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Pan-Slavic Resistance (PSR) - Hub

German: Panslawischer Widerstand (PSW)


The flag of the Pan-Slavic Resistance

The Pan-Slavic Resistance is a pagan underground organization of separatist Pan-Slavists1 from the SKP universe who are hostile to the Großdeutsche Reich.

In reaction to the establishment of the German colony of Rusland and the reformed racial laws, in relation to the Slav question, the last resistance fighters of the Slavic nations gathered in 1964 for a Slavic Congress in Volgograd. Inevitably, the congress resulted in the unification of the Slavic resistance organisations.

The ongoing use of SKPs by the GDR led the Pan-Slavic Resistance to form search parties to look for paranormal objects on Slavic territories. The result of the searches was the discovery of paranormalies with a Slavic origin. With the help of the Slavic paranormalies, the Pan-Slavic resistance began to act against the Großdeutsche Reich from underground and under strict secrecy. Due to the successes recorded by the Slavic paranormalies, Rodism2 became popular among the members of the resistance, and thus developed into an integral doctrine.

The directives of the resistance became, on one hand, the protection of the Slavs from, among others, noble Slavs3, and, on the other hand, the already generation-spanning preparation for a Slavic uprising to free the Slavic territories from German occupation. But the seemingly endless struggle for freedom extremized the PSR, so that even Slavs who do not profess Rodism are regarded as noble Slavs; out of desperation, even Slavic demonolatry is used, and the PSR also knows no scruples towards German civilians. Due to the extensive surveillance network of the Greater German Reich, the authorities are aware of the existence of the Pan-Slavic Resistance, which is why the PSR has been classified as a terrorist organization and is being pursued with all means in an invisible war.

In order to avoid retaliation against the Slavic population, the Pan-Slavic Resistance disguises its deeds as accidents, goes without recognisable affiliation or pins the acts on other groups. That is why the PSR organises itself into controlled cells that receive their instructions through a chain of intermediaries, who in turn have contact with only one or very few intermediaries. In case that one of them is captured alive, only his contacts - if he has not committed suicide and knows who they are - are exposed, which is why the resistance fighters usually address each other with cover names. In addition, search teams for paranormalies and commando troops are formed, and the spy network is constantly being expanded. The supreme command is held by Rethra, it is not known whether this is a command centre or a commander.

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