Personnel File: Johan Frey
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Personnel File

Johan Frey

Elite soldier and agent in the beta team of the MTF DE20-ℜ ("Seer")


Johan Frey during deployment training, 2015, archive, not for distribution

Name: Johan Frey

Born on: 14.09.88 in Linz, Austria

Personnel level: Class B

Security level: Level 3

Stationing: DE20, Switzerland


  • German (de-N), Austrian indent.

 * Swiss German (gsw-3)2

  • English (en-3)
  • Italian (it-2)
  • Graubünden Romansh / Romansh (roh-1)

Responsibilities: Elite soldier specialised in military command operations, covert surveillance and quick access  in the MTF DE20-ℜ ("Seer") since 2014.

Career: 4 years executive service in unit █████ of the Austrian Police, poached by the Foundation in 2014, member of the MTF DE20-ℜ for 5 years3.

Physical Appearance: 1.89 m tall, fair-skinned man with an athletic physique, blonde hair and blue eyes. Striking scar on the bridge of the nose from childhood.

Biografy: Johan Frey was born in Linz, Austria in 1988, the last of three sons. His family comes from normal backgrounds, no other family member is part of the Foundation. He passed the entrance examination of the Austrian Police as the youngest of his cohort in 2008 and underwent training at the Education Center of the Security Executive (BZS) in Linz for three years, after which he underwent further training to become an executive officer in the border surveillance service in the field of operational training in St. Pölten.

Furthermore, he aimed to study for the title Master of Arts in Security Management in the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, but was poached by the Foundation in 2014 during his presupposed term of service and transferred to Switzerland, where he became a member of the MTF DE20-ℜ. His excellent knowledge in areas of surveillance and tracking sets him apart, as does his naturally high resistance to amnesics and memetic interference.

Personality: Johan Frey's special ability is his flexibility in dealing with extreme situations, his quick reaction and comprehension skills, and the physical resilience he has acquired himself through hard training over the years. He easily manages to track targets and acquire information undetected for days at a time, and has also proven to be very effective in countering and eliminating anomalous targets.

Frey's greatest weakness, however, is his interactions with superiors and colleagues or team members. He has been known to overturn plans and disregard directives - which is tolerated in a limited fashion due to Frey's high success rate. When dealing with civilians, he is professional and reserved, however, he is quick to become irritable and in one instance on ██/██/20██ even became violent toward PoI-████ after he sharply criticized his handling.

Members of his unit appreciate him for his efficiency, but keep their distance from Johan Frey in personal matters. There is little evidence of a personal life; Frey spends much of his free time in physical training and studying anomalous tools and weapons approved for use.


  • During his medical assessment it was found that his sense of smell was above average - but this has not yet affected him.
  • He undergoes regular psychological and physical tests by medical staff. He seems to put a lot of pressure on himself and often increased alcohol consumption can be proven in his blood values.
  • He is often used to demonstrate techniques because he is known for his extraordinarily good work, but he is not able to handle criticism well and tends to get aggressive if he fails in these demonstrations.
  • He has no problem with being stationed in other locations, even for longer periods. The connections to relatives have largely been reduced due to the stationing in Switzerland.
  • He is a well-known loner and does not work well in forced cooperation.
  • He is fundamentally loyal to the Foundation and the hunt for targets and their neutralization seems to completely fulfill him. However, if this is not possible or if there is no mission for a long period of time, he becomes irritable and restless.


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