Project: Amerika No Shokuminchi, 1983

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Project: Amerika No Shokuminchi, 1983

Purpose: Our history is closely related to the Pacific Ocean; it is feasible that, in order to protect Japan, we must have bases throughout the ocean. The expansion of our operations throughout the Pacific has increased, indirectly helping us to look for new places to operate. With our forces, we have built new bases in Southeast Asia from our side of the Pacific, thanks to the chaos of the communist breakup caused by the Cambodians and Vietnamese, and our negotiations with the Pentagram have allowed us to increase our surveillance operations to keep our nation safe from communist influence. And we have strengthened our presence on the Japanese península with our new base in Keijō.

I wish I could say the same thing from the American Pacific, but we have not been very successful. The northern bases have been targeted by the SCP Foundation. However, in South America there has not been that much activity, mainly because of groups that obstruct the Foundation's little influence such as the Cuban Ministry of Anomalies and the Brazilian Superintendence. It is through this conflict of interest that we will make our move.

We will take advantage of the ignorance of the American organizations while they are busy hunting communists to expand our power throughout the western Pacific. If necessary, we will negotiate with the Foundation or the Pentagram and lie to them claiming that we will help them fight the red influence, and when they least expect it they will be overcome by our might. The first thing we must do is to start building bases throughout South America, with a connecting system between them through a central nexus that, in turn, has a connection to our bases in Japan. Peru has been chosen as a suitable candidate, due to its Japanese diaspora which will allow us to hide our presence, and its long extension across the Pacific will be the ideal place to create the nexus. At the same time, we will need a puppet president to assign various assets of the country for the creation of the nexus, and to silence those who inquire about our activities.

Assets: The assets for the project comprise:

  • A team of paraengineers for the creation of an artificial pocket dimension.
  • A Way creation system that connects the main nexus of the dimension with the bases scattered across the continent in the baseline reality.
  • A candidate among our members, who follows the imperial orders, to run for the presidency, coming from among the diaspora in Peru in order to have legitimacy in the eyes of the Peruvian people.
  • Volunteers to inhabit the nexus permanently and expand the national values. If you wish to enlist for the project, you must bring your family with you.
  • Local workers to serve as workforce. We could use some from the countryside and we could lie to them about building their own locality.

We have an estimated time of 7 years to complete the project, depending on whether or not our candidate becomes president.

Results: Barely surpassing the expected time, our candidate has achieved the presidency and has allowed us to secretly allocate several assets in the creation of our dimension. The nexus, now named Viruhōnetto, will be the heart of our operations. And like a heart, it will pump resources and personnel to our bases across America and beyond.

The area itself is a fortified village with a castle reminiscent of those built during the Edo period, where the president and a local daimyō will have absolute control of the place. Outside the village is a large forest covered in mist, this mist represents the pocket dimension border and is impossible to penetrate. Thanks to a secret project with the facade of improving fluvial structures, a part of the Surco River flows into the pocket dimension.

The way in is through hidden passages in the center of Lima, where answering the right questions will lead you to our Foreign Affairs building inside Viruhōnetto. Other modes of leaving or entering the village, such as roads, will only be allowed for transporting troops and equipment.

Due to the increase of attacks by the Maoists of the Path1 throughout the country, we have taken measures in case of an attack by local opponents or occult organizations. The entire village is a large fortress. There are multiple forts at various strategic points throughout the village to serve as defense points, and several traps near the castle to stop any enemy assault. All adults have been trained to wield a guntō and rifle, and we also have at our disposal a group of yōkais who have agreed, along with our inhabitants, to live permanently within the nexus in order to keep control of the Pacific.

Regarding the human population, most of them have shown their loyalty to the IJAMEA cause, and some Peruvians seem to have blended in with the population. This is due to the influence and connections of the president. We will soon train the locals for our benefit, and, if necessary, they will be turned into imperial soldiers to serve the cause.

Regarding the Ways, we have discovered that within the capital there is a large network of natural Ways that are formed and destroyed, connecting Viruhōnetto to different realities and different worlds. We do not know the cause of the appearance of these Ways, but we will take advantage of this network to create more stable Ways to our facilities.

Good luck with your mandate in Peru, and take good care of Viruhōnetto, Mr. President Fujimori.

Long live the Emperor!

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