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Homemade remedies are good for everything

Alternative medicine. Who does not know about the famous methods of treating cancer with vitamin C or stopping a heart attack by stimulating places on the body? And what if it's combined with anomalies? This canon is about it. Altnormal medicine. Anomalous treatment with "home remedies", against all the big anomalous medicine concerns, let's not let those thieves who specifically stop treatment to make money earn!

One of the main characters in this canon is Jarosław Zimorodek - former Foundation researcher, currently a businessman making money from selling anomalous "dietary supplements", for a high price, but hey! You don't let big bad concerns earn!

Including incurable diseases

What must an article from this canon have? It must be a "dietary supplement", a magic remedy for a disease in trivially simple ways. In general, simple, "magic" and "homemade" or "grandmother" methods of research and treatment itself. Treatment of cancer with beetroot juice? Cool! Treatment of autism with vitamin D3? Cool! Remember, it's not alternative medicine. This is altnormal medicine. Each of these dietary supplements must have anomalous disadvantages or advantages. It must have this element of anomaly that distinguishes it from vitamin C of big bad comcerns.

However, this method of treatment has its, drawbacks

List of works from the canon:

About the beginnings of the altnormal medicine
author: PlatnickiPlatnicki

"Young people in our country are suffering, and international companies are making money out of it. We wanted to prevent this. That's how we got to the present state. We are still a fairly modest organization, but many people in Poland agree with me and buy my products. I go to anomalous science fairs, although I'm not so welcome, and that's where I see with my own eyes that people want changes like me."

author: WhiterPLWhiterPL

"That's when I got tempted. They called it "natural biological renewal". I couldn't find any reviews in the Internet, but I thought it couldn't hurt. The place seemed fairly decent when I came for appointed treatment, but I already talked about it. Bastards told me to sign up some legal prints in before. The worst is that their witchcraft worked. I felt young again."

You want some Pine Weed?
author: SilnikSilnik

— Do you want to add something, that needs to be taken into account before the verdict?
— Yes.
— Then please do so.
— I'd like to start with the fact that according to the generally accepted paradigm, I've violated the rules regarding "psychoactive substances", yes, I don't consider what I was giving to OMZ-17 to be drugs. It's as if I was bringing oregano from my house and giving it to them.
One of the people in suits hits the box lying on the table:
— Doctor! There's over a kilogram of marihuana here!

SCP-PL-160 — Fat burner
author: Dr_BlackpeaceDr_Blackpeace

''Are you fed up with your weight? People are pointing fingers at you, children comparing to a beach ball? The easiest activities are not easy anymore?

Have you tried different diets, but none is giving you a satisfying result? Sport is unnecessary for the healthy, and not recommended for the ill? Lettuce is for rabbits? This is the remedy made especially for you!''

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