Personnel File of Dr Faust
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Status: ACTIVE


Personnel File from
Dr. Faust

Name: Stephan Faust
Age: 40 Years
Nationality: Switzerland
Sex: Male

Security Clearance: Level 3
Personnel Classification: B
Position: Lead Researcher at Site-DE20 for Esotericism, Spirituality and Occult Topics
Specialisations: SCPs with cultural backgrounds and those associated with rituals and belief in them; expert for MTF DE20-ℜ "Seers“.
Abilities and Competences: Degree in Esotericism and Spirituality Level 3; basic knowledge in Anarts, as well as a started further education in Thaumaturgy and Reality Bending;

Career: He was born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1985. Had an unremarkable school education until he came to the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). During his studies, he began to become excessively involved with esoteric and occult subjects, which led to an incident. The incident brought him to the attention of the Foundation. His attitude towards the incident, which he had indirectly caused, later led to his employment at the Foundation. He has been an employee of one Site in Switzerland for 10 years.

Physical Description: 1.79 metres; 61 kilograms; hazel irises; very fair skin; slim build; wears fake glasses; sometimes seems like the stereotype of the mad scientist, which scares him himself; long brown curls, which he has forced into a ponytail;

Psychological Evaluation: Mentally stable;tries to seek the path of least resistance when faced with difficulties; many of his work colleagues like him, even if some are annoyed by his thirst for knowledge; actually tries to cover up his loneliness with his charming manner and self-confident persona; he has many mental scars;

Professional Career: Very experienced with SCP-122-DE, SCP-124-DE and SCP-███-DE; over 20 successful missions with the MTF 20-Rena; participated in various international exchange programmes, including the study of SCP-003-INT;

Reported Incidents:

  • Dr Faust officially joined the MTF 20-Rena team as an expert on 15/06/2008 when he helped contain SCP-███-DE.
  • Was downgraded to C/1 after an incident, then worked his way back up to current level.


  • His regained position is partly due to the goodwill of O4-8, which is why his loyalty currently lies with this person.
  • Refused a promotion to Security Clearance 4 on the grounds that he could no longer work with anomalies.
  • When he is in trouble, he tries to repeatedly manipulate his counterpart by pretending to be carefree.
  • Despite his past, he now only uses his knowledge of creating anomalous art to research anomalies.

Staff Remarks:

"A difficult person, but I have to admit that he does his job well. He only has too much fun doing it" — Dr. Ainsworth

"Super nice! Dr. Faust allows me to learn first hand how to work with anomalies"Dr. Lichtenfeldt

"I like him. … He is always nice. … He's also very smart. …"Agent Perterson, between assignments.

"Unfortunately, I hardly ever work with him, but during lunch breaks he talks enthusiastically about his work." — Dr. Kabhu

"The guy is crazy. Okay, maybe in a good way, but he's nuts." — D-2510, after an experiment with SCP-148-DE

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