Personnel File of Agent Peterson
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Status: ACTIVE


Personnel File from
Agent Peterson

Name: Alice Peterson
Age: 42 Years
Nationality: Switzerland
Sex: Female

Security Clearance: Level 3
Personnel Classification: B
Position: Agent of the MTF DE20-ℜ „Seher“ ("Seer")
Specialisations: Member of the MTF DE20-ℜ specialised in Frontal Attacks by Esoteric Means.
Abilities and Competences: Handling of various Firearms and Close Combat Weapons, Commercially Available and Occult; Professional Experience in the Military; A Resistance to Mind-Affecting Level 3-D Anomalies.

Career: She was born in 1983 in Bern, Switzerland, an only child. Her mother disappeared when Ms Peterson was 12 years old and no further information has yet been recovered.
After a three-year apprenticeship as a forester, Ms Peterson began her military career. She wanted to follow the example of her paternal uncle, who served in the Armée de Terre. She applied to the Cantonal Police ██████, where she worked for almost three years. The SCP Foundation recruited her after Incident-███-DE on ██/██/200█. Since then she has been an agent of the Foundation and has been a member of a Task Force for 15 years.

Physical Description: 1.83 metres tall; 84 kilograms; blue-green iris; brownish skin; athletic build; short, dark brown hair

Psychological Evaluation: Mentally stable; extroverted personality; says what she thinks without hesitation and is popular among her work colleagues; showed good to excellent performance under stressful situations.

Professional Career: Had a career in the Swiss Army; three years of professional experience in the Cantonal Police ██████; a lot of experience through missions and over 25 successful missions with the MTF 20-Rena; involved in various International Missions;

Reported Incidents:

  • Agent Peterson helped contain an anomaly while she was still with the police.
  • Agent Peterson officially joined the MTF 20-Rena team as a field agent on 05/16/2009.
  • Agent Peterson was promoted to deputy Troop Leader of 20-Rena on ██/██/2020.
  • Capt. Peterson has officially been the Squad Leader of 20-Rena since ██/██/2025.


  • From her family, only her uncle - Jules-Gabriel Pierre (born Julius Peterson) - is employed by the SCP Foundation.
  • Did Foundation-internal training on the use of weapons and tools to combat anomalies.
  • Her natural resistance to mind-affecting effects has been furthered in special training to facilitate her work at the MTF to which she is assigned.
  • Refused a transfer to a larger unit on the grounds that she sees her work colleagues at 20-Rena as her family.

Staff Remarks:

"A bright and ambitious girl. I have taken her under my wing and have high hopes for her." — Capt. Singh

"A truly fascinating woman. So peculiar. So wild." — Agent Matussek

"I get on well with her, but because of my role in the squad, we have few opportunities to work together." — Agent Austin

"She is nice. … But I prefer to work alone." — Agent Frey

"I can proudly call her one of my closest friends." — Dr. Sturm

"The whole site knows how I feel about her."Dr. Faust

"Unbelievable but true: she is like a big Sister." — D-2510, after being arrested by Ms Peterson.

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