Critter Profile: Thor!
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Critter Profile: Thor!




Name: Thor

Species: Canis lupus familiaris (domestic dog)

Primary Caretaker: Hernán Batista, Terrestrial Team

Diet: Fruit, meat, chicken, fish (Thor has a big appetite and will almost always be looking to chew on everything within reach, feeding Thor playfully is a good way to avoid this type of behavior).

Housed: Enclosure 2

Creature Features!

Thor is our favorite Beagle here at WWS, he came to us after our team brought him to the Center where we care for creatures that, although we found without human companionship, seem to have had contact with us humans in the past and may have trouble interacting with other animals.

Thor has the ability to use part of his nose as a bioelectricity-generating organ, similar to electric eels. Using specialized cells in his snout, he manages to deliver shocks as if he were a canine battery circuit. He can expel different types of discharges, one to detect possible prey (which, added to his sense of smell, gives him a very good tracking ability, so much so that none of us has ever won a game of hide and seek). The other is when he is scared or wants to hunt something, Thor can use a stronger shock which is able to stun animals even 2 times bigger than him.



Thor on his morning walk.

Thor was a tracking dog, which helped an organization called "The Hunting Club of Flora and Fauna", in this organization Thor hunted many abnormal animals and was kept in deplorable conditions.

After that our first meeting with Thor took place. We were informed that the population of small mammals had decreased drastically, so we went to check what was going on, and we found Thor, he was alone, he had been in the forest for a few months hunting all the animals he could, he was very scared and when we tried to help him, he behaved very fearfully and was highly distrustful of us.

As the days went by Thor started to trust us, he abandoned his scared behavior and started to play with us. Now he is a very spoiled puppy and is always looking for an excuse to have fun with the team members. Although sometimes he seemed sad as if he was waiting for something or someone, when that happened it was very difficult for us to cheer Thor up.

Special Needs And Accomodations!

Thor doesn't need much care, he just needs a good space to run and 4 meals a day, he is really very obedient so there will be almost no problem, Thor has never tried to escape and he is very fond of the staff here so he doesn't need much supervision. If you don't play with him, he gets depressed, it is important that he gets attention several times a day, otherwise, he may consider it a punishment.

During Thor's walks, you should hide some toy for him to find, because during the walks he looks for prey or something to catch, whenever he catches something he looks for the nearest caregiver and gives him the object as a gift, isn't that cute?

Thor has a great fear of other dogs and always gets defensive if he is near one, so it is best that he does not have the company of other canine friends, even so this does not mean that he should be away from all animals, and being accompanied by a cat or bird will not be a problem and can even be fun for both creatures.

From: Jose Ernesto Gaviria
To: Tim Wilson
Date: 02/03/2018

Mr. Wilson

You have one of our trained dogs, that canine gave us many hunting trophies and we enjoyed very much to capture extravagant beings together with him, he was a great help for me during many hunts and I would be grateful to you if you take care of him for me. Unfortunately for us, after a while, Thor stopped being himself and that started to complicate our hunts together with him. Fear of other dogs, and an unhealthy search for prey. At the beginning, we thought it would be something good, but the truth was not like that at all, even I was surprised to see that way of being in the dog, it is very different behavior than when he was a puppy, then I could realize what happened to my Thor. I don't want to bore you with these stories, Mr. Wilson. I just wish you would take good care of my Thor. Although if you want to know more about what happened to him, I will gladly tell you, on the other hand, it is not a very nice story, and knowing your group I don't know if it will be to your liking.

Goodbye and thanks for taking care of him.

The Hunting Club of Flora and Fauna

From: Tim Wilson
To: Jose Ernesto Gaviria
Date: 03/03/2018

Mr. Gaviria,

We all have a story, happy or not, I would be interested to know about the past of our dear Thor, maybe it can help us to understand more about him. Please tell it to me.

From: Jose Ernesto Gaviria
To: Tim Wilson
Date: 05/03/2018

Mr. Wilson,

I spent the last day looking up all the information I had on Thor and trying to remember as best I could what happened. And now I'm sure I can tell you something that at least resembles the story that happened to that little guy;

Well, he initially came here to help us find some Jackalopes. He is a good tracker, as you may have noticed and that served us well, plus he is a fast dog and not too complex to train. For a few months he simply helped us to hunt small abnormal beasts, he was as I said before, very useful in the hunts.

Until we discovered a special use for Thor's electrical ability, we could make him give pretty strong shocks if he was at a high stress point. It's kind of hard for me to tell you about the things we did to Thor, but I guess it's better for you to know. The easiest way to cause Thor discomfort at all times was to make an everyday thing for him turn into an ordeal, so having the other dogs attack Thor seemed like a good idea. Once a week we bathed the puppy in a viscous mixture of oil and meat, after which, we locked him in a room full of dogs, a man like you will be able to deduce what happened to the creature, and why he hated the others of his species, I really don't want to go into details so as not to burden him, and not to harass me either. Thor could give much more powerful shocks, gave much more support in the hunts and even became the main culprit in the capture of a Dzulúm, a hunt that normally is almost impossible. So Thor's new behavior was useful to us, but, we tried to take it to the extreme and it didn't work (you know that leaving an animal under those conditions never works), simply Thor's coexistence in that place became impossible and he was going to be killed.

That dog brought me so much joy, I was not going to see him die like that, and even less when I could not do anything to help him before. That's why I left him at your Boring facility, he would have enough food and be free to live, although from what I see he didn't make it into your hands at that time, maybe our Thor left the place, he has always been somewhat adventurous. Luckily you guys were able to help him…I hope Thor can have a good life with you, that good life I couldn't give him. Again, thank you so much for taking care of my puppy. Goodbye Mr. Wilson.

The Hunting Club of Flora and Fauna J. Ernesto Gaviria

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