Critter Profile: Yerko!

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Critter Profile: Yerko!



Name: Yerko!

Species: Sus scrofa domestica (domestic pig)

Primary Caretaker: Claudio Rodríguez, Land Team

Diet: Meat, fruit compote, fish meal, cooked vegetables

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Enclosure 3

Creature Features!

Following a call from the Foundation, we were asked to bring a beautiful pig named Yerko into our enclosures. The Foundation told us that due to some incidents related to his caretakers, he might need to be in the company of other animals, instead of isolated along with other anomalies, due to his peculiar abilities, and due to one of his biggest hobbies.

Yerko is capable of communicating telepathically with humans! Isn't that great? Well, the problem is that he uses this ability to trick people into gambling with him.

As far as we've been able to determine, Yerko possesses the intelligence of an average human and is capable of engaging in conversations that don't necessarily involve gambling.

Usually he behaves like just another pig with other animals (because his ability doesn't affect other critters), but as soon as he sees a caretaker, he immediately starts talking to them. Although at first conversations are pleasant, there will always come a point where he'll try to bet something. Unfortunately, at this point, caretakers will always start betting.

To avoid any kind of problems we give the caretakers key chains of cartoon characters, so that in case they're affected, they can bet on them and leave. We know that in his resting area (his room) he currently has more than 20 key chains won in bets.

Bets range anywhere from guessing what number they're thinking of, to how many fingers a person is hiding. Anything that can trigger a bet is a chance to win something. Well, he doesn't always win, but apparently betting is something he loves to do. However, in spite of everything you may think, Yerko is a good piggy, he has a small problem of gambling, but he's a great friend for the other animals, and even for the caretakers, that is, when he's not in the mood to gamble.


As far as he has told us, he suffers from a severe trauma that was caused by witnessing the rest of his siblings being gambled away at an animal trade fair at Three Portlands in Boring. We believe this is what triggered his obsession with gambling. This is why we condemn the sale and trafficking of animals!

According to the Foundation he was the leader of an illegal gambling and blackmail group. He maintained his anonymity by employing a person who acted as "Yerko", who showed up from time to time with a pig as a pet.

During Yerko's reign in Three Portlands, it was reported that at least 500 people had suffered some degree of compulsive gambling, or had been extorted for non-payment of debts. In extreme cases involving gambling, it was found that those involved had gambled away: real estate, animals, jobs, and in more extreme cases, even the clothes they were wearing!

Due to the excessive increase in the number of gamblers in Boring, several Foundation agents suspected that the person behind this group was someone with anomalous abilities, but they were shocked when they realized that the mastermind behind this illegal gambling group was a gambling piggy who called himself Yerko!

Special Needs and Accommodations!


Yerko depressed by Pearl's departure.

Yerko doesn't need special accommodations for his housing, he lives with the rest of the animals rescued from breeders. We know that he had a certain affection for a little pig that used to share the enclosure with him. Unfortunately Pearl was put up for adoption, leaving Yerko noticeably unhappy.

A specialist in animal psychology was called to attend Yerko. Unfortunately, she left the premises without her wallet and without her car keys. After a long conversation we convinced Yerko to return the psychologist's belongings. Yerko clarified at all times that it wasn't a robbery, that it was just gambling and that he was on a roll.

To avoid any misunderstanding, some words are forbidden among caretakers when they're in close proximity to him: gambling, debt, money, games, mudae, trade, collectibles, and a few others. Don't say any of these words when visiting him, you may end up without any money!

Notes about Yerko!

Over the years we've learned a lot about him, his food preferences and his favorite activities (besides gambling). But one thing that really stands out to us is his top 5 favorite things to bet on:

Real estate.
Other animals.
Collectible figurines.

It's interesting because all the records show that every time he manages to win bets involving animals, he ends up releasing them. See? He may be a piggy gambler but he has a heart of gold!

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