Dr. Gray's Proposal
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Photograph found in the subject's personal effects.

Anomaly #: ANO-842-HUM

Danger Scale: 0

Category: Abnormal Explained

Temporary Detention Measures: ANO-842-HUM is currently pending in-depth analysis, and is housed in a 15 m² room padded with acoustic foam and equipped with a single bed. Access to the room is restricted to medical staff assigned to the daily examination of her motor and sensory functions. ANO-842-HUM should be fed by intravenous infusion. Her sheets must be replaced by new ones monthly and a wellness check made once a week.

Information: ANO-842-HUM, known under the identity of "Amie Fox", is a female human, twenty-one years old and of Native American origin. She is 1.74 m tall and weighs 56.4 kg, and has a body that is identical in every respect to that of an individual of her age, both physically and physiologically.

ANO-842-HUM is immersed in non-comatose sleep from which she appears unable to awaken, despite the absence of any injury or illness that could explain such an anomaly. When ANO-842-HUM is stimulated by tactile and auditory interactions, she adopts a reaction similar to that of an individual in the awakening phase, including the slow and heavy movement of some of her limbs, inaudible speech and localized agitation in the eyelids, without ever being able to reach the awakening phase.

19██/12/24 at 6:42 pm - Dr. Vendor: A recent review revealed that ANO-842-HUM suffers from an idiopathic form of sleeping sickness, likely due to a nervous system disorder. This refutes Dr. Arklight's thesis that ANO-842-HUM was involved in a much more serious event. ANO-842-HUM not being exceedingly abnormal, she will be transferred to a clinical centre adapted to her condition so that she can receive adequate care, and then returned to civilian life.

19██/12/28 at 8:05 pm - Chief Research Director Dmitriev: Dr. Arklight has been relieved of his duties and subjected to amnestic treatment for his determination to defend an unfounded hypothesis and to make statements connoting criminal intent. This file will only be kept for archival purposes, and will not take the requested designation of "SCP-001-FR". Staff members designated to monitor the subject's care are invited to read the formalities set out in the following document.

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