A Twist of Fate
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D-1439 barely managed to smuggle in an erotic magazine past the guards.

Now he is become life, the saviour of D-class. He even changed the cover page with a boring novel book, so fat chance he'd get caught.

'Now where should I hide this thing…?'

D-1439 thought, licking his lips.

Fortune granted him the role of cleaning the library, so all he had to do was plant that magazine in the corner of any bookshelf.

Hiding it wasn't that hard, and on the next day, D-1439 brought the hidden booty to his cellmates after cleaning, through all the tension.

"Oh, praise to thee, my captain, my captain Benjamin!"

The other D-Classes chanted in awe.

With a smug expression, D-1439 carefully opened the book as if it was a newborn baby.

They pierced the cover of the magazine and beheld only… letters.

Meanwhile, at the SCP-826 testing site, agents shouted:

"Oh my 343!"

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