Dr Grym's Profile
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A picture of Dr. Grym, while the latter was regenerating after being left alone two (2) minutes with a flat-iron and a bottle of bleach.

Name: Dr Grym. Real name unknown due to the lack of information about his life.


Oldest known picture of Dr. Grym, taken in the early 80’s, when he was wearing makeup and a wig while on a field mission in a private party in East Berlin.

Age: Even though Dr. Grym looks like he is between 20 and 30, his real age is estimated between 85 and 100 years old.

Hierarchy: Level 3 Researcher, sometimes has access to Level 4 information.Currently Director of the Research Service in Site-Aleph, and now level 4, following his promotion.
Also member of the Ethics Committee.
Note: God knows how, but he does appear in the Committee’s register.

Supervisor: Agent Neremsa.
Desperate times, desperate measures. We need a field agent to calm him down. -O5█.

Professional field: Even though he’s pretty polyvalent, considering his experiences through the years, Dr. Grym is specialized in predator-type SCPs, and in SCPs related to myths, legends and others minor religions. Also expert in torture information research and extraction.

Emplacement: Most of the time between Site-19 and Site-Aleph, in one of the cells used for Euclid Class SCPs containment. Currently missing, gone after the others members of the Four Ones, although he regularly sends news update to Site-Aleph.
Now back in Site-Aleph, between his office and the closets of the East aisle, where he currently serves his sentence after having escaped from the Site during the events including SCP-038-FR, SCP-046-FR, SCP-056-FR and SCP-066-FR.

Biography: The Foundation doesn’t know a lot about Dr. Grym, even though it is now recognized he was once a prisoner in an experimentation camp in Germany during World War Two.

He was one of the test subjects of [DATA EXPUNGED], one of the assistants of Dr. Mengele, a well known high figure of the nazi party, also known as the “Angel of Death”.

The content of the experimentations itself is still unknown, and so far, the only clear fact is that the camp was finally destroyed, and Grym managed to survive.

Since this period, Dr. Grym has developed extremely important regeneration capacities, and his ageing cycle stopped.

When he’s interogated on what happened back then, (in the 0,1% of the cases where he does not threaten personnel or try to [DATA EXPUNGED] them), he simply answers:

"Just let me know. Where do you think SCP-500 came from? Do you know a lot of drugs developed without any tests beforehand? Huh?"

A lot of scars on Grym’s body which do not disappear when he regenerates could come from this period.
It also has been more or less proved that Grym followed and tracked down most of the persons responsible of his condition (or at least, he says so), and was contacted by some GOI aware of his particularity and even worked with some of them.
All the rest of his life is quite blurry, even though he seems to have mastered some specific field of knowledge during this time, such as predator behaviors, tortures, explosive-crafting, or even physics.

Dr. Grym joined the Foundation in the 80’s, in a unusual way.
During an investigation on SCP-500’s origins, the MTF [DATA EXPUNGED] found Grym next to what was later identified (thanks to testimonies) as the body of [DATA EXPUNGED], the assistant of Dr. Mengele, Grym’s old persecutor during WW2.

Grym was then brought to Site-19 and interrogated, but reacted violently, and ended up tortured, even though it didn’t have the expected effect on him, and only revealed Grym’s particularity to the Foundation.
This guy was a blood machine, and he was getting tortured in the worst way possible. But the only fuck he gave was about how bad were his persecutors. He even showed us stuff I hadn't see before. This guy knows more about torture than all the psychopaths on this planet. This guy have seen some shit. Dr.██████.
Grym was then jailed and contained by the Foundation, and was about to get classified as an SCP, and was only saved from this thanks to administrative delays.

He then demonstrated how useful he could be when a massive containment breach happened, saving multiple lives by using informations he wasn’t supposed to know on the different SCPs involved. After that, though negotiations between Grym and the Foundation were set up, and Grym finally got hired.
Later, when he was asked how he did have the informations he used during the breach, he simply answered he knew some people, and also that « it was as simple to get into the Foundation servers as in the [DATA EXPUNGED] of a boys band fangirl”.

Since then, Dr. Grym is now working on different GOI he already worked with in the past, and on Orange to Black threat levels SCP, as his virtual immortality is helping him a lot to study them.
However, even though he is cooperative with the Foundation, and his experience make him one of the best among his peers, Dr. Grym must be watched.

Psychological testing has shown that Grym, even though he was very rigorous in his job, could, during his free time, show important psychological disorder, likely due to his activities before he joined the Foundation.
Dr.Grym sould not have in his possession any material able to be any kind of explosive. And yes, this does include orange juice too. And also all others kind of fruit juices. Actually, it is better to not let him alone with anything.
Dr. Grym's supervisor is currently determining the utility or not of possessing a Morgenstern (gently nicknamed “My Dick”) and ice skates in his office.

And the next [DATA EXPUNGED] who calls me “Grymmy” will end up with My Dick in the face - Dr Grym

Note: Following multiples threats (and a morgenstern), Dr. Hideous must now avoid all forms of contact with Dr. Grym.

The Foundation is also expecting some data from the asylum of [DATA EXPUNGED], where Grym could have been jailed.

Dr. Grym is suspected, along with Agent Neremsa, Dr. Frog, Dr. Hideous and Agent Jhonny, to have been involved in the events of 17/03/2014:

  • On March 17th 2014, Agent Neremsa is suspected to have injected green dye in the water stocks of Site-Aleph, to “celebrate Saint-Patrick’s day”. After further analysis, the dye, which was incredibly concentrated and powerful, is allegedly an invention of Drs. Grym and Hideous.
  • Agent Neremsa is also suspected of having illegaly imported a massive quantity of Guinness within Site-Aleph, with the help of Drs. Grym and Hideous, for the same purpose.
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