Containment Breach Report 218-FR-01
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Report regarding Containment Breach 218-FR-01 on 20/01/19██
By Bruce Garrett, Director of Site-Aleph
To involved personnel

Upon rescue from the mafia, SCP-218-FR was taken to Site-Aleph and moved to a humanoid containment chamber equipped with all possible graciousness. SCP-218-FR was then considered a really low threat, and her mental and physical condition, following recovery, required maximum comfort in order to gain her confidence, in addition to psychological support to help her recover from the trauma. Add to that, that her story had drawn personnel's sympathy, and that she fully cooperated to tests and interviews, and you'll understand the priviledge SCP-218-FR gained over time.

On 15/02/19██, SCP-218-FR was classified as Euclid, Threat Level : Green, despite protocols.

Despite close monitoring by Foundation forces, the criminals who lead the antiquity trafficking network seemed to have vanished. The mansion was abandoned and did not appear, after inspection, to contain any more anomalous items. The only visit of the mansion after the raid by the Foundation was lead separately by a group of young people about a year later, who apparently weren't involved in the affair and were witnessed from a distance, without intervention or use of amnestics.

It was only on 03/12/19██, about two years later, that one involved person, Serge ██████, was found, captured and interrogated, in Brazil. Serge ██████ was eliminated two days later, following "divergence from protocols" by assigned agents (investigations are still ongoing). Prior to his death, the detainee had enough time to bring new data to the folder, regarding his accomplices, their methods and, even more important, SCP-218-FR's stance in the traffic. In order to assure maximum transparency, I will transcript below his exact statements about SCP-218-FR:

Given the respectable attitude of SCP-218-FR towards the Foundation during her two years of containment, this unreliable information was first classified without further investigation. It was only on 20/01/19██, during a routine interview, that Dr. Lehmann inadvertently mentioned the captured individual and that SCP-218-FR's motives were confirmed.

The recording of the interview stops here due to technical difficulties. Dr. Lehmann was found dead in the empty interview room, with a broken skull surrounded by phonograph debris. It is supposed that SCP-218-FR took her gloves off and ripped her microphone off in order to hold it, so that it turned into a 50 kilogram phonograph she just had to throw at Dr. Dr. Lehmann's head when it was becoming too heavy. All of this would have happened over the course of a few seconds.

Security Agent Esposito, tasked with monitoring of the room's entrance, would not have been intrigued to see SCP-218-FR exit the room on her own due to their familiarity. He was found dead, shot in the head, disarmed, and certain parts of his equipment were dated to the XVII° and XII° century.

Alert was declared only one minutes and fourty seconds after her evasion, and SCP-218-FR had already travelled a great distance from the humanoid containment unit using personnel's sympathy to her advantage, but also her provided anti-regressive gloves, to switch between her ability and usage of weapons, keys or unregressed gear.

Unexpectedness, SCP-218-FR's anomalous abilities and underestimation of her motives assured a considerable strategic advantage she allegedly used to kill ██ personnel members, injure ██ and neutralize █ guards by altering their equipment in order to cause considerable impediment. These numbers obviously do not take material damage caused by regression into account, including armoured doors, surveillance systems, power sources, etc. Moreover, several weapons, infrared glasses and bags were stolen.

Malfunction of the main electrical generator occured about two minutes after the beginning of the alert. Secondary generators correctly activated, guaranteing containment of most SCPs (except for SCP-███-FR, later captured in the East aisle), however, absence of electricity in corridors and offices have considerably delayed intervention of Foundation forces. To this day, it has not yet been determined whether SCP-218-FR was responsible for this malfunction or whether it was due to exterior intervention.

During her escape through Site-Aleph, several anomalous item storage lockers were broken open by SCP-218-FR using her ability. Stolen items include, among others, SCP-███-FR, SCP-███-FR and SCP-███-FR as well as several anomalous items.

It was determined that SCP-218-FR was headed to [REDACTED], the city closest to Site-Aleph, altough we still don't know to this day how she learnt about Site-Aleph's geographical situation, nor the direction to follow to escape from it.


SCP-218-FR's containment team during the chase.

The Foundation eventually resorted to six assault vehicles, stored in hangars far away from SCP-218-FR's travel path and therefore unregressed, to chase her.

The chase ended 28km away from Site-Aleph, in a nearby forest. It turns out an unknown armed force was waiting for the Foundation agents on the way, which was successfully dispersed thanks to superior armament owned by the Foundation.

SCP-218-FR apparently had access to various exterior support, which seems extremely unlikely given that her escape didn't seem to have been planned, but was rather precipitated by the mention of Serge ██████ during her interview.

Numerous hypotheses were made, including telepathy, precognition and other anomalous abilities. The Serpent's hand was allegedly evoked, as well as ██████ █████'s name, SCP-218-FR's suspected "boyfriend", who could correspond to the description of [REDACTED], who had been wanted for a certain amount of time. However, nothing could be verified, and all attackers are either dead or disappeared.

SCP-218-FR on the other hand, was stopped using SCP-███-FR. She was obviously driving her stolen vehicle using her antiregressive gloves which prevented her abilities from damaging the SUV. SCP-███-FR allowed alteration of the gloves' structure, causing regression of the gloves and quick damage.


Damage endured by SCP-218-FR's chariot after recovery.

SCP-218-FR's hands being in contact with the steering wheel resulted in instant regression of the vehicle. SCP-218-FR rapidly lost control. She was finally found unconscious, next to what was determined to be a highly damaged celtic chariot, which had retained its motorised speed and had therefore been ejected off of the road at a speed superior to 80km/h.

Following this major containment breach, all stolen SCPs were recovered, save for SCP-███-FR which is considered "Lost". SCP-218-FR was moved to a specifically designed cell at Site-Beth, and her report was updated to include new suited Special Containment Procedures. A new pair of anti-regressive gloves was designed, this time equipped with a magnetic lock only deactivatable by qualified personnel.

A MTF was assembled specifically to investigate on the network SCP-218-FR was a part of, and particularly ██████ █████.

I think this breach constitutes a sufficiently meaningful example for all personnel: do not trust a humanoid. We never know what to expect from human nature.

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