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  • Reality
    • "One of our fronts, a company called "Sopot Centimetric Pierogi", has gone bankrupt due to nearly zero sales. It turned out that people weren't interested in said food." — by wanna-amigowanna-amigo
  • Boredom
    • "Our country has been observed by alien lifeforms for a long time. Many of us have been replaced with our robotic copies against our will." — by wanna-amigowanna-amigo
  • What are conspirational objects?
    • "So… please, remind me — what are conspirational objects?" — by Dr JamesHDr JamesH




  • Overstrain
    • "I'm sorry, really sorry. I know this isn't Your fault, it's me who fucked up." — by WhiterPLWhiterPL




Tale Series

The Foundation's Darkest Side:
What did you think? Pizzeria with home delivery? No, our task is to get rid of what is unneeded. Every month, transports with new Class-D deliveries come to us from our and surrounding countries, which are dropped off at the gate from where the paths lead to their new, last homes. They won't enjoy them for a long time. They have nothing to enjoy.

Tales From the Bottom of the Sea:
This series is a collection of short stories focusing on the Baltic Trench and its surroundings. The 13-kilometer-deep Baltic Trench itself is a 100% fictional location, invented for the needs of this series. It was discovered in 2010 under mysterious circumstances by the Foundation. What's next? What secrets does it hide in it's depths? You can find out in the stories.

It's Free Real Estate:
Amongst the ruins of a once-beautiful city, the plans for a new world emerge, like a phoenix from ashes.

Secure Facility Dossiers




Baltic Deep Sea Research and Containment Site-PL-69

Location: A modern research complex in Baltic Trench.



Specialized Anomaly Transport, Supply Depot Hub, Miscellaneous Research & Provisional Containment Site-PL-101

Location: Hel, Pommerania, Poland.




Mycological Area-PL-34

Location: Biebrzański Park Narodowy, Podlaskie, Poland.


No one ever invited them, no one knows where they came from, no one wanted them to exist and no one can get rid of them for good.

Conspirational objects destroy that ordered chaos. They don't allow themselves to be classified, they slip away from any standards, any procedures. They don't care about the effort we put to contain them. They are omnipresent and influential, despite this we can't do anything about them.

Fragment of "What are conspirational objects?" by Dr JamesH.

Human civilization is rapidly regressing by several centuries. The Foundation must contend with a collapsing society, mad messiahs, mythical monsters, and most importantly, Slavic gods coming back into play once again.

She fell silent as the alarm siren sounded, then went abruptly dead. Riviera looked back and saw the bulb in the lamp at the end of the hallway begin to flash intensely, then flare violently, and finally shatter into small pieces with a small electrical discharge. A moment later, the same thing began to happen to another bulb.

"It's too late now."

Fragment of "Turn your computer off, there's a storm coming" by Calamari_Knight.

These are turbulent times for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Enemies surround the country from all sides, the native land is torn apart by wars, and the state is torn apart by internal conflicts. Though still powerful and rich, the homeland must be on its guard, for enemies lurk not only in the courts of foreign kingdoms, but also within its own borders. Hiding in the shadows of legends and superstitions, numerous secret societies, supernatural beings and phenomena, about which a God-fearing man would not dare to speak aloud, struggle with the emissaries of the Polish king. Therefore, when normality is shattered, and the homeland calls, get on a horse, a sabre by your side, and hit the road!

As he said, so it happened, and soon afterwards their infantry engaged in a struggle with the so far hidden riflemen. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the victory on the flank, the Tsar's army began to encircle the central part of Mścisławski's regiments, which forced him to gradually give way to the enemy. Minute by minute the Tsar's army was getting weaker and weaker, retreating more and more until after some time it was shattered by Dmitry's forces.

Excerpt from "The Case of Dmitri Ivanovich: Part 1", by Dr-Maxwell1.

In Dimensional Site-PL-174 they know of many alternate realities. To go through and remember the entire archive you'd need to gather dozens of people and have over a dozen years of spare time. While most of the time staff are just observing these, as they have to do because of interdimensional agreements, sometimes they'll find something that stands out, and this time they won't hold back. The dice were cast, and they hope for a midnight.**

Although the history of the Southern City is shrouded in mystery that scholars have not been able to unravel for several years, it has been possible to establish several events that are certain and several figures who took part in the founding of the city.

Fragment of "SCP-PL-045" by BlazingPie.

Altnormal medicine is a wonderful field, thanks to which vitamin C cures cancer or stimulation of places on the body protects against autism. But everything has its price…

Young people in our country are suffering, and international companies are making money out of it. We wanted to prevent this. That's how we got to the present state. We are still a fairly modest organization, but many people in Poland agree with me and buy my products. I go to anomalous science fairs, although I'm not so welcome, and that's where I see with my own eyes that people want changes like me.

Fragment of "About the beginnings of the altnormal medicine" by Platnicki.

A canon about the demonic layer of reality, the Foundation that cuts the area of the entire commune off from civilization, and a company that uses demonic beings for its own purposes. All of this takes place in an inconspicuous place, where the barrier between our layer and the demonic layer is the thinnest. Cyców commune.

Solution? We have no idea, our hands are tied by this goddamn deal. If we interrupt the supply of energy, both the former director Grzmichuj and his family will die. Which unfortunately, his family is more competent and works for us. We've managed to kick the Math Department's ass to work out how long we have before the machine starts being fucked completely and poses a real threat to our staff.
They gave us even a specific date.

Fragment of "SCP-PL-289", by Zygard.

When the world can be ended with one simple push of a button, when chaos can break free from its chains at any moment and unleash itself upon the world, the Foundation works tirelessly to maintain the status quo. Without recognition, without glory, maintained only by its ideals and duty to humanity. But some want more, some see options to enrich themselves, even if the price is abandoning the Foundation's great mission.

The amount of amnestics was specially held low around Area 34. A person in withdrawal is able to pay any price for the smallest drop of amnestics to survive to another day.

Fragment of "PanKuronium", by Fedorian.

And they had finally found what they had been looking for for centuries without success. The thing that they so desperately craved … It's a shame, though, that not on their side. A clash awaits.

When false keepers receive the secret, it is to be recovered. Recognise them and point them out, for the glory of Mekhane.

Fragment of "SCP-PL-264" by Charonides.

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