Personal Log #L7194066-2013
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To the Foundation personnel

This is the personal log of Master Matthias Kürschner. You may know me as Dipl.-Ing. Martin Nowak, class B, level 3, Site-DE4. If you have passed the lock without being an adept of the Academy, I urge you not to read any further and apply the memetic measures on the previous page. Don't worry, they are harmless, contrary to the chemical amnesiates of the Foundation.

Though if you managed to get to this point you either have hacked or bypassed my script, or have passed an anit-memetic training of at least class Ψ-2, which means you are at least level 3 or a member of MTF-DE4-𝔎. And while you are reading this you probably already have uncovered me and the guards are en route to me. Don't hope to get me though, I'm a Master of Magic. I don't need spellbooks or any components.

I realize that you won't amnestize yourself and just walk away. You will file a report and O4 will deploy an MTF to search for us. Therefore I want to make clear that we are not your enemies. We are on the same side, we are just not fighting on the same battlefield. We did not reveal ourselves to the Foundation because you monopolize everything with US-American self-conception, and do not tolerate other groups aside you, especially none with other ideas of how to deal with anomalies. At least none that cannot confront you like the GOC can.
Yes we are producing anomalous objects and are giving our members anomalous abilities. And yes, we have infiltrated the Foundation. Not to cause damage but to use your channels to inform ourselves about anomalies concerning us, and to secretly support you here and there. We know what you do and we also know how cold-hearted you are against humans and anomalies; this contradicts our ideology. You are seeing anomalies as alien elements that have to be contained, but paradoxically you do not destroy them, but protect them from access of those they pose a hazard to, no matter how many lives that costs.
But anomalies are a part of our world. Some are dangerous and have to be fought, others are harmless and still others are useful. You don't make a difference, we do.

The Academy exists in many european countries since antique times, when priests and scholars tried to understand how the powers of shamans, druids and wizards of the antiquity worked, and began to teach magic to chosen students. Though only in the High Middle Ages, when christian scholars started studying the “Supernatural”, the first real academies where founded. One might think the witch-hunting brought the academies in distress, but only innocents and careless mavericks fell victim to the Inquisition. Our work didn't change since the Middle Ages. We study and teach means to use and control anomalous powers, especially of reality bending, energetic and memetic kind, in a safe and without side effects. Seeing them as natural phenomenons, not as unnatural devil's work, allows us to live a life in harmony with a world, to which anomalies belong as well as gravity. You instead are trying to establish an ideal that has never existed.

The following is a log, a diary, that I have started years ago.

Personal Log #L7194066-2013

2013 - Q2

Today is day 1 of my duty at Site-DE4. One of our agents in the Foundation has taken care that I am shifted here as replacement for the deceased Adept Mischke, and to take over his job.
The job of a service-technician in the IT-team of the site. From here I have an optimal access to all systems and data. Due to the proximity to the local Academy it is likely that information regarding us will appear here very early.

Day 2: The IT-Team is surprisingly small, and everybody does his job without supervision. Only Dr. Zed, the local head of the IT is looking over our shoulders. And like most executives he uses a bloody stupid alias and has no real doctor title. I wouldn't be surprised if he even hadn't studied bit got his job with connections or happy chance. Besides the guy is from the management and has no idea of IT. It's a wonder this corrupt bunch doesn't cause an apocalypse every other day.

He has held a “motivating” speech about how important our work is etc. As if I didn't know that.
I'll start learning the ropes and to get to know the systems better, they are mostly using own software, and I heard they are having a reach AI in the data-center of Site-DE1, instead of an easy-peasy firewall

Shit they really have got a real AI as firewall. I had called DE1 to inform myself about digital safety measures we have at hand here (Adept Mischke has taken this know-how to the grave, and the spells to get it out of him are repugnant to me=, when I got to talk to a computer-voice explaining its commands etc. It is just active in DE1 and the network between the facilities, it I want her protection in the intranet of DE4 I have to integrate it manually. So I would just have to bypass the standard-firewall to access information, this shouldn't be a problem.

I think I've learned the ropes and have won the trust of my colleagues and bosses. I've also minded my attitude. They may be bone-headed secretive dilettante, but without them mankind had long gone extinct. We need the Foundation and even if I'm here to investigate, I'll do my bit to their work. Dr. Zed seems to trust me and to be pleased with my work, as well as my colleagues. For them, I'm just any IT-Engineer with a foible for the esoteric. This is kind of normal here.

2013 - Q3

Shit shit shit! The Foundation has found a fucking spellbook! The owner is burned from the inside they say. Surely another stupid new-fledged Adept, thinking he knew everything. I have to inform the Academy.

I was right, an Adept had taken his spellbook with him without permission, when he went home on a weekend. He must have tried somethings that exceeded his abilities, probably a summoning if he really has burned from the inside. Why do especially those who are least qualified like summonings so much? Do we only teach idiots?
The Archmagister has advised me to keep him up to date about the book: They have classified it as SCP-066-DE, the project manager is Dr. Baum. An ambitious but slipshod ascender - this is his real name for a change and he has a real doctors-title (I assume the frustration that uneducated blockheads are having a more stellar career than someone who is a real doctor, is the reason for his carelessness). The book is still in standard-containment for new anomalous objects, first tests have not yet been planed.

They just classed it Euclid and put in effect rather lax Secure Containment Procedures (a locker with double-lock, these locks easily open with an “Open Lock” spell). Should I recover it? The night shift of the security department is a joke. I'll ask the Academy.

I am to leave it where it is. Don't arouse attention they've said.
Dr. Baum has planned first tests with D-personnel. In an ER-2 laboratory. Way to lax but when I change the entry it will surely be noticed (FYI: ER-2 is a standard for laboratories for energetic and reality bending dangers, level 2 is the minimum for anomalies with two hazard classes). Should I try to manipulate Dr. Baum with a mental spell, to chose a safer laboratory or to cancel the tests?
No, it's to dangerous. He is level 3 and possibly has passed an anti-memetic-training.

They started with the tests. The first one was a Magic Armor level I. The poor sod puked the D-muck of the last weeks.
When he didn't want to continue they shot him. Just because. I know, most Ds are no “real” humans, but just gunning them down, with absolute naturalness? How can one be so empathically deserted? Yea, yea, for a greater good, bla bla. Greater good my ass, considering people as expendable items and persuading themselves to believe it'd be a necessity is the peak of dehumanization. The Foundation just knows violence. The life of anomalous creatures is worth more than the life of their testing-humans. Yet we know anomalies can be approached nonviolently, if the are considered as a natural part of our world, and not as a hostile foreign body. Though to do so anomalies would have to be used, which contradicts their insane creed. That's why we cannot work with them and have to hide.

Today they understood that a a completely untrained person can't cast spells for 20 Thaum, so they started with a Light-spell. The testing-subject panicked, but they didn't murder him for a change. Probably because they assume the subjects need training.

I have to be more cautious, Dr. Zed (man I hate this fucking “name”) has ordered one of my colleagues to trace back the many accesses on the log of SCP-066-DE. I came outright forward and told him something about an error in the database which I had fixed but had to access the log to do so. Guy has absolutely no clue of databases. Luckily. And my colleague was to occupied not to show he was totally stoned that he didn't notice that I told complete shit to Dr. Zed. What a mess.
I mustn't look into the log so often. At best I try to see how long it Dr. Baum takes to write his reports, and take a look when he has entered a new entry. Also not every day.
By the way, today's test was not worth mentioning. Again a light-spell, this time without panicking.

They tried an “Energy-Bolt”. It figures that the Foundation can't leave its fingers from battle-spells sooner or later.

They have tried a “Heal Wound” spell and as expected after the short training, the testing subject went haywire and has hurt a guard. Of course they shot the subject. What else.
That's when you don't take your time. Why do they think the spells are categorized in Apprentice, Adept, Master and Grandmaster spells? The great Foundation doesn't give a single fuck and starts testing the big spells. Man how I hated the hours-long meditation and the constant training of the same Aprrentice-spells — and yet every mage who doesn't take his time would share that fate.
The Academy condemns me to silence. Only if a catastrophic breach or a conjunction of the spheres threatens I may intervene.

Yesterday an incident, today a new test. Sometimes I have half a mind to demonstrate how dangerous the powers are that they are handling just like that. Dr. Zed has caught me sniffing around the protocols of 066-DE. I told him I was interested in magic since I was little, and that this interest was the reason I joined the Foundation in the first place and so on bla bla. He said I just should make sure not to exceed my security level. Gullible dork.

The tests went on without incident.
I have sent the documentation of the newest version of the “Script Command Processor”, a scripting language which can be executed in database entries, to the Academy and they have written a plugin that can generate digital glyphs in the form of images from spells. Understanding how that works exceeds my understanding by far, doesn't matter though. In now have to find a way to execute them on a terminal without leaving traces. I could protect this log therewith.

OMG OMG OMG! The SCPazzes have summoned a fire-elemental by accident! Or a fire-demon? No idea!
“Test-subject-3” had cast “Fire-shield” instead of “Distance” — without components and after just 4 days of training!
I'm not sure what exactly happened, the vids are classified level 4, but according to the protocols the room has been filled with flames, in which they saw something like a humanoid shape. Dr. Baum classified this information as level 4 and censored the text, while I was reading it, so I can't investigate further.
But the fact that a relativelly weak failed spell, from an even weaker caster who shouldn't have been able to cause any effect at all, summons an elemental or a demon, which doesn't cause any other harm than to abduct the caster, tells me something is seriously wrong with that book. Did whatever the former owner summoned get bound to the book? I have to ask the academy.

I have to stay calm and just report. They'd have chosen me for this job because I'm considered cool-headed. I shouldn't disappoint them they say. But what if there really is a demon or something bound to that book? If a higher demon breaks out here and starts slaughtering the personnel it'd quickly get too strong for me. We should take action before something happens!
Nobody cares for my opinion though…

They want to try it with more loyal and reliable personnel. Now they've bribed a guard with a chance to get a safe job without contact to SCPs. This reduces the chance of accidents, but worsens their severity, especially with this sloppy security department here.

Ingitia he said. Fucking dumbass. Has puked light.
Now they want their victims to memorize the spells. I'm having a sense of foreboding.

They just tried “Neutralize Magic” on some anomalous furbelows and Dr. Baum blusters about classifying 066-DE as Thaumiel. Vain fool. I hope somebody notices this guy poses a real danger to the facility.
I've finished a script for SCProc that should trigger a forgetting- and a mind-controll-spell. I just lack the possibility to test it. Maybe I should get some A-amnestics as precaution and test it on one of my goofy colleagues.

These morons have tried out an Astral-Vision. These reckless idiots. Not just that an inexperienced guinea pig in an environment full or anomalies doesn't know that it sees, some SCPs react to it and can try to break free or to affect the caster, that's why I didn't cast an Astral-Vision here myself.

We're not training in secure, magically weak surroundings for fun. But no, they gape into a slough of Keter-SCPs at the drop of a hat. They had him cast Sense Magic at first, otherwise the guy wouldn't have seen shit probably, but apparently it happened what had to be feared: An SCP (whose identification is only visible for Level 4) has been reacting to the poor sod. Now he is comatose but Dr. Asshole wants to abuse him in additional tests. This can only go wrong. I have to get in contact with the academy.

“Wait and observe”, that's what they want me to do. Just don't attract attention. With the new Archmagister the Academy becomes more and more like the Foundation.
Dr. Wanker is training a new victim for his experiments.

2013 - Q4

“Subject-5” has done well, and seems to be talented. Maybe he would be a good choice for us, but I doubt we could entice him from the Foundation. Today they are going to test a Master spell for the first time. Of all things the chose “Hand of Dread”. As expected they all puked more than they had eaten. Dr. Dumbass has noticed that spells with “Dread” in its name are not called like that for nothing. There's a reason they are rather unpopular among us.

Dr. Mengele daddleing with “Return”. “Subject-4” is screaming his head of, but remains comatose. Or “apathetic” as Dr. Son-of-a-bitch calls it, not to have him “euthanized”. What kind of shitfaces are calling “shoot” “euthanize”? How about not bringing anybody in the situation to have to be “euthanized”? But that's serving a greater good. The asshole putting make-up on monkeys to see if their skin rots off also think that would serve the greater good. The SS-minions probably thought that too. For them the Foundation must have felt like home after the war.

“Guinea pig-5” is kind of trained in the meantime and didn't make any major mistakes in the tests so far. I'm almost impressed. May it be possible that he is another covered agent I don't know anything about? The academy says no, but whether that is true…
Today Dr. Hannibal tried “Order mind”. It has been working insofar as “Poor Sod-4” has awoken and came back to mind. According to the symptoms I think that he was under influence which is undone now. If it was the SCP I think it was, he now himself is a Keter-SCP and with magic abilities. I have to convince the academy to send an assassin. If that guy escapes quarantine, we're heading for disaster!

I have to stay calm already and do my work, or they will replace me. Fuck, in this facility alone 400 lives are at Stake! Not to mention the thousands of people in the surrounding villages. The new attitude of the academy seems to be “the Foundation will fix it” and “devil-may-care”.

It has come as I prophesied. It has happened a week ago, but directly after the incident, all data regarding 066-DE have been raised to Level 4 and have been thoroughly searched. O4-4, who I have seen the first time on this occasion, has executed Dr. Baum and a few security personnel. Not “terminated” or “euthanized”, no. She had them hung publicly in the fucking atrium. What have I gotten into here? She is well known to be merciless but this? As if it was their fault that her business is organized like shit from start to finish. The degree of contempt for mankind in this organization is reaching standards otherwise usual in fascist dictatorships.

The protocol is available for Level 3 again. O4-4 seems to want all to know the result of carelessness.
After four weeks of quarantine they have let him out and the first thing he did was, to steal 066-DE at night when all where sleeping and security was distracted, to go and try to exorcise an SCP. Damn, that had been many times over his abilitis. On the way there he has killed multiple guards with magic while the dumbasses in the Security Center where celebrating a fucking birthday instead of looking at the screens. Is that even believeable? They finally found him and locked the sectors down, but that didn't help anymore at that time.

Of course it happened what was bound to happen when you mess up dimensional spells. Not only was he already exhausted, and in general too weak and untrained, he had prepared the exorcism incorrectly. It is not described that vaguely for no reason. It is a spell for people who know what they are doing and do not need a spell book! He had, as was to be expected, instead of executing an exorcism summoned a daemon into himself! A Daemon of Destruction, according to the description. And while the daemon killed the SCP that was considered unkillable, and slaughtered through the MTFs, “Subject-5” made it to the prepared ritual circle and cast a flawless exorcism. And - unusual for a Daemon of Destruction - this took itself into the circle all by himself and without hesitating and disintegrated. But why? Did the daemon serve a higher purpose? Was is no Daemon of Destruction but a Daemon of Deceit or something like that? Without magic analysis and access to the videos it is impossible to say, but I won't get to them or it is to dangerous respectively.
But how can somebody who has had exactly 0 hours of Magic Theory lessons, who has taught himself in magic autodidacticly, execute an exorcism? I would have problems with that and I am a Master of Magic.
There is something odd about “Subject-5” and only three logical explanations come to my mind:
1. He after all is a covered agent of the Academy, nobody is telling me about for some reason.
2. He is an Agent of another group. This could be a problem.
3. He possesses anomalous abilities of another origin or is under influence by something anomalous. Maybe that what I think is in the book? That what has killed the previous owner of 066-DE according to my theory? Then we are having a really big problem. One with the powers of a Grandmaster.

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