SCP-020-FR Experiment Log
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Project's head : Dr. ████████

All researchers working on SCP-020-FR are required to log their results in this report under the following format:

Test Subject:




Date: 15/08/2013
Test subject: A 5x5x5cm 98% iron cube.

Procedure: Contact is made with SCP-020-FR.

Result: Within three (3) seconds, the cube takes a dull white coloration. Analyses have determined that it was composed of 100% silica, which means that SCP-020-FR transmutes the entirety of the object regardless of its constituants.

Date: 15/08/2013
Test subject: Dr. ████████'s right latex glove

Procedure: Dr. ████████ accidentally touched SCP-020-FR with his glove while picking up the silica cube from last experiment.

Result: In approximately 5 seconds, the glove became metallic gray. Analyses have shown that the glove had been transmuted into cobalt while retaining latex's elastic properties.

Notes: The glove was sent to the laboratory for further analysis.

Date: 15/08/2013
Test subject: The previously created 5x5x5cm silica cube.

Procedure: Contact is made with SCP-020-FR using tongues.

Results: No changes. Item is still composed of silica.

Notes: So it only works once.

Date: 14/08/2013
Test subject: 1ml of water

Procedure: Contact is made with SCP-020-FR using a pipette.

Results: The liquid instantly takes a red/orange colour, and emits a sharp smell. Analyses have shown that it was actually bromine.

Notes: Let's ventilate the room before continuing.

Date: 15/08/2013
Test subject: A 5x5x5cm wooden cube.

Procedure: Contact is made with SCP-020-FR using tongues.

Result: The item disintegrates in a bright white flash. Intense radiation is recorded across the room.

Notes: I'm not certain of what i'm going to say, but it is possible that the object was transmuted into an element that can only be created inside a particle accelerator. That would explain the radiation and disintegration anyway. We will have to increase safety norms before further testing…

Notes: Following tests were performed by Class-D personnel in a radiation-insulated room. Dr. ████████ controlled the results behind a lead-enriched glass pane.

Date: 14/08/2013
Test subject: A 5x5x5cm plastic cube.

Procedure: D-1524 puts the objet in contact with SCP-020-FR using tongues.

Results: Within ten (10) seconds, the cube becomes translucent blue and emits a small amount of light. Analyses failed to determin what element the cube was made of.

Notes: Now, we know that this SCP item can transmute objects into unknown elements.

Date: 15/08/2013
Test subject: A fourty-five (45) gram white laboratory mouse.

Procedure: Subject is placed on top of SCP-020-FR by D-1524.

Results: Within fifteen (15) seconds, subject takes a shiny gray coloration. Analyses have revealed that the subject was titanium.

Notes: Agent Verstrat Jr. made a request to keep the mouse.
Ima see if you can keep it, but seriously, naming it "titanium", can't you find a more original idea ?

Date: 17/08/2013
Test subject: D-████ (24 years-old caucasian male, 1.60m, 45kg)

Procedure: Subject takes his gloves off and touches SCP-020-FR.

Results: D-████ takes a dull gray coloration. After seeing what happened to him, he started screaming and [REDACTED].

Notes: D-████ was shot by security service agents. The action required armor-piercing ammunition. Autopsy revealed that D-████ had been entirely transmuted into lead. Regular bullets did not have a big enough penetration force to pierce his skin or cause sufficient damage. D-████'s blood was composed of liquid lead. D-████'s mass was estimated to be two hundred (200) kg. How he managed to locomote and attempt to harm the research team is unknown.

Use of SCP-020-FR on Class-D personnel now requires approval from the project's head and at least one O5.

Date: 22/10/2013
Test subject: Blu ray disc "The Lord of the Rings"

Procedure: Contact is made with SCP-020-FR using tongues.

Results: Within two seconds, the disc takes a coloration similar to that of copper. Analyses have shown that it was indeed copper.

Notes: I tried, and it still works ! - Dr. Benji

Date: 05/12/2013
Test subject: A 5x5x5cm PVC cube.

Procedure: Contact is made with SCP-020-FR using tongues.

Results: Within a few seconds after contact was made with SCP-020-FR, the cube takes a metallic coloration. Analyses revealed that the cube is composed of unseptpentium (175th element).

Notes: We exceeded the theoretical maximum number of protons per nucleus, I thought it was impossible ! - Dr. Quantius

Date: 02/04/2014
Test subject: 1L of Orange Fanta

Procedure: SCP-020-FR was submerged in a vat containing 1L of Orange Fanta using tongues.

Results: Fanta was transmuted into a metallic black liquid. The room's Geiger counter imediately reacted and the laboratory was evacuated.

Notes: Dr. Benji is not allowed to perform experiments on SCP-020-FR anymore, and Dr. Drannoc is not allowed to submit experiment ideas to his coworkers.

Date: 25/08/2014
Test subject: A mace

Procedure: Dr. Grym put the mace in contact with SCP-020-FR.

Results: The mace is now composed entirely of an almost indestructible low-density metal (density inferior to 0.5).

Notes: Damnit guys, we agreed not to let him wander around the object with this thing. And please make him understand that this is NOT adamantium. You should see who i'm talking about - Agent Neremsa

Date: 17/10/2014
Test subject: Sunglasses, with no lenses.

Procedure: Dr. Kaze put the glasses in contact with SCP-020-FR, having preventively taken the lenses out.

Results: Within a few seconds, the glasses become sparkly. Analyses have shown that it was actually diamond. The lenses could then be put back in place.

Notes: Yeah, I look so much cooler now ! - Dr. Kaze

Date: 15/11/2014
Test subject: Dr. Ezcyo's personnal cell phone.

Procedure: Dr. Ezcyo, wearing gloves, put his mobile phone in contact with SCP-020-FR.

Results: After several characteristic phenomenom could be witnessed, the phone takes a uniform gray coloration. It appears to have been transmuted into solid helium, and remains stable and functionnal despite surrounding energetic conditions (it should be noted that the screen lost its capacity to display colours which contain green due to helium's emission lines only covering red and blue). Further studying of the device's circuits has been planned.

Notes: And I was hoping to get better reception via transmutation, now I'm screwed. Well, it's still completely useless on the site. - Dr. Ezcyo

Date: 14/12/14
Test subject: A 5x5x5cm zinc cube.

Procedure: Contact is made with SCP-020-FR using tongues.

Results: After six (6) seconds, the object has black sheen and emits smoke while exsuding a black gel. Analyses found that the cube is composed of an unknown material. The gel only solidifies below –252,87 °C (hydrogen's melting point) and sticks to surfaces.

Notes: My new shoes almost took it ! - Dr. Alexandra

Date: 30/12/2014
Test subject: A chewing-gum.

Procedure: Contact is made with SCP-020-FR using latex gloves.

Results: The object took a golden coloration. Analyses have shown that it was now composed of gold.

Note: Hey, it doesn't taste bad ! My dream of selling pimped chewing-gums finally came true. ( Dr. Hylius

Note: Permission denied.

Date: 26/11/2016
Test subject: A 5x5x5 aluminium cube.

Procedure: Dr. Sempras put the object in contact with SCP-020-FR.

Results: The object took a metallic gray coloration and began to melt slightly. Analyses have shown it was composed of gallium.

Notes: Now I have a new stress-reliever. - Dr. Sempras

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