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No one ever invited them, no one knows where they came from, no one wanted them to exist and no one can get rid of them for good.

Conspirational objects destroy that ordered chaos. They don't allow themselves to be classified, they slip away from any standards, any procedures. They don't care about the effort we put to contain them. They are omnipresent and influential, despite this we can't do anything about them.

Fragment of "What are conspirational objects?", by Dr JamesH.

Altnormal medicine is a wonderful domain, thanks to which vitamin C cures cancer or stimulation of places on the body protects against autism. But everything has its price…

Young people in our country are suffering, and international companies are making money out of it. We wanted to prevent this. That's how we got to the present state. We are still a fairly modest organization, but many people in Poland agree with me and buy my products. I go to anomalous science fairs, although I'm not so welcome, and that's where I see with my own eyes that people want changes like me.

Fragment of "About the beginnings of the altnormal medicine", by Platnicki.

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