I managed to get something, they seem to have been able to get out, and someone has mentioned it, Mocholí. I'm writing that name down. They also spotted a drawing-girl?

It seems that a few things have already calmed down, the guards have started to retreat, I have to leave before they discover me.

I made it out successfully, I hope they're not keeping track of entrances too much, after this event I don't think that's the most important thing.

I've also received the semi-decoded database, there seems to be some files that self-delete after being transferred, even with this USB, I'll have to request a better one.

I think I'll go to a motel, it's already 3 A.M., plus I'm kind of hungry, I think I'll eat the cake while I read the files.

I arrived at one of questionable quality, but at least the price was okay. I started to read the documents, and I also devoured the cake, I have to go to the restaurant to buy some more things.

It seems that the girl-drawing is one of the SCP's they have. Mocholí's name also appears, what an interesting man.

I also have the approximate location of Facility-57, it seems to be the main facility. It looks like it was deleted, but I did manage to recover some of the data. The Andes Mountains, damn, that's a big place, I'll have to ask for some help.

I also have some personal files, mostly deleted, but those of the mobile teams are largely intact. Here is the Mocholí one, it was updated today, this is interesting.

A Mobile Task Force, that's odd, Ny-13 ("Cult of 13"). I'll see if I can find out anything, it looks like they're heading to Facility-17, I'll find out where it is tomorrow, I'm sleepy.

To Do:

* Go to the restaurant for breakfast.
* Find out what other groups are present in this universe.
* Report after finding out everything I need to know.
* Check the available research records.
* Ask for help to locate Facility-57.

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