Project Proposal 2024-001: "A Star Before Daybreak"

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Name: Nat Suarez

Title: A Star Before Daybreak

Material Requirements:

  • Memories of works produced until now
  • Big Christmas tree that is not actually a fir tree(Didn’t need to be a Christmas tree, but there were no other materials available)
  • Star ornament to decorate the tip of the tree
  • Glass case

Abstract: "A Star Before Daybreak” first inserts information into the star ornament using a special machine. Information inserted is that of all my work up until now. Of course, inserting the intent of the work isn’t Cool, so I won’t do that. This way, anyone who sees the star ornament will have the information of all my work flow into them. The source of this information are my own memories, so there may be some omissions, but I will disregard them for now. The star ornament is used as decoration for the tree so that it doesn’t stand out. As it’s intended for long-term display, a glass case will be put over it to delay deterioration. The rest is completed by opening the shutters of the atelier so that those outside can see. And then, I will fuse with the slime at daylight.

Intent: When the sun went crazy, I was at my windowless atelier. I learnt about the disaster through the net. Apparently, when the sun light touches you, it melts you into a muddy slime. My atelier is by the yard, and when I open the shutters, sunlight comes in. Because of this I cannot go outside. Maybe at night it’s fine, but I’m not brave enough to test this out. Thankfully, I had water and food stocked at the atelier, so I was able to hold out for a bit. I’ve run out of both, however. I’ll probably starve to death soon. Because of this I want to leave my latest work behind— No, because it’ll be the last time, I want to leave my work behind.

I was a social outcast who could never step into the limelight. But it’s common to hear about artists who are not valued in life whose work becomes highly praised in death. With this, I wanted to at least inspire someone with my work after death.

I don’t know if this work is effective for the slime. But if it is effective, I’ll know what the slime thought of my work, and felt about my work when I fuse with it. I hope the fused consciousness of the other people forming the slime are good because you get mixed reactions and all of that. I don’t know. I mean, I don’t even know if that slime if capable of thinking in the first place. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. This works is not only aimed at those literal “sunbathing” slimes. This work is primarily aimed at other survivors like me. People who’ve worked around the sunlight might see the work by chance someday.

Stars are what shine at night, where there is no sun. The moon also shines at night, but that’s just reflected sunlight, so ignore that. This work was created with the desire of becoming a beacon of hope that would shine on the survivors; the “social outcasts” that live running from the slime, and help protect them from the sunlight. The hope that there are other survivors just like me will become the light that illuminates the darkness of my lonely heart. And, at the same time, I want to be remembered as an artist.

I am not fusing with the slime because I’m desperate. I’ve lived my life as a social outcast, so I didn't want my life to end as a social outcast as well.

I pray that any of the survivors reading this will be moved by work, and will remember me because of it. I couldn’t win against hunger or loneliness, but maybe daybreak will come to you.

I wanted to be Cool.

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