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Usurp the PURPLE

She is an officer of the Foundation
She continues to study or train in dream almost without rest. She gradually has a dream altering ability and practices control of the ability recently, which all is to achieve the foundation's containment of Dream.
First episode
When a shadow is aimed
Overwrite save
"That's right. I have done it once before."
Road Runner
"You all don't know the most foundamental things in dreamspace, do you?"
To Be Continued
Episode between the first and the second
Out of the storyline
"Recently, I cannot help having an upset stomach when eat a cheese.
Perhaps, Do I have the allergy or something?"
SCP-2337-JP-1 is Gale Mclaren, a caucasoid male of 23 years old in 09/22/2020 now. It likes eating stilton and often has diarrhea.
To Be Continued

Blair Urbana

On The Gumball
Reluctant to talk about herself.
Mekhi Bennington

Warm Worm
A little bad.
Rachel Linden

Road Runner
A bright personality.
Jane Smith


This series describes a story of "The Foundation Collective" on the setting of "Oneiroi". The genre is undecided, but the story will basically focus on each character.
The main scene of the series is laid in Site-990 located in U.S.A. In short, the facility is for studies on Oneiroi and dreamspace. Stories continue focusing on officers working in Site-990.
Because of that, Setting and terms in this series seem to be a little difficult, but I believe that you can understand them enough by referring the above hub. Please check about them with the hub.
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