ZeroStrider's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-PL-001

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: For the containment of SCP-PL-001 to be complete and effective, regular cleaning and maintenance of Anomalous Waves Jamming System (AWJS), located in Site ██, is an absolute necessity. Members of team managing the Butterfly Ear project has to adjust AWJS every hour in order to match its jamming signal to current state of SCP-PL-001. In case of AWJS breakdown, the device has to be fixed immediately. For the time when repairs take place, a weaker, secondary device has to be active. Any person trying to access AWJS without authorization will be terminated.

Description: SCP-PL-001 is a signal emitted on fixed frequency of 145 [GHz], originating from the inside of Earth. Subject’s anomaly causes layers of the planet to not suppress the waves. It was discovered on 21st of March 1988 during initial tests of the Butterfly Ear project and since then it constantly emits with the same intensity and range of signal, its border is about 65 [km] above sea level (mesosphere). To this day the only known way of blocking SCP-PL-001’s waves is the AWJS project, initiated on 8th of July 1999. Currently the only task of Butterfly Ear project members is monitoring every change in SCP-PL-001 and adjusting the AWJS project to it.

Butterfly Ear

The project was initially created for research of signals and frequencies coming from the outer space. It was firstly handled by twelve employees, but later changes caused it to shrink to only five employees. The only person from the original team is the former project’s manager, who agreed to be a consultant because of his experience. Currently the project focuses on research of SCP-PL-001 and phenomenons connected to it, including its influence on other frequencies and Earth’s environment. On top of that, every member of Butterfly Effect project is qualified and prepared for AWJS management.


AWJS is currently the only way to effectively contain SCP-PL-001. It’s capable of jamming waves emitted by the subject by creating a signal working on the same frequency (145 [GHz]), but with greater power, what results in nullifying its anomalous counterpart. AWJS was created by the team working on Butterfly Effect on July 1992 and successfully activated after tests which lasted two months. Since that time, it works constantly, being repaired, cleaned and maintained regularly.
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