Prestigious Almanac of Terms and Academic Parlance Originating from the Universe of Francophonia

The SCP universe tends to expand and deepen a little bit more every day. New research departments, new sciences, new groups of interest: every contribution brings its share of terminology, invented words and obscure concepts. The French Branch is no exception. Of course, every author creates their own little world full of novel phrases and ideas. But it is only by sharing and reusing these elements that we will create a new, flourishing, complex mythology.

The purpose of the PATAPOUF is to log technical terms created by French authors and explain their meaning in order to make them quickly and easily accessible to anyone. Here, you will find words and expressions that do not belong in any dictionary, places that do not belong in any atlas, names that do not belong in any phonebook. Enjoy your read.

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African Office of Occult Affairs

Régiment de Marche Occulte (RMC)
Occult Marching Regiment (OMR): A military unit of varying size and specialty deployed by the AOOA during large-scale strategic operations. Their use remains exceptional however, and is in theory reserved for handling major crises or confronting other state agencies. The AOOA allegedly controlled at least four of them.

French Gendastrerie

MIRIFIC: A paranormal counterpart to the MINITEL, a network of connected computers that was popular in French-speaking countries before the arrival of the internet. It operates using fleas (not computer bugs, actual living bugs) using a technique derived from backwards haruspicy (see below). Although obsolete, the MIRIFIC is still used by the Gendastrerie for untrackability reasons but also due to budgetary restrictions.


Gendarme noir
Dark Gendarme: (obsolete) Formor provincial officers tasked with handling paranormal threats during the Ancien Régime. Overstretched, heterogenous and inefficient, they were federated under the First French Empire to form the Gendastres corps.

Gendastre: A rank equivalent to that of gendarme, which refers in a general sense to all members of the French Gendastrerie, a paranormal counterpart to the Gendarmerie founded in 1804 to handle an invasion of "Gens d'Astre" (Star People), extraterrestrial entities seeking to replace the French elites.

Maréchal des logiques
Mischief-Sergeant: A rank equivalent to the chief-sergeant. Non-commissioned officer tasked with prosecuting felonies against the laws of nature. Can be promoted to head mischief-sergeant.

Abjurant: A rank equivalent to the adjudant. Abjurant are gifted with an unusually high passive resistance to bewitching and mental influencing processes, or even, in some unexplained cases, to reality shifts. This is partly due to the selection process for this rank which favors mental slowness and arbitrary certainty. Can be promoted to chief-abjurant.

The Humanist Gentlemen


The Assembly: A general assembly that includes all of the Gentlemen and deliberates on collective decisions. It is unknown by the Foundation whether it is an actual location or an intangible anomalous construct.

Apprentice: A Gentleman to come, still in training; they generally carry out field missions. Every Gentleman has a single Apprentice, and likewise, every Apprentice has a single Gentleman.

Homme Meilleur
Better Man: (proper noun) The ideal of a Humanity augmented and enriched through mastering the anomalous, which is the objective pursued by the Gentlemen.

Network: (proper noun) A network of civilian informants, spread across all of France, who provide the Gentlemen with valuable intelligence about anomalous phenomena and the actions of other Groups of Interest.


The Humanist Gentlemen follow a defined set of ideals and policies, referred to by their latin names.

Hominum: Literally "Of Men." A humanitarian policy specifically aiming to combat all forms of oppression related to the anomalous, whether perpetrated on or using anomalies.

Nova Gloria: Literally "New Glory." The betterment of the human condition through creating and controlling anomalies. The Gentlemen's core principle.

Renovatio Pulchritati: Literally "Restoration of Beauty." The creation of a new form of art that fully unites the anomalous world and the normal world. Numerous Gentlemen are themselves anartists or benefactors of anartists.

Univers'Island Kingdom

Église de la Voûte Céleste
Church of the Heavenly Vault: (proper noun) An offshoot of christianity based on the idea that God spent all of his stamina creating the world and is actually regenerating as of today. God then divided himself into souls, which he placed into Men. Upon the bearer's death, a soul returns to God along with the knowledge and experience it has accumulated throughout its life in order to transmit them to him. The Church of the Heavenly Vault holds that current Worldian souls are corrupting God.

Unislism: (proper noun) Islean way of thought based on the desire to leave Univer'island to go live on Earth which has become a kind of resistance. Unislism is currently divided into two conflicting branches, one peaceful and the other terrorist. Islean authorities try their best to dissimulate the existence of Unislism from the kingdom's inhabitants.

Islean: (noun) Inhabitant of the Univers'island Kingdom. As an adjective (non-capitalized in French), refers to anything related to the Univers'island Kingdom.

Worldian: (noun) Name given to Earthlings by the Isleans. As an adjective (non-capitalized in French), refers to anything related to the Earth.


Bias: (noun) Name given to the apparent anomalous effect of a Singularity, considered to be a defect in human perception. SAPPHIRE will seek to eliminate an object's Bias in priority, regardless of whether it implies destroying the Singularity.

Diamond: (proper noun) For SAPPHIRE, refers to an ideal of purity, lucidity and incorruptibility which any atheist should try to reach, similar to Ataraxia in stoicism. Diamond cannot be used for an acronym, since it is unattainable.

Lodge: (noun) SAPPHIRE is composed of about fifty distinct, semi-independent lodges that are free to each act however they please. However, every lodge is managed by a Lodge Leader, and every Lodge Leader meets up with the others yearly during Interlodge Society Summits at Stoa (see thereafter).

Singularity: (noun) Designation for SCP items, considered to be "officially inexistent" by SAPPHIRE. According to various SAPPHIRE members, Singularities can be perceived as exceptions, anomalies or illusions.

Stoa: (proper noun) Supposedly a kind of headquarters where Interlodge Society Summits occur every four years. Location unknown.


Extortion Maneuvers, Espionage and Reconnaissance inside Agencies, Leagues and Dogma (EMERALD): SAPPHIRE agents undercover within other organizations of the anomalous world. Operating individually, they are tasked as their name suggests with spying, theft and developing the Society's network.

Office for the Protection of Arts and Literature (OPAL): A minor cell within SAPPHIRE, the OPAL's task is to insure that the Society's terrorist projects do not harm the world's cultural and artistic heritage. Quite impopular, the OPAL is considered a kind of inquisition by SAPPHIRE's less scupulous elements.

Guide for Atheists Regarding the Norms and Ethics of Terrorism (GARNET): Training and propaganda manual circulating clandestinely among SAPPHIRE members. Being constantly appended and annotated by its possessors, no two copies of the guide are identical.

Jurisdiction of Amnestics Specialized for the Prettification of Expression and Rhetoric (JASPER): A unit of ZIRCONs (see thereafter) with great eloquence and rhetirical talents, exclusive to the Reims Lodge.

Repressive Use of Bias and Imaginary Entities Suppression (RUBIES): Field unit of SAPPHIRE composed of volunteers. Carries out full-on terrorist attacks as well as kidnappings, raids and other executions.

Zetetic Investigation, Rational Cognition and Oddities Negation (ZIRCON): The intellectual core of SAPPHIRE, comprised of logicians, rhetoricians and other zeteticians. Is tasked with debunking paranormal cases and revealing trickery where there is not.

Singular Imperial Academy

Capes Noires
Black Cloaks: (proper noun) nickname given to the officers of the Singular Imperial Academy because of their uniforms. Could have been demeaning depending on the person using it.

Chirograph: (noun) Device capable of rewriting hand lines. Used to signal the rank and clearance level of SAI members, like a kind of access card.

Herme-Nautic: (proper noun) Elite corps of the Singular Imperial Academy tasked with collecting anomalies throughout the world, and for whom Nicolas Flamel-class frigates were intended.

New-Bastille: (proper noun) Administrative headquarters of the Singular Imperial Academy, built during the Directoire where the Bastille prison was formerly located. Was comprised of a vast neoclassic building on the surface as well as several underground levels. Destroyed during the Paris Commune in 1871.

Psychothaumatograph: (noun) A prototype of typewriter capable of transcribing a human subject's thoughts.

Backwards Haruspicy: (noun) An occult telecommunication technique (now obsolete) based on re-arranging and reading the organs of animals marked with a magic seal, derived from the ancient practice of haruspicy.

Pocket universes

Mirmande: (proper noun) (also referred to as Mirmanda) Monarchical city-state in the eastern Pyrenees, ruled by the Auberonid dynasty. Mostly populated by Fae and Therianthropes, Mirmande is characterized by its non-euclidean medieval architecture and permanent fog. Its extremely secretive community is only known to the French and Spanish secret services.

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