Spatial Proposal

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The document you are about to access requires Security Clearance Level 5/001-PT.

Your access to this file will be documented, archived, and monitored. In case of unauthorised access, your terminal will become inoperable. Security team officers will be sent to apprehend, and escort you to a holding cell for interrogation. Attempts to access this document from a computer not connected to the Foundation's intranet will result in immediate termination regardless of your clearance level.

Item#: 001-PT
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: The current containment procedures aim to manage, and control the object's anomalous effects whilst developing, and executing technical-scientific procedures for the beneficiation of its relevant paratechnologies.

Project Bulwark, comprised of the Mobile Task Force PT1-Θ — "Gate Guardians", has been established for the administration of processes, technical-scientific resources, and other assets related to the object.

A special repository has been established between the Sites PT7, PT17, and PT33; this repository is to be managed by the AI Camomila, and is exclusively designated for the categorical storage of all artefacts related to Project Bulwark.

Zones designated 'Facilities' configure biosafety level 4 (BSL4) areas. The following detachments of Task Force PT1-Θ, "Disciples of Theseus", and "Ariadne's Thread", are designated especially for exploration, and securement of resources existing within the Facilities.

Departments associated with the maintenance, and security of Foundation secure locations must have access to an updated dossier comprising of minimal information, and a basic overview of the object's existence, and its primary containment procedures.

Individuals unrelated to these internal departments must be instructed under the directives of Project-specific disinformation protocols, providing these individuals with superficial knowledge on how to identify manifestations of the relevant phenomena, and how to subsequently communicate with the parts responsible for the containment thereof.

The immediate location where an Access Portal has been manifested must be isolated as Projection Area, which will be maintained until the Access Portal is deactivated. Projection Areas configure biosafety level 3 (BSL3) areas; these areas must be isolated with risk-cognate biocontainment structures, and monitored audiovisually through remote means.

The use of the standard set of Personal Protective Equipment by all personnel is mandatory, and compulsory whilst operating in Project-related biosafety areas, The standard set is comprised of Level A1 Hazardous Materials Suits, fitted with NIJ Level II body armour, and Open-Circuit Insulating Respiratory Devices.

The transportation of materials obtained in Project-related biosafety areas must be carried out by isolating the materials in Biological Suspension Units; these special-purpose containers are capable of being adapted according to the specifications and necessities of such materials. Handling of any materials obtained in Project-related biosafety areas is conditioned to level 3, and higher, biosafety environments.

Any individual exposed to the Essence must be subjected to standard anamnesis procedures; undergo physical, and psychological examinations to qualify their health, and assist in a proper diagnosis for the following enactment of psychophysical treatments, and the monitoring of any other effects caused by the treatment, or latent exposure.

Description: SCP-001-PT is a set of interrelated anomalous objects comprised in the form of specialised structures, henceforth designated as 'Facilities', located in an extradimensional space whose access points overlap real geographic boundaries on Earth. Its current primary access points are located in Sites PT7, PT17, and PT33.

Facilities are configured as individual structural complexes built primarily in concrete, and steel, possessing functional infrastructures for the transmission, and conduction of electricity, telephone, and radio communications, potable water, thermal, and oxygen conditioning; no facilities responsible for the maintenance of these systems have yet been found.

Certain points of these structures are reorganised in the geographic space of the Facilities whilst still maintaining sets of logical, and operational layouts which are interconnected by rooms, service-and-personnel accessways, and other intersectional control points.

Access to the immediate interior of the Facilities is carried out through metal doors that are invariably identified by plates welded into the upper centre of their surface. These doors are always locked with a punch-card lock, and, upon manifestation, will hold the respective punch-card on either side of the lock.

Portals manifest in the surface of walls, regardless of any existing obstacles or obstruction thereof, and without causing damage to the structure's integrity. It is noted that the geographic position of the Facilities is not intrinsically linked to the position of its access portals.

One punched card will manifest for each door; if the card is stored elsewhere outside the Facilities, the access portal will remain operational until the card is destroyed, or returned to the lock; after which, the access portal will disappear or lead to a different location after an interim.

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    Major Beato Eustáquio, Director for the Department of Occultism

    BRASÍLIA, DISTRITO FEDERAL, ██ of ██████, ████.

    FROM: Lieutenant-Colonel Alcides Cintra Bueno Filho, Director for the Directorate of Archives, and Documentation

    TO: Major Beato Eustáquio, Director for the Department of Occultism

    SUBJECT: Project Mimic Updates.

    ADDENDA: /

    Major Beato, I communicate to you my conclusive verdict regarding the objects generated using the paranormal technology developed by Project Mimic.

    We verified the impossibility of using this technology in the way that it was proposed to us, primarily because of the structural degenerations that occurred in the related objects of interest generated, and replicated with the usage of the "container" devices created by our research divisions however efficient it made the process for the manipulation of matter.

    Objects of interest that were generated or replicated initially displayed structures compatible with their production models. However, it was noticed that after 48 hours, the components of these mimic objects started a spontaneous process of "material reorganisation", which rendered replicated documents unintelligible, and compromised the internal systems of complex objects, insofar as rendering them unusable, or completely altering their functionality,

    Moreover, we noticed that objects stored within the containers spontaneously rearranged themselves within, and between containers, virtually displacing themselves spatially.

    Thus, I justify my verdict to REJECT the employment of Project Mimic for the purposes that were initially proposed. We will look forward to the reexamination of this proposal after several relevant scope adjustments.


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    Commander Ary Casaes Bezerra Cavalcanti




    PROJECT HEAD: Colonel Gentil Nogueira Paes, Director for the Department of Civil Engineering, and Architecture

    STATUS: Under development.

    HISTORY: In ██/██/████, at the request of Commander Olavo Vianna Moog, Research Group █-██ was formed to devise, and develop a Paranormal Object to be utilised as an edifying material with low cost, high durability, and high structural resilience.

    In ██/██/████, the prototypes of the material were completed; tests indicated the capability to produce basic geometrical structures with low molecular cohesion between the substance's particles.

    In ██/██/████, a technical meeting was held with the Director for Department of Occultism, Major Beato Eustáquio, where it became apparent the possibility of developing a chemical basis based on the Paranormal Object ████, recovered in 1944 by the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, considering its physical characteristics of malleability, and high structural resistance.

    In ██/██/████, the first tests were performed after the material's baseline was sophisticated enough. The structures created with it were proven to be stable when subjected to various applications of stress, including the absorption of explosions, due to the steel fibres added to the concrete mix of this anomalous compound.

    We observed subtle adaptive capabilities in the material, and a noteworthy capability to autonomously reintegrate itself as a means of maintenance; it is believed that this characteristic arises from the application of the formula based on Paranormal Object ████.

    Individuals exposing themselves to this compound will definitely need to wear a complete set of protective equipment, and undergo training for the very specific ways of handling the material. Moreover, integral bodily hygiene procedures after exposure might also be necessary.

    In ██/██/████, the Director for the Department of Engineering, Major João Tarcísio Cartaxo, accepted our request for the development of a system capable of processing technical projections, and managing autonomously, a number of modal structures using the material.

    NOTES: This document details the partial history of PROJECT HEPHAESTUS'S ESSENCE. It is to be utilised for analytical purposes in auditing procedures that aim to study, and approve the scope intended with the development of PROJECT █████████.


Inside the interdimensional spaces generated by the anomaly, there is the constant presence of particles of silicon dioxide, and steel that have been subjected to anomalous changes in their atomic structure. These particles are homogeneously generated, and distributed throughout the interior airways of the Facilities, forming a gaseous compound incapable of being filtered by any structural or personal systems standardly utilised by the Foundation.

This sediment, henceforth designated as 'Essence', can accumulate in the bodily tissues of multicellular organisms, progressively replacing cells with rock-metallic structures; a process that, when completed, will result in a condition called Spontaneous Silicose Biosynthesis2.

Vivisections, and necropsies indicate that this process occurs in a continuous, spontaneous, and orderly manner, developing primarily in the nervous system of affected individuals before extending to other bodily systems.

The Essence is transported as an organised mass through the bloodstream to the pulmonary artery, crossing the left atrium, and ventricles of the heart, where it uses the aorta artery to lead itself to the rest of the body's tissues. Initially, the Essence travels to the Willis polygon, reaching the encephalon.

Field magnetic resonance examinations have shown that, during exposure, the Essence primarily spreads over the entire surface of the dura mater, infiltrating it, and entangling itself through the arachnoid. It is believed that the Essence spreads through the arachnoid in a proportional volume from where its material will be needed the most to replace the areas of the encephalon, causing the primary effect on the affected subject.

Subsequently, the Essence will begin replacing the tissue in the occipital, and temporal lobes of the brain3, in a process named 'Biological Substitution of Baccarin'.

If the subject remains exposed to the Essence it will continuously infiltrate into the arachnoid, gradually depositing itself in the limbic associative cortex, in the cerebellar amygdala, and in the hippocampus4. The long-term effects of this replacement are still under study.

However, these apparent physical effects only became known following the examination and the observation, over long periods, of subjects who inhaled large quantities of Essence. The most immediate effect of the Essence is that exposure of a few minutes to it (in observed cases, the exposure time varies between 4, and 5 minutes, on average) is enough for the affected subject to experience severe visual, and auditory hallucinations that cause great distress in those affected. Although, It is estimated that the Essence takes less than 15 seconds to reach the encephalon, and depends only on an inhaled volume of 3 millilitres to bring about its most immediate effects.

It is hypothesised that these effects occur because of the rapid onset of the Biological Substitution of Baccarin in the occipital, and temporal lobes of an affected individual's brain, Reports from affected individuals have numerous disparities between temporal-spatial details however congruent with the target object of these obsessions.

    • _


    Major Amílcar Lobo Moreira da Silva


    BRASÍLIA, DISTRITO FEDERAL, ██ of ██████, ████.

    FROM: Captain Rodrigo Guimarães Cintra

    TO: Major Amílcar Lobo Moreira da Silva, Director for the Medical Department

    SUBJECT: Update on the Medical Reports for the personnel involved in Project Hephaestus's Essence

    ADDENDA: Report Minutes, and Observation Reports of Individuals affected by the material Hephaestus's Essence: Listing of Honorable Mentions.

    Major Amílcar, I assure you the truthfulness of all the content which was communicated via the emergency signals issued in ██/██/████ regarding the █████████ incident, and the current compromised state of the associated medical facilities, as well as the ongoing research in development.

    I inform you of the death of First-Sergeant Daniel Pereira who, whilst in command of an irregular squadron detachment, honourably fulfilled his duty alongside his men, ensuring the successful extraction of the medical team from the premises during the aggravating riots of the previously mentioned incident, thus allowing the recovery of a significant portion of materials associated with relevant medical research.

    Amongst these documental reports, I present two individuals of interest:

    1. SECOND-SERGEANT MANOEL TEIXEIRA, communications engineer, inhaled the Essence when he found a structural flaw in the wall during the cleaning procedures of a radio station; exposing him for about fifteen minutes, resulting in a significant alteration of his short-term memory.

    According to his history, Second-Sergeant Manoel Teixeira was trained at the Electronic Warfare Instruction Center (CIGE) before joining the Superintendence as a Specialist in Short, and Long Distance Communications.

    In a questionnaire carried out during his anamnesis process, it was verified that the Second-Sergeant believes he has lived the last fifteen years of his life in the facilities of Project Hephaestus's Essence; reports produced imply that his memories were altered by projecting, and supplanting the characteristics of the facilities over real places, individuals, and events.

    2. SECOND-LIEUTENANT PEDRO MIRANDA, nurse, and medical technician, exposed to the Essence during the emergency treatment of other contaminated individuals.

    The contamination of Second-Lieutenant Pedro Miranda is something extremely regrettable. He was one of the most responsible, and dedicated soldiers at our disposal, and he volunteered to lead the emergency team that was treating other exposed individuals.

    Relevant psychophysical changes were verified in his body, including the development of grey layers of hard, and smooth tissue on his head, as well as hair loss in affected areas of his scalp.

    Consequently, punctual personality changes were noted that initially were not impairing his professional conduct. However, there we noticed the development of a kind of mania, and fanaticism related to the facilities. The man began elaborating, and praying to some sort of personification associated with the structure itself.

    This behaviour became widespread amongst the technicians of the emergency team led by the Second-Lieutenant, reaching a point of unsustainability when they deliberately intensified the effects of the Essence on the affected individuals during the incident of ██/██/████. The Second-Lieutenant, and his team were then apprehended.

    During the evacuation of the facility, the Second-Lieutenant, and his team were placed in an induced coma, and strapped to stretchers. During that transfer process, they somehow woke up extremely hysterical, freed themselves from the binders, seemingly with natural strength, and attacked everyone present; this resulted in the summary, and collective execution of the attackers, except for the Second Lieutenant, who managed to escape.

    In pursuit, it was noted that the Second-Lieutenant babbled incoherently, rubbed himself violently against the walls, but "navigated the premises as if he knew them intimately" despite his presence having never been historically recorded outside the medical sector.

    After about a minute of chasing, eye contact with the Second-Lieutenant was lost. His current whereabouts are unknown. No further search, and rescue attempts will be made.


    • _

    SITE PT33



    This is a description of the events that took place in the technical, and engineering sectors of Site PT33's medical department subsequently to the appearance of an access portal to the anomalous object in the pump house of the building's fire prevention system, in 19/04/2018, at 13:49.

    The following report describes the first contact with a physical manifestation of the object, prior to it being catalogued in the Lusophone Foundation's database, and the development of special containment procedures.

    After the initial observation of the anomaly's features, standard rapid response reconnaissance protocols allowed the AI Camomila to recognise the anomaly based on historiographical documents from the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal, ensuring the preparation of a baseline dossier to manage the initial security, and containment operations of the object.

    Palliative containment measures were performed in the Projection Area. Simultaneously, a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with exploratory equipment5 was introduced in the access portal to perform the reconnaissance of the anomaly's structure.

    The access portal in question was located during an emergency general inspection of Site PT33's facilities; characterised as a heavy polished metal door, identified by a soldered plate with the words "Arsenal", and an active punched card unit.

    The squad led by First-Sergeant Bernardo Fernandez, comprised of Corporal Pedro Tavares, Private Marcelo Pereira, and Private Rafael Bartosz, was designated to secure the anomaly. They were equipped with body armour adapted with biological protection, standard military equipment, and individual breathing apparatuses.

    The access door is opened by CPL TAVARES; it opens with a snap; grey-coloured dust particles are observed floating in the air stream generated by the pressure difference. PVT PEREIRA, and PVT BARTOSZ enter the anomaly, securing the entry point before releasing the ROV, designated GERALDO, inside the structure.

    It is noted that the dust particles are homogeneously present in the air. The immediate area appears to be a compartmented warehouse, with multiple sorting stations, and neatly distributed heavy-duty shelves.

    The presence of computer, and office equipment at the stations is verified; the equipment on the shelves is boxed, with their metal or wooden cases locked with heavy padlocks; the loads are in good condition, marked with the insignia of the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal, and the Brazilian Army.

    GERALDO goes through the area until it finds a simple metal door to the left of three steel rolling doors, where it remains, and waits whilst the squad secures the place until meeting it. CPL TAVARES releases the door, allowing GERALDO to move forward.

    It is noted that the previous area is immediately connected to an even broader storage sector. There are several steel lockers, and other cargoes arranged neatly in storage, and sorting stations, and other cargo loading equipment; the concrete floors near these places have tire tracks.

    Rolling metallic steel doors can be seen at the end of the "corridors" of these stations. To the east, there is a double metallic door, centred about a symmetrical arrangement of alcoves on the walls, housing steel lockers. To the west, there is an array of electrical, and mechanical panels.

    GERALDO moves towards the double metal door whilst the squad heads towards the panels. 1SG FERNANDEZ, and PVT BARTOSZ perform the inspection of the technical equipment before fully restoring the electrical power, and lighting system of the site.

    Audio variations congruent with human steps, and voices are captured by GERALDO. Seconds after notifying the squadron, GERALDO is hit by a volley of projectiles from an unknown source. Control of the ROV is lost, and there is some partial damage to the functions of its audiovisual equipment.

    The squadron silently moves towards the ROV, cloaking themselves through the stations. From a distance, they sight four unidentified individuals approaching GERALDO. The individuals are wearing tactical combat equipment with biological protection, and armed with military-class weapons. Those ndividuals are noted to be wearing masks made of some polymer-like material; it is presumed to be some sort of insulating respiratory equipment.

    1SG FERNANDEZ confirms eye contact with one of the individuals, immediately targeting them. The individual falls to the ground, and is quickly dragged behind a set of metal boxes. CPL TAVARES, and PVT PEREIRA advance under the protection of their cover, but are forced to stop due to an intense suppression fire emitted by the other members of the unknown team.

    A thick red smoke begins to shroud the site, obscuring the squadron's view. 1SG FERNANDEZ, and CPL TAVARES start a suppression fire in response, alternating with PVT BARTOSZ, and PVT PEREIRA, given a supposed attempt at tactical manoeuvre by the unidentified individuals. 1SG FERNANDEZ requests tactical support through backup.

    After ~70 seconds, the smoke starts to dissipate. It is noted that GERALDO remains damaged in the same place. A trail of fresh blood is identified, on the concrete floor, towards where the once-sighted double metal door was. There are no signs of the individuals or the previously located door.

    PVT BARTOSZ starts assessing the damage done to GERALDO. PVT TAVARES, whilst performing a sweep of the immediate area, indicates positive eye contact with a silhouette quickly moving towards the entrance to the compartmented warehouse.

    By this time, 1SG FERNANDEZ starts babbling unintelligible words on the radio. The time elapsed within the anomaly is about 04:02. 1SG FERNANDEZ starts screaming, and throws his weapon on the ground; seconds later, he is kicking, and punching the wall in front of him.

    Contact with this new unidentified individual is confirmed. CPL TAVARES shoot, and hits the individual around the calf; the individual walks a few centimetres before collapsing. CPL TAVARES moves to secure the target, who is not reluctant, and in apparent physical shock; first aid is performed in the field, whilst the individual babbles unintelligibly.

    Whilst CPL TAVARES secured the individual, PVT PEREIRA tried to stabilise 1SG FERNANDEZ, who was now screaming incoherently and throwing himself against the wall. PVT PEREIRA tries to move 1SG FERNANDEZ by force without success. After a few seconds of inaction, PVT PEREIRA screams on his radio, as if in distress, and begins shooting aimless shooting at the walls. The noise does not seem to be noticed by PVT PEREIRA.

    By this time, the squadron led by First-Sergeant Igor Novaes joins the squadron of 1SG FERNANDEZ. The fresh squadron, equipped with long-range tasers, observing the situation unfolding with PVT PEREIRA and 1SG FERNANDES, employ their non-lethal weapons to immobilise and secure the two before quickly leaving the room, taking bot, and providing support for the transport of the secured individual to the site's medical treatment unit, and the removal of CPL TAVARES, PVT BARTOSZ and GERALDO from the field.

    Initial securing of the complex is confirmed.

    END LOG.

    • _

    SITE PT33



    The Subject captured during the initial exploration of the anomaly was taken to the medical treatment unit at Site PT33, where it was rapidly identified that the Subject displayed great physical lethargy, and an abnormal mental state.

    The Subject babbled incoherent words whilst being attended by the site's paramedic team. The bullet pierced the individual at the height of the lateral gastrocnemius of the left leg, without hitting any of the most important structures in the area, and could be quickly treated with a suture.

    However, whilst the Subject's wound was being sterilised, something exceptional was noticed. The individual's blood had a graphite colour, and the skin around the perforation caused by the bullet was also of a similar colour, although lighter.

    The person in charge of the emergency treatment division was contacted. Since the individual was clearly under the influence of some unknown anomaly, and the effects of the greyish dust generated by the crumbling of portions of it were unknown, it was elected to biologically suspend the individual in heavy containment whilst those responsible for its medical care were issued with adequate protective equipment in accordance to biosafety protocols.

    Thus, the individual was quickly transported by the security team to a medical heavy containment unit, where the Subject would wait whilst the emergency team prepared to assist it. During transport, the subject lost consciousness, and its left leg began to lose molecular cohesion, slowly dissolving into a dense, grey powder. The Subject died inside the heavy containment unity shortly thereafter.

    After deliberations by the department's secretariat, Dr. Nascimento6 authorised the use of a new experimental technology for the hermetic containment of corpses, which would keep the Subject's body physically cohesive whilst a solution was sought to prevent it from disintegrating so it could go through a necropsy procedure.

    All those involved in the object's initial securing operation were also sent to Site PT33's medical treatment unit. Most soldiers went through the initial screening without showing any psychophysical problems, and were declared fit for service. However, First-Sergeant Bernardo Fernandez, and Private Marcelo Pereira were kept under observation, and treated by the paramedic team due to the condition imposed on them.

    Both were revived within a few minutes, and, under anamnesis, were shown to be completely healthy, except for the damage to Fernandez's leg from attacking the metal door so vigorously. However, to understand what caused their psychotic state, they underwent a battery of tests. Such tests came to provide the current knowledge about the functioning of the Essence, mentioned in this document.

    First-Sergeant Bernardo Fernandez, and Private Marcelo Pereira were placed under specific monitoring to help understand the long-term effects of the anomaly.

    END LOG.

    • _

    SITE PT33





    As usual, I will preliminarily record the preparation of the subject's full necropsy report. I trust my assistant to carry out the official report, and transcription of this recording.

    Due to the special circumstances, I will be wearing a complete biological protective suit, in conjunction with a closed-circuit breathing apparatus; the necropsy will be performed in the morgue's biological isolation chamber.


    The necroscopic procedures now begin at five thirty-three in the morning, and will be conducted by the Coroner Arturia Baccarin, without technical assistance.

    Due to the unique conditions, the corpse has not been identified, therefore it will be referred to by me as "Subject" in this recording. Its corpse was kept for a week in the Biological Suspension Unit7, and, after laboratory tests carried out on the samples collected from its corpse, it was transferred here.

    The Subject is male, Caucasian, with an apparent age between forty, and fifty years old, one-meter seventy-six in height, weighing approximately sixty-seven kilos as of the start of the procedures.


    The Subject's dermis layers have exceptional amounts of mineral, and metallic material, giving the tissues a rocky, and hard appearance. I believe this is related to the natural deposition, in the pores of the skin, of the component, called "Essence", which circulates freely through the air in the structures that the Subject was recovered from.

    The livor mortis is strangely absent from the individual's body, which is extremely unusual.


    I verify that the interior of the Subject's body is filled with an extremely fine grey powder, filling the chest cavity, the loose connective, and adipose tissues appear to be integrated by this "Essence". The dense connective tissue appears to be mostly calcified. Or should I say "siliconised"?

    However, whilst the integralised layers of the dermis are hard, and resistant, the internal variant of the material has very low molecular cohesion. A slight pressure from my finger or the tweezers is enough to shatter entire portions of organs, which suggests extensive affectations by the material. The material, when undone, spreads out like a fine powder.

    Case-in-point, I accidentally opened a hole of about twenty millimetres in the lower lobe of the left lung whilst removing the organ.


    Whilst conducting the procedures, I verified the absence of fluids in the Subject's cardiovascular system. With this evidence, I assume that the anomaly completely removes the biological needs of affected entities or that there is some symbiotic adaptation, in which the material gains nutritional properties, providing energetic material for cell renewal whilst consumed by ingestion, inhalation or even exposure.

    This also explains the absence of livor mortis from the corpse. There is no blood inside.


    I attest that the Subject is already in an advanced state of a new anomalous medical condition which I will name as "Spontaneous Biosynthesis", causing extremely high damage to their bodily systems.

    About eighty per cent of their body cells are replaced by the "Essence"; I believe that the interruption of this homogenisation process is due to the Subject's removal from the facilities's environment, precluding their exposure to the material, which probably maintained the cohesion of the tissues.


    Whilst conduction the necroscopic analysis process, the Subject's corpse began to lose molecular cohesion, decaying. I theorise that this was due to the handling of the corpse, and its re-exposure to an oxygen-containing environment.


    The Subject was urgently returned to the Biological Suspension Unit.


    End of recording.


    END LOG.

    • _

    SITE PT7



    The following report describes the events that occurred in the heavy containment section of Site PT7 after the appearance of an access portal, pertaining to an anomalous object, on the south wall of corridor C-02, on 07/05/2018 from 08:35 to 16:07. Appropriate containment measures were promoted, and the anomaly was secured without any considerable loss of equipment or personnel.

    The projection area is under observation by Site PT7's personnel, with remote assistance from researchers from Site PT33 in charge of studying the anomaly. Unauthorised personnel who witnessed the anomaly's access portal were properly amnesticised after interrogation to prevent the leak of privileged information.

    Below is also the overview of the three remote expeditions conducted inside the object, performed on 08/05/2018, 09/05/2018, and 11/05/2018, in addition to the only expedition carried out in person by Foundation personnel on 10/05/2018.

    New logs of the anomaly will be classified according to the guidelines of Project Bulwark, once the team responsible for analysing the object at Site PT7 is integrated into Task-Force PT1-Θ.

    Initially, the members of Site PT7's internal security team, Arthur Vargas dos Santos e Pedro Dapoza Vasconcelos, performed a superficial analysis of the access portal on their own, contacting the head of the internal security team so that a containment team could be sent. None of the aforementioned personnel came into physical contact with the anomaly at any time.

    Whilst the containment team secured the integrity of the object, and the secure area around it, the head of Site PT7's internal security team warned Site PT7's Site Director, Jorge Valle Werneck, of the possibility of an attempt at an invasion of the complex.

    Whilst consulting with the Lusophone Foundation's general database, it was verified the existence of a cognate anomaly being studied at Site PT33, and Dir. Werneck soon contacted Dir. Machado; after confirming that the access portal found on Site PT7 belonged to the Facilities, sent a detailed protocol so that the anomaly could be effectively contained.

    Establishing a secure perimeter that prevented the passage of chemical contaminants through the air, with the subsequent addition of a biochemical risk checkpoint, and cleaning station, allowed further tests to take place without major complications. Equipment was sent to the corridor where the access portal was located, and, in total, four incursions into the object were performed.

    All of the first three incursions were performed by medium-range drones equipped with cameras associated with night vision devices, to map the internal region of the anomaly, detailing the rooms that comprise it, and recording the objects that are within said rooms.

    At the end of the expedition, it was determined that the area of the Facilities linked to Site PT7 is, in fact, independent from the structure located at Site PT33.

    Another point determined by the first incursion was that the rooms by which this region of the object is formed. A total of four rooms were registered, all connected by a series of corridors at an intersection, with the anomaly access portal always in the same room. Despite maintaining a fixed interconnection between the rooms, each of them, except for the control post, change their position randomly each time a new incursion through the access portal is made.

    The first room, where the access portal is located, is a control post with an area of approximately 8 m², furnished with a metal table, and chair, two metal lockers, a disabled computer, and a gate metal detector, which appears to be dead, found on the boundary between the room, and the hallway.

    The second verified room is a warehouse with an area of approximately 20 m², which houses a series of industrial shelves that, in turn, contain different small containers, and crates with various objects, equipment, and supplies inside. Of note is that there is a separate section of this warehouse, separate from the rest of the room by a wall of bars with no apparent passage.

    Inside this section, there are series of experimental devices, armaments, and equipment developed by the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal, some of them consistent with descriptions, diagrams, and images found in documents retrieved from the mentioned organisation. However, superficial observations of the area revealed considerable damage to the structure in general, and certain objects stored inside, presumably caused by fire, given the condition of the floor, and wall inside the section.

    The third room is an archive of indeterminate proportions, both in width, length, and height, containing immeasurable amounts of file cabinets. Each of these contains cardboard boxes with numerous documents of different contents, from invoices to details of classified operations, and projects of the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal.

    However, blank, completely redacted, destroyed, false, or simply indecipherable documents were identified amongst the other files. These documents appear to be randomly generated, as their contents generally do not match the indications of the boxes or shelves where they are located.

    This room is the only one logged that changed its interior contents with each incursion made into the anomaly.

    The fourth room is an administrative area of approximately 10 m², furnished with a sofa, two chairs, a wall-mounted television, two metal lockers, six metal desks, and four computers attached to their respective monitors. All electronic devices in the room are turned off.

    A noteworthy feature of the region is that two tables are found turned, with their upper surfaces facing one of the walls. The computers that were supposed to be on these desks were found destroyed near the room's sofa.

    Documentary records found in the room indicate control of the movement of personnel, and material between the aforementioned checkpoint, and a redacted area.

    The fourth expedition carried out in the anomaly, performed by the agents of Site PT7's internal security team Arthur Vargas dos Santos, Pedro Dapoza Vasconcelos, Nicolas Casara Damaceno, and the leader of the group, Osório Wagner, had the goal of collecting objects, and documents of interest from the facility for analysis, and possible containment on Site PT7. A total of 23 items were retrieved without any complications.

    Amongst the objects, there is an inoperative prototype of SCP-015-PT, a number of experimental portable electromagnetic pulse generator devices, and several experimental inhibitors for cognitive hazard agents which appear to have been damaged.

    Amongst the documents found, it is noteworthy a complete diagram of a vehicle consistent with SCP-045-PT, and medical evaluations, and requests for the seizure of instances of SCP-094-PT. However, it was found that the bibliographic materials have inconsistent content with reference data available in Site PT7's database.

    END LOG.

    • _

    SITE PT17



    This log is a description of the events that occurred at Site PT17's medical deparment, following the the appearance of an access portal congruent to the Facilities in one of the corridors of the department's heavy containment sections, in 13/05/2018, at 06:43.

    The facilities's internal security team performed the initial isolation of the room, the initial inspection of the manifestation, and the removal of the punched card from the access portal. With the identification that the anomaly was the same apparent anomalous object in Sites PT7, and PT33, the AI Camomila provided extraordinary access to the documents of Project Bulwark to the Director of Site PT17, Dr. Nathalie Heinz-Peter, so that she could act accordingly.

    Consequently, the AI Camomila notified the Director of Site PT33, Col. Tibério Machado, who contacted Dr. Nathalie Heinz-Peter for her integration into Project Bulwark. Once the integration was confirmed, the logistics service order for the transportation of resources between Sites PT33, and PT17 was initiated.

    After reviewing the containment guidelines, the facilities's biological containment team adapted the projection area of the access portal, putting in place a detachment of two operatives from Mobile Task Force PT9-β8, Captain Bianca Videl, and First-Lieutenant Ramon Ortega to accompany the internal survey of the anomaly.

    The Task Force PT1-Θ, comprised of Captain Leonel Alvares, First-Lieutenant Sabrina Pessoa, First-Sergeant Luiz Rocha, and First-Sergeant Almir Amarantes arrived on Site PT17 in 13/05/2018 at 10:28.

    For the anomaly's exploration log, check the attached files referring to Operation Battering Ram.

    END LOG.

    • _


    Colonel Gentil Nogueira Paes

    BRASÍLIA, DISTRITO FEDERAL, ██ of ██████, ████.

    FROM: Major João Tarcísio Cartaxo, Engineering Department Director

    TO: Colonel Gentil Nogueira Paes, Civil Engineering, and Construction Department Director

    SUBJECT: Project Hephaestus's Essence Automation System

    ADDENDA: /

    Colonel Gentil, I inform you about the conclusion in the development of the prototypes for the systematisation of the control of Hephaestus's Essence

    Under my supervision, computational matrices were created based on non-anomalous models adapted with the standard peripherals used by your teams of engineers, and architects, comprised of parts designed, and created in conjunction with the Technological Development Sector, under the supervision of Major Beato.

    In addition to an idiosyncratic operation, these systems use their own unique programming language; for this reason, a number of standardised operating manuals have been issued to the individuals responsible for controlling the terminals, which can be used to manage certain features of these projects prior to their execution by the systems.

    The computers should be able to autonomously manage processes with Hephaestus's Essence based on documentary architectural projections in their databases, and structures of interest already built.

    We await the final tests for the necessary adjustments before the conclusive installation of these units, especially concerning the isolation of the systems from the affectations caused by their exposure to the objects of PROJECT MIMIC.


Based on the data analysis produced by Camomila, it is inferred that the "Control Room" is the structure that houses the logistic-operational nucleus of the anomaly; this specialised area has information technology equipment that is fundamental for the Facilities's infrastructure, including its layouts, its operational logics, and its distribution in the geographic space.

This computer equipment9 is used to control several logistic-architectural operations using a complex paratechnological system that analyses, processes, and manages information to execute the organisation, renovation, and maintenance of the Facilities's assets.

The language of these systems uses a mechanism of unique cyphers that are distributed, and processed procedurally in macros referring to specific attributes, with two types of permutations: Variables with meaning, numerical quantity, and organisation; Invariables that are self-perpetuating with their bases unchanged between the macros. Bibliographic records located on Site PT7 identify these figures as a prototypical programming language.

Amongst the collections of bibliographical material discovered at this location, there are a number of instructional volumes; it is inferred that these refer to standardised methods for the operation of the computational equipment. However, their contents are partially encrypted, and/or unintelligible; reconstruction processes of the integral content, using fragments from several different copies, are in progress.

Amongst the recovered artefacts, there are a number of artboards of architectural projects for the installation, and execution of infrastructures, as well as their descriptive memorials, and technical registries; all congruent with structural features found in the anomaly. The analysis of these artefacts indicates that the Facilities originally formed a contiguous set of buildings.

    • _


    █████ ████ ████████ ███████

    BRASÍLIA, DISTRITO FEDERAL, ██ of ██████, ████.

    FROM: Captain Leopoldo Madeira, █████ ██ █████ ██ ██████████ ████████ █ ██████████

    TO: █████ ████ ████████ ████████ ███████ ██ ████████████ ██ ██████████

    SUBJECT: URGENT — Follow-up of the Maintenance of the Generating System of Project Hephaestus's Essence

    ADDENDA: Technical Stability Report with Technical Annotations
    Damage Control Feasibility Study with Technical Annotations
    Technical Report, and Damage Prevention, and Control Project with Technical Annotations

    █████ ████████, given the extraordinary circumstances, I am forwarding to you the technical documentation regarding the operation, production, and distribution systems under the supervision of First Lieutenant Augusto's special team.

    According to the attached documents, it is attested that it is only a matter of time until a catastrophic failure of those relevant systems occurs, I attest it myself, and have faith in the verdict of our engineers.

    Given the occurrences involving the paranormal material Hephaestus's Essence, and the management of the Project, in view of its consequent loss of human resources, and other investments, with an imminent conclusive projection for a catastrophic failure.

    In view of our planning, there will be time for the evacuation of all personnel, and major objects of interest present before the fragmentation of the sectors.

    We will execute Operation Santorini within forty-eight hours after confirming that you have received this message.


    • _

    SITE PT1



    1. Meeting held during the 24th of May, 2018 at 5:30, in person, at the secure facility named "SITE PT1", conducted by the Third Director of the Lusophone Directorial Board, named "CL5-3", in order to deliberate, and consider the formalised requests received under the designation "PROJECT BULWARK", and other relevant acts, as per the request of the secure facility directors Tibério Machado, Nathalie Heinz-Peter, and Jorge Valle Werneck.

    2. The meeting board is comprised of "CL5-3" — President, and the Artificial Intelligence Camomila — Secretary-General. The minimum quorum for deliberation, and approval of any relevant measures is met.

    I. Considering, amongst all the features of the anomalous object, its logistical, geographical, and historiographical importance for the Lusophone Foundation, it is decided
    to grant it, permanently, the classification of SCP OBJECT under the special numerical designation "001-PT", thusly classifying it as SCP-001-PT/BULWARK.

    Considering this special designation, it is therefore granted all privileges, and responsibilities related to the relevant processes of security, containment, and protection of SCP-001-PT/BULWARK to the project body which it will be assigned to.

    Concerning the formal request for project funding, addrest to the Lusophone Directorial Board, it is considered that the technical-scientific breakthroughs, and efforts developed by the relevant parties associated with the already in-existence "PROJECT BULKWARK" justify the grant for its officialisation as the de facto project assigned to be a permanent component of SCP-001-PT/BULWARK.

    PROJECT BULWARK remains under the directorial responsibility of Tibério Machado, Nathalie Heinz-Peter, and Jorge Valle Werneck to administrate, in accordance to its approved guidelines, all the resources relevant to the object's containment, and research.

    II. Considering the guidelines approved by this Board, and the impossibility of total containment of the object through its partial or complete deactivation, therefore characterising this an extraordinary circumstance, and in view of the aforementioned technical-scientific breakthroughs regarding exploration procedures, and the extensive logistical usage of the object's anomalous features; as proposed by PROJECT BULKWARK, the CONTAINMENT CLASS "CERNUNNOS" has been designated to classify SCP-001-PT/BULKWARK.

    This extraordinary designation is PROVISORY, and will remain as long as the technical-scientific production developed by PROJECT BULWARK continues achieving excellency in its primary, and secondary functions, and complies with the quotas, and chronogrammes approved by this Board.

    III. Considering the necessity for qualitative-administrative supervision of PROJECT BULWARK, and, consequently, of all processes related to SCP-001-PT/BULWARK, the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CAMOMILA is henceforth designated to fulfill this function.

    IV. Considering the operations conducted by the Group of Interest "The Reliquary" within the structure of the secure facility "Site PT33", and the positive verdict of the Financial Superintendence of the Lusophone Foundation, this Board decides to grant the request for a substantial increasing of funds for the structural reform, and the restructuring of the security systems of the secure facilities Site PT7, Site PT17, and Site PT33.

    V. Considering the formal request submitted by Tibério Machado, this board, in use of its attributions as the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Lusophone Foundation, hereby activates the special-purposes TASK-FORCE PT33-Ω — “LOCKPICKING LAWYERS”.

    This Task-Force, which will be integrated into the divisions of Site PT33, and receive the support of the remaining superintendent bodies of the Lusophone Foundation, is hereby assigned with the responsibility of developing systems, procedures, operations, and other technologies, anomalous or not, for the continuous improvement, and application of reasonable security measures to all assets under the jurisdiction of the Lusophone Foundation.

    Mr. Márcio Lobo, Major of the Brazilian Army, and current Director for Site PT33's Security Department is hereby appointed as the commander of Task-Force PT33-Ω — "Lockping Lawyers".

    3. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned; the Minutes were processed digitally, and, after being read, and approved, were signed by the this Board.


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