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The Foundation first confrontation with GoI-571-20 was in year 18██, during containing SCP-PL-███. Information gathered to this day indicate activity of GoI called Polish Anomalous Mushroom Picking Association. That organization is focusing on: gathering, researching, and processing (probably mainly for finansal reasons) anomalies with fungal characteristic.


PZGA logo appeare on many Association publications.

Polish Anomalous Mushroom Picking Association has structure based on the directors board management with the chairman on top. Every board member (expect deputy of human resource department) has their own branch which is responsible for specified aspect of the organization's activities. All branches have their own structure connected to: internal management, held funds, way of the new members recrutation, and mood prevailing among their members. The Foundation right now distinguishes 6 branches which are responsible for:

  • Mushroom gathering.
  • Research.
  • Selling of processed products, advertising, and camouflaging the organization in specific environments.
  • Preventing crisis situations.
  • Human resources management (there are suspicion that other activities are covered under this concept, but the Foundations agents didn't confirm that).
  • Doing unspecified tasks assigned by the Chairman (the existence of that branch is confirmed, but in conjunction with it size, and level of conspiracy the Foundation failed to learn activities which that branch is responsible for).

PZGA's branch which is responsible for picking mushrooms is mainly gathering persons interested in pastime picking various mushroom species with properties unusual for other organisms belonging to that kingdom. Membership gives them possibilities to get knowledge about anomalous mushrooms, and develop their passion.

Association runs their own mycology scientific research. Purpose of that activity is to discover specific properties of fungal subjects to precisely describe, and catalogue them. The Foundation doesn't know much about PZGA's methods of research. Known species of fungi are described in two forms, most popular are special leaflets published among the Association members which are containing basic practical information about a specific mushroom species, and description of proceeding in case of danger coming from this unnatural specimen. Full documentation about species of a anomalous mushrooms is deemed top secret by the Association. Access to these files is given only to members which are responsible for the fungus research.

Gathering verified informations about other divisions of the organization is ongoing.

Every year, on the end of the summer PZGA is organizing event called "Harvest Festival". Location of all events is secret, and known only to the organization members; so far all attempts to discover where the event is organized were failed.

Harvest Festival's main purpose is to integrate the Association members. Worth of notice is fact that this event is not mandatory, and most participating members (excluding persons who are working on organization of Festival) are coming from gathering, and research branches. Climax of Harvest Festival is choosing person which had best results in picking, or researching mushrooms on year scale. That person is gifted with role of PZGA agent.

Agents are honoured members of the Association and their practical knowledge is an asset in tasks taken by these persons. Their job mainly involve discovery and recovery of new specimen of anomalous fungi as well as taking initial efforts at in deployment of safety measures in case of subjects posing danger. Agents work in conspiracy, it's reason why all attempts of capturing them were failed. They are promoted by Chairman himself.

There are no information about pasts chairmans of the organization, or changes on that position (in contrast to the directors board which was created in year 19██, during re-growth of the organization influence). The Foundation don't have any information about Chairman person, expect fact that he is the boss of the whole Association. Members of PZGA (except the directors board, and persons working directly under him) can meet Chairman only on finish of Harvest Festival, during new agent promotion, or on time when they get promotion to position in Chairman branch. From unknown reason all of interrogated members couldn't give any useful description of the Chairman.

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