Project Trickster

Project Trickster

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When we still lived in caves, full of fear of the things we did not understand, we gave them names, called them "Gods" and "Demons".
When we started to explore the anomalous with the SCP Foundation towards the end of the 20th century, we made our first mistake. We thought we could control them and use them for our own purposes. If they came from our ranks, they would be tameable, like the wolves that were tamed and bred into "Dogs" by our ancestors. Demigods, Warriors, Sorcerers, whole armies we created. We were blind.
But we learned from our mistakes. They were not few we made.
Project Trickster will be a new beginning.

We secure. We contain. We protect.

— O4-8 Responsible for Project Trickster

This is a collaborative writing project.

What is this project?

This is a writing project based on an SCP-Foundation Support Programme. The Project Trickster. This project is to support the research of sapient anomalies. Since the SCP Foundation has had bad experiences with these in the past, only a few are admitted and even they only under strict rules.

Can I participate?

Anyone can join who wants to write about a world where there is a secret project of the German Branch (And the other branches of course). You can write stories from the point of view of the members or an SCP who has been admitted to the programme.

You can't decide? Why don't you try SCP-187-DE!

And perhaps this tale - Trickster Heist, Part 2!

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