— Doctor… — Hoarse but clear male voice spoke— Isn't good with me.

— I'm really sorry to hear that.

— But You won't do anything about it? — He said that with angry tone but after a while he reflected. — I'm sorry, really sorry. I know this isn't Your fault, it's me who fucked up.

— That's not true.

— Let me tell You the truth and then You can judge how it really was. I know that You know a lot about me, I answered to all Your questions so far but not out of a sense of duty. I just hate that fucker who did this to me. You promise me that, if You get him that… — man makes a few wheezing inhales and exhales — It's okay, okay. I just want to say everything what I have to say. I've had good life, I worked for big money in corporation, I've had stable job in administration, I married the most beautiful woman I ever met, we had children. Do You know what's the biggest hassle for people like me? Number one is lack of time, of course, but you can still live with it.

The man smiles sadly.

— Back pain, I had a back pain. Do You understand how it is to sit all day, from eight to sixteen, in the work and then take home some of that work, so you can sit again in front of the computer for extra hours? Like a spoiled brat I thought that money could get me a flexible spine. I tried different gels from pharmacy, ointments, and massages, but nothing helped. That's fu… it hurt whenever I waked up in the morning, and went to sleep in the evening— He said clenching his fist at the end — That's when I got tempted. They called it "natural biological renewal". I couldn't find any reviews in the Internet, but I thought it couldn't hurt. The place seemed fairly decent when I came for appointed treatment, but I already talked about it. Bastards told me to sign up some legal prints in before. The worst is that their witchcraft worked. I felt young again.

The man get coughing attack which last for a few minutes.

— It was like that for a few weeks but finally magic bubble bursted. First time I saw this while I was shaving, my eyes were empty. I thought that senility got me, every day was worse that day before. I walked to ophthalmologist but was to late even on corneal transplant. I must got off work, I got a rent. After that we soldl our house and moved to regular flat. That shit, Damian complained that he didn't have any friends in new school when I barely could find the way to restroom by myself — The man get quiet for a moment — That was just a beginning, then stink which I couldn't wash off myself appeared. I was taking a shower on morning, and evening, sometimes even on noon but that's didn't help, my own presence gave me a gag reflex. I woke up every night, because of nightmares. I felt weaker every day, I've had a trouble with urinary retention. I and my wife were to the doctor for couple times, but for nothing, again. She pretended that was nothing. It annoyed me that she try to keep up appearances. Tension between us grew more and more. On last night in that house I wasn't sleep at all, that's why I heard when she woke up and went to kitchen. She starts laugh. I heard clearly that she laugh from me. I got up from bed, and she didn't stop. I stood between kitchen and living room and told her to stop. Nothing, I punched her, but that bitch got up. She told that she will leave me, take the kids, and I will rot alone in this tight cubicle. I beated her a whole time, but she still tried to got up. She laughed this whole time. I didn't remember what was after that, how I said before. The rest You already know.
What do You think about this, Doctor?

— I think that you was a good man — Told that when he maked an injection in arm immobilized by leather straps.

— Thank You.

The man gets convulsions.

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