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The flag of the PSR.

The Pan-Slavic Resistance, also called PSR, is an occult Pan-Slavic Underground Organization in the SKP-Universe, which is hostile towards the Großdeutsche Reich.

As reaction to the complete European annexation by the Deutsche Reich and the reformed racial laws concerning the Slav-question, the leaderships of the resistance groups, the former Slavic states, summoned in the 1950's a Slavic Congress in Visegrád (Hungary), which resulted in the merger of the separate Slavic resistance organizations. The resulting Pan-Slavic Resistance fought in a partisan war against the Großdeutsche Reich ever since.

The use of SKPs by the GDR against the PSR lead the leadership of the Pan-Slavic resistance, known as the PSR-Council, to the formation of search parties for the search for paranormal objects in Slavic areas. The result of the investigations were the discovery of entities, which called themselves the old gods of the Slavs, as well as paranormalities that were designated as the relics and the gifts of the old Slavic gods by the the PSR Council. With the use of paranormalists, which were derived from the entities, occultist cult around the entities developed in the Pan-Slavic resistance, shaping the organisation permanently.

The aim of the PSR as an independent movement is the liberation of the Slavic regions from the German occupation by a Great Slavic Uprising, which is prepared by the PSR. The goal is the recapture of the occupied territories of the former Slavic states and the establishment of a Slavic-polytheistic state. This state is supposed to protect the Slavdom from Germanization and to lead it back to the pantheon of Slavic mythology.

With the help of the Slavic paranormalities, the PSR is waging a partisan war against the GDR. In addition to sabotage, espionage and assassinations as well as raids, or rather theft, the liberation of captured Slavs also counts to the activities of the Pan-Slavic resistance. The focus of the Pan-Slavic resistance lies on the Slavic regions of Großdeutschland, occasional in the west of the German colonial territory of Russia and in central Germany (Zentraldeutschland), where the PSR operates in sleeper cells. The regime of the Großdeutsche Reich has internally declared the PSR as a terrorist organization and takes action against it by all means. Therefore, in order to not draw attention to the Pan-Slavic resistance, the PSR hides its participation in attacks or camouflages them as accidents.

The sleeper cells, special units and the regular cells receive their instructions through a chain of middlemen, which in turn have contact with only one or a very few middlemen, so that in case one is captured, only his contacts - If he knows who they are at all - can be detected.

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