Secure Facilities Locations (PL)

Secure Facilities of SCP Foundation Polish Branch


Long-standing experience gained from the fight against the demands made on Polish Branch of SCP Foundation resulted in decision about creation of our own facilities classification system, which, despite being based on a worldwide system, had been modified to needs of functioning on the territory of Poland and areas covered by Branch's actions. The seemingly small tactical area of the Polish Branch is covered by efficient and coordinated actions leading to the realization of the main goals of the entire Foundation: Security, Containment, and Protection. Facilities locations vary from centers of metropolises, where operative security is provided by secret agreements with the authorities, to Areas hidden in depths of mountain ranges, held in total secret from the outside world. Provided administrative, logistical, and manufacturing background allows the Polish Branch stable functionality in all its sectors. Foundation personnel cares about fulfilling their duties, which can be dubbed honorable service, on daily basis, thanks to which discovery and research on the unknown continue.

Baseline Division

The following classification differentiates facilities in terms of awareness of public opinion about their existence and its baseline segregation, affecting the possibilities of actions taken in given facility and pointing out the border of acceptable possible danger due to containment of specific anomalies.


Sites are covert facilities, known to public due to usage of conspirational cover-ups, officially assuming Site as property of government, company or personal. Due to that they are often located near highly populated places, including possibility of localization inside cities. Most of the anomalies contained and researched in Sites do not pose major threat and can be placed within them without exposing the facility and its surroundings to a danger.


Areas are top secret facilities, about which public opinion doesn't and can't have awareness, in order to maintain clause and conspiration. Areas are usually located in desolated, inaccessible, or hard-to-find places, thanks to which they are perfect places to work with anomalies posing high danger or function as places otherwise important to Foundation. Rigoristic conspirational means and threats from the presence of anomalies cause necessity of usage of radical security and emergency procedures.

Observation Post

Observation Posts differ from Sites and Areas mainly in terms of their size. These are mainly small, independent buildings or singular cells within larger complexes. The main purpose of the Posts is the monitoring of regional communication roads in order of capturing beneficial or disturbing messages and monitoring of nearby Foundation Facilities. Many Posts are used as transport hubs or hideouts for Foundation members, or are placed near places of occurrence of anomalies in order to observe them in the external environment.

Internal Division of Facilities

Foundation facilities are mostly divided into smaller units, called Sections, especially in case of bigger buildings. They have a goal of fulffiling specific task for functionality of entire facility.


General division of facility into individual sections calls them Sectors. They most often serve research, containment, storage or administration purposes. Detailed usage of the idea of sectors depends on the facility, it's purpose or size.


Units are independent sections of facilities, in which anomalies are being contained. In case of danger occurring, Units can be automatically isolated from rest of the Facility. Personnel entering and exiting the unit are usually subjects of full contamination procedure.

Specialistic Division

It is accepted that basic purpose of the facility is containment and research of anomalies. Particular prefixes informs about specialization/s of given facility, pointing out its special conditions for serving specific role. Specializations mostly refer to specific types of anomalies, for which facility (or its section) is destined for, or point out the fact of serving otherwise important role for the Foundation, not necessarily related to containment and research of anomalies.

Classification due to safety of Facility

Following classification refers to fundamental adjusment of the structure and safety protocols for specific threat resulting from placement of anomalies in given facility.

Light Containment

Means that facility or its section is intended solely for anomalies of small importance, easy to contain. Objects located in such facilities usually don't pose any significant danger or are completely safe, while its containment doesn't require applications of unusual means.

Heavy Containment

Means that facility or its section is intended solely for anomalies hard to contain, posing high threat for facility staff and its surroundings. Such facilities are mostly equipped in reinforced security and alert systems and coordinated evacuation system. In reasonable cases facility can be armed with selfdestruct mechanisms.


Means that facility or its section serves solely containment function for objects posing low or even no threat at all, possessing simple containment procedures. Mass containment, in which anomalies are contained in mass in identical or slightly altered condidtions, is often applied. Storage Facilities don't have dedicated pernaments research stands.

Classification due to specialization of Facility

Following classification refers do adjustment of the structure, resources and knowledge of the personnel to work with specific types of anomalies with similar characteristics, in which case placing such objects in same places allows more practical and more fruitful research results, as well as containment methods.


Means that facility or its section is intended for anomalies defined as alive and having biological needs. Structure of the facility may consists of either rooms allowing free, controlled functioning of anomalous organism, or rigoristic and sealed labs destined for research of microorganisms.


Means that facility or its section is intended for anomalies of mechanical, electrical, or otherwise artifically powered nature. Personnel consists mostly of qualified engineers, possessing advanced knowledge about theoretical and practical technical studies. Similarly, structure of the facility often included large workshop rooms.


Means that facility or its section is intended for anomalies warping reality, as well as laws of physics and space-time.


Means that facility or its section is intended for humans exhibiting preternatural characteristics or anomalies which overall behaviour and degree of sapience is typical for human being. Average person without knowledge about such anomaly usually cannot directly deny that its real human. Such facility can also behave as a logistic point for bigger amount of personnel (mostly D-class) before relocation to different location.

Functional Specializations

Following classification directly influences the structure and functioning of given facility, sometimes excluding other types of specialization listed above, which in case of such place cannot be given or are redundant. Functional Facilities mostly serve roles important for proper functioning of Foundation, not directly connected with containment and research of anomalies.


Means that facility or its section is considered completely free from influence of anomalies. Such state is strictly controlled, due to which in such places can never be any anomalies.


Means that facility or its section is intended for manufacturing specific good for the needs of the Foundation. It can be any equipment or elements of containment units.


Means that facility or its section have been erected around or near anomaly impossible to move nor contain in sufficiently permanent manner. Such facility usually serves purpose of containing singular anomaly or is erected for specified period for previously established purpose, after fulfilling which it could easily be dismantled. Due to that it can take form of single, permanent building or complex of connected and accordingly equipped containers.


Means that facility serves crucial role for proper functioning of Foundation in given region or bigger area. Facilities of such type under no circumstances cannot be excluded from activity in case of extreme threat, taking into the account even critical state of entire Foundation. Such facilities usually have significant amount of permanent security staff, possessing equipment and ordnance allowing them to conduct combat operations. Armed Facility, if its situation demands that, can be equipped in isolated complex ensuring long term refuge for its staff and materials located within it.

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