Quiet and…
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The final night came. It was a perfect night to end.

Several drunken resarchers were lying around me. Soon, the gas filling in the room, we are all going to die as if we fell asleep. The room was so quiet that I couldn't even hear their breathing.

I had been drinking a little too. Maybe, that's why I got a little greedy. I left the room and looked for a small vial.


I thought back to the failure that was left behind. Finally, before the disappearance, I decided to look at the real world. I got the infection. I didn't expect the side effect to put me to sleep.

The next morning I woke up. The death wish was already gone. I noticed that the world had changed. Even though I was staggering, I got up and ran outside.

Trees were growing thickly, and butterflies were flying. Several animals scurried around, and the wind blew. The sun was shining brightly, and there was no cloud in the sky.
It's a beautiful day.

Interrupting gross colorization had vanished, and the only thing left is a silent sentence. It keeps blinking in a display.

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