Critter Profile: Marw!
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Critter Profile: Marw!



Name: Marw

Species: Felis catus (Domestic Cat)

Primary Caretaker: Alejandro Vicuña, Terrestrial Team

Diet: Salmon, chicken, milk and treats. (Try to always leave a cup of milk and treats! You'll offend him if you don't!)

Housed Enclosure 5, Wilson's Wildlife Terrestrial Center

Creature Features!

'Marw' was the name we gave to a domestic cat we found in Boring. We had received endless calls about different cats, each one was the same: "There are cats everywhere at the entrance of my apartment!" "We need these cats to be taken away, they are drowning us with garbage!", we went looking for them and there we found Marw. Do you want to know why this was? Marw's color and appearance changes according to each person's perception of him! That is, if you see a monstrous muscular cat, I see a tender and cute kitty. The only way to see him through the view of another is through a photo! Shame that recordings or cameras are not good for it… But he's still just such a perfect kitty!

When we found him, everyone seemed to see the same cat but in many different ways at the same time. It was really frustrating to handle, we had to try several different tactics to catch it and not the other strays, but in the end everything went well and we got a new creature to take care of. We were trying to figure out its unusuality by looking at it from different directions and we were all so confused until everyone looked directly at the critter. We were all so surprised the moment he looked the same to everyone!

Alejandro arranged his enclosure in a stylish and comfortable fashion, he served him biscuits and milk, you should have seen his reaction! He settled down so well that even after minutes he felt at home, he felt like we were one with him, and so Marw became one with us! It didn't really take him long to get used to it… Although everyone else was still confused about what color and kind of cat he was…

Marw is a good pussycat, and as you can see, he behaves very well with us! But… sometimes he tries to scratch us if we touch him, even Alejandro! He doesn't let anyone get too close to him, even when it's time for a bath or a meal. And you can forget about petting him! We don't know the reason for this, but he is also attracted to the products of ''Marchull, Kerter and Durk'' whatever that is, and fedoras, something which strikes me as odd… The Supervisors seem to not like the fact that Marw is so interested in them, so they've confiscated all the products and fedoras we had.



Marw posing for the photo on his walk with Alejandro. Isn't he precious?

We've researched quite a bit about Marw's past and his unusuality. We have come to find that he is quite the mischevious little fellow! We know that he has frightened a multitude of customers in various elegant restaurants because he was perceived as a monster according to customers. We're not quite sure why that was. And not only does it happen when you go to fine restaurants, but also when you go to fast food restaurants, and… How to explain it… not only did Marw terrify restaurants by looking like a monster, he also made it look like there were rats running out of the kitchen, meaning people saw a bunch of him looking like a rat.

The entire City of Boring was once known as a severely cat-infested area. You went to eat, you always found a kitten behind you who was always seen differently by everyone, you went to work and you found cats following you for breakfast or lunch, or whatever you had in-hand. That's how serious the situation was in the City. I understand that Marw is almost impossible to recognize, but… Isn't it a little exaggerated to think about what too many cats are? Besides, not even the Supervisors were aware of this "little" problem.

Right now, Boring seems to be much happier now that Marw's reign of terror is over. Nowadays you wouldn't have to hide inside your home waiting for that cat to change appearances to leave, and you wouldn't have to worry about them begging for your food. In the end, it saddened me learn this was all the doing of our tender little kitten, and I hope I don't see any more problems of this kind related creating hatred towards a critter. It's unforgivable and here at Wilson's, it's considered a sin!

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Marw can take care of himself, but Alejandro always tries to leave everything furnished, accommodated and clean for our little friend. Every time Marw needs something special, Alejandro will go out and find anything he needs. Absolutely anything But, if Alejandro is not around, he starts to get out of control and scratches everything, it seems he is very closely bonded to Alejandro. You know, every time I see things like that my heart swells up with joy… It's the best feeling!

Notes About Marw!

We have found something very, very surprising, we could barely believe it ourselves. All this time, Marw had one of those Marshull fedora products stitched onto him! We found out after there was an accident relating to food, waste, and, of course, Marw! Through the muck could see that it was actually a totally different creature that we'd never seen before! Poor even felt sorry and nervous about showing his true self. We're not sure what Marw is, but one thing is for sure, those bad guys were experimenting on our sweet little kitty!

Apparently, that fedora transforms you into what you think you are being perceived. In this case, it makes sense why Marw looked like a monster and vermin, people treated him as such when all he wanted was some food! As for what happened to this fedora, the Supervisors took it. Just like they took the posters and all the other fedoras around here.

We encourage everyone on staff to accept Marw as he is! No one must judge him for what he looks like or did! Remember, every critter is welcome at the Wilson Wildlife Solutions Center!

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