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Operational Information on SCPs

List of SCP-PLs

SCP-PL-005 - Pressure toilet bowl
SCP-PL-029 - Dangerous Nothing
SCP-PL-037 - Haunter
SCP-PL-066 - Trapdoor in a storeroom
SCP-PL-078 - Earrings of Instant Meetup
SCP-PL-126 - The Union of Earth Socialist Republics

List of Joke-SCP-PLs

SCP-PL-2004-J - Very fast vehicle of anthropomorphic amphibian

Archived SCP-PLs

SCP-PL-022-ARC - Become a Tukuturi Yourself!


Boredom - original author wanna-amigowanna-amigo
Reality - original author wanna-amigowanna-amigo
What are conspirational objects? - original author Dr JamesHDr JamesH
Low Priority - original author PrePreEarlyAccessPrePreEarlyAccess


No one ever invited them, no one knows where they came from, no one wanted them to exist and no one can't get rid of them for good.

Conspirational objects destroy that ordered chaos. They don't allow themselves to be classified, they slip away from any standards, any procedures. They don't care about the effort we put to contain them. They are omnipresent and influential, despite this we can't do anything about them.

Fragment of "What are conspirational objects?", by Dr JamesH.

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