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logarius 11/21/2021 (No) 08:34:01 #20338940

Have you ever seen a blue-tailed mouse? And no, I don't mean that thread for making shoelaces and bracelets; I mean one of those filthy critters with a very blue tail.

I don't think it's so far-fetched to think that evolution has taken a whim in making said rodents somewhat more presentable. From what I have been able to find, there have been more than a few sightings of these strange creatures in different situations and in all parts of the world, but apparently no specimens have been caught to date and no solid evidence is available. And of course, if I don't see it, I don't believe it, so science has been skeptical about the possibility of their existence.

Will E. M. 11/21/2021 (No) 16:21:91 #20338953

I don't know if you're informed about it, mate, but this is not a forum for announcing lost pets or the like. How interesting is a possible as-yet-unnamed mouse species to us?

logarius 11/21/2021 (No) 17:40:23 #20338985

That is precisely what I was looking to find out on this site. I found the topic of blue-tailed rats particularly interesting for two reasons:

Firstly, I have come to hear various rumors about the reason for the existence of these animals. From the East claiming that they are bringers of peace to those who manage to touch their beautiful tails, to sub-Saharan tribes who believe they are incarnations of little devils intended to scare or confuse for fun. There are those who believe they are an experimental design programmed by some alienated millionaire with society wanting to, who knows, embody the Ratcatcher from the comics perhaps?

Secondly, I find it particularly peculiar that, having had several chance encounters with these very ruddy animals, there has been no one with the audacity to classify them with the name of a new species. Or, in other words, there has been no one who calls himself a scientist with the will to give credibility to, and therefore accept, the existence of blue-tailed mice.

Of course, everything I've managed to hear about this subject, all the sightings and all the stories go back no further than two or three years ago. How did they come to my ears, then? I'll just say that I'm a man of the world. However, being such a recent subject, perhaps I may be exaggerating a bit. I don't know what to think, which is why I turn to this place. I have a feeling that if they have suddenly let themselves be seen, it is because they have a story to tell.

ladyemma 11/22/2021 (No) 22:53:49 #20339015

Blue-tailed rats, eh? Well, I've seen little things about it too, but I didn't give them importance at the time and I don't give it importance now. Still, I will contribute to your curiosity. A short time ago, just a few months ago, I went on a trip to Brazil with some friends. Among other things, we paid a tour company to tour a bit of the Amazon. Nothing particularly special, just for the memory and to be able to brag a little back. So after a couple of hours walking we came across a small rise in the ground, a couple of meters nothing more, and at its feet a small cave. Just at that point, two natives of one of those weird tribes around there stood in front of us and began to push us. It took the guide until he tried to communicate with them. He tried in several of the local languages and finally hit the nail on the head. The natives stopped and started talking, but the guide didn't have much of a clue either. He managed to get two words out of what they were saying: "ou.lai", which apparently meant blue or water; and "kadeimo", which meant peace, sleep or serenity.

And here's the interesting thing: one of my companions called our attention to look towards the cave: in just a few seconds a dozen rats started to come out of the trees and bushes, and they all ran towards the cave when my companion shouted. One of them grazed my ankle, how creepy. It was curious to see so many bugs together, and when the last one came in, a flash of indigo came out from inside the cave for a few seconds. At that instant, the natives pulled out some kind of daggers from their robes and said something that our guide understood very easily: "get out of here". Or I think they said that because we left in a hurry, and then we claimed to see if we would get our money back for that route scam.

Maybe this has something to do with what you're looking for, maybe not, still I'm afraid I haven't explicitly seen or heard anything about blue-tailed rats.

wolfhunter 11/23/2021 (No) 13:21:30 #20339058

I haven't really either, and I'm thankful, but apparently they have been spotted in my neighborhood. Yes, it is to be expected that in a small suburban community you can find some rats when you go down to the basement to get tools. That's why I always have a couple of mousetraps ready so I don't get a scare one of these days. But blue tails? That's what my neighbor, let's call her Mrs. Sánchez, an elderly widow who one day felt like knitting some scarves for her grandchildren. As it turns out, one afternoon she went down to her basement to get her old sewing machine. She found it full of dust and, around the presser foot, she found a small blue thread caught. She gave it a tug to unjam the machine and heard a little squeak from behind the machine, and then the thread quickly slid to the floor, she said she had seen something moving very fast, but she soon lost track of it.

So at first glance it may seem silly from such a long time of solitary confinement, but check if she was so convinced of what she had seen that she emptied her entire basement and even called the fumigators, who naturally came up with nothing.

SphereLeg 11/23/2021 (No) 23:02:17 #20339103

I have a recurring dream. I am in my apartment and I get up to have breakfast before work. My cell phone receives a whatsapp from my parents telling me that they miss me. I ignore it because it's not possible; I don't know which were my real parents. I delete the message and the TV comes on with news from a mining town. I try to remember the name, but it escapes me. Truth be told, it's as forgettable as the interior of my country. I have a normal breakfast and go out to work. I notice that the streetlights emit blue light and there are no cars on the street, but without realizing it I was driving to my destination. I knew I was taking the wrong way to work, but my car was never under my control.

As my car decided my path, the blue light radiated all around me and I began to remember what I lost. I remembered being born in a town that no one knows, I remember the mine where my father worked, I remember the shadows that inhabit the earth and those dreams I had as a child. I remember that leaving the city there is a highway nearby, but the horizon showed me a dirt road waiting for me with open arms with its big mouth at the end.

The town is just as I remembered it. The humble houses, the stops to the mine and all my friends. I was offered a necklace with a crystal of the same blue and my body instinctively took it. To my sleeping self the real monsters were revealed. Not the ominous fins behind my corner, but a more human one. They claimed to be conciliatory, but they took a poor father and then his daughter, the joy of the town.

But they did not go away. They were always in these crystals, like the people, like me. Just as I have a place to return to, I walked to the mouth-shaped mine with the rest.

Alicheshair 11/25/2021 (No) 03:21:06 #20339136

In my most lucid dreams I am a rat. Maybe blue in color, but in my reflection I don't see myself as a rat and I don't see myself as a human. I see working people, people who suffered military oppression, forgotten people entwined with something greater. Seeing it paralyzes me and my rat body slumps.

I wake up and my guts are gone. The possible reason is the smell of an out-of-this-world explosive, made of pure energy. I notice that I can move without a body and I saw that I was in a circular room full of crystals, with two corpses on one side. I approach those corpses dressed in futuristic equipment that no one has seen with an emblem of a fist hitting a shark. It makes me sick to my stomach to see them.

I find that the crystals call out to me and I enter them. I realize that I now possess a body and I am corroded metal swimming in the primordial liquid of the earth. In my sinking, I find crystals that make me larger and smaller. Changing size disorients oneself, but a 10-foot girl named Carmen answered my doubts by closing my eyes and leading me to a mirror.

The floating mirror bubbled and a rat stepped into its reflection, luring me with its wiggling under the abyss. With a flash, the other rat disappears and a miner in priest's clothes emerges. He gives me a phone number and I call Carmen, alerting her about somebody named Gascoigne. It turns out that she, now as a pin, was riding on my back. Dropping lower and lower, we meet some miners who point us in the new direction to take and get a truffle.

What was my guts roar and the truffle burrows into my soul. The abyss decays and I fall into nothingness, but I trust Carmen. I trust her. And I found a dying shark on the throne. To its left and right were the two corpses I saw before I entered the crystals. The one on the left was a male foreshadowing death with his pallor and xenoglossia, while the one on the right was a woman in red with his ring finger embedded in her bleeding neck. My non-existent neck made me writhe in pain and my metal was now water. I asked Carmen what I should do and she cut my head off completely and offered my head and hers to the shark.

The last thing I remember before I woke up was a blue smoke and a hole in the ground above me where I was dragged. And upon waking up for real, I have this nice necklace and a good experience, I hope you fall down the shark pit like me!

PsychoShocker 11/25/2021 (No) 14:21:06 #20339173

Maybe it is not the same as ladyemma, but one of my uncles works at SERNANP1, and he regularly sends me photos of the Amazon that I use as wallpaper. Sloths, tunkis, jaguars, giant anacondas, I have everything, and I had never heard of blue mice.

However, I have seen the crystals you mentioned, well not as such. My uncle also sent me pictures of these giant plants that look like disks, Victorias I think they call them, that were affected by a new species of fungal infection, parasitic, or who knows. The interesting thing is that this infection manifests itself as ornate circles, it looks like an explosion, they are quite pleasing to the eye. When I received the fourth image my uncle asked me to talk to him about it. For a moment I thought I was in trouble for leaking the pictures with some of my friends.

But no, he asked me if I didn't see anything unusual with those pictures. I replied that I honestly didn't see anything strange (skipping the part about it being a new disease of the species, he was asking me about the pattern), and it wasn't until I realized it when my uncle pulled out hard copies of the photos and stuck them on the wall. They looked like parts of a mandala, actually quite beautiful. He also told me that since he took the third photo he's been feeling a little uncomfortable about the whole thing, he says that suddenly instead of remembering his studies in biology and environmental care, he has advanced knowledge of geology, and that he's a father, which is completely crazy being single. He says these thoughts creep in very naturally, as if he suddenly rediscovered another part of his life. He thinks this infection has a hallucinogenic effect on his surroundings, but now that I see this thread I'm sure it doesn't.

As for the crystals, I thought of grouping the photos of the plants I already had together with some new ones in a different way, and looking at them using some perspective tricks, I was able to form what looked like some kind of cut quartz in the shape of a drop. I'd like to pass the photo on to you, but I don't want to get in any major trouble if it turns out this is some UFO or state secrets related crap. Coupled with this, I have had a recurring dream, one in which I am in front of what I believe is the universe, one that glows in different shades of blue and violet. A few days ago I discovered that I can move, in the following days I will try to touch those lights.

Will E. M. 11/25/2021 (No) 20:00:53 #20339201

I'm sorry, but this thread has already gone too far. The topic of the thread is already absurd, and now, all these stories…. Look, if you all want, go make a book of stories in the style of Allan Poe, but these stories have neither head nor tail. Are you going to tell me that you are able to remember even the most irrelevant moment of what you have dreamed? Nobody, and I mean nobody, can have such a long memory, much less when we are talking about dreams. And then the subject of the colored plants and the magic mice…. The truth is that this whole thread seems to me nothing more than a satire, a mere mockery of all the research and conspiracy work that honest people like me do in this place.

I'm going to discuss it with a moderator to close this thread and see if you can be sanctioned. Oh, and no matter how hard you look, there are no blue rats or anything like that.

logarius 11/27/2021 (No) 00:33:24 #20339260

You are absolutely right, skeptical fellow. I will never find the blue-tailed mice, because it really wasn't what I was looking for. And this thread, with these wonderful people, has allowed me to figure it out. The secret is not in the rodents, nor are they in those lush plants I'm afraid. The secret is under our feet, it's underground. Now, at last, I know where to look. At last, I know what I have to find. I'll set off in search of it right now, and before we know it, we'll all be living the same dream. Well, and if I don't see you, wolfhunter, I'll give my regards to Mrs. Sánchez.

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