Raptor Tec. Industries
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Raptor Tec. Industries Logo as of 2001

When Raptor Tec. Industries was first noticed by the German branch of the Foundation, on November 14th, 1989, they were known by the name ████ ██████. They were hired by the Department of Defence as a secret Research and Development company and tasked with creating new weapons and defence systems controlled by artificial intelligence.

On 25th May 1995, the ████ ██████ organisation became aware of the great potential of their research, and so declined a contract extension with the Ministry of Defense in order to operate independantly under the name Raptor Tec. Industries. At that time, they only possessed a single known facility in Germany, located in Bavaria on the border with Austria. From then on, Raptor Tec. Industries specialised in weapons and vehicle technology, with a particular focus on drones and artificial intelligence. It is unclear whether Raptor Tec. Industries is in possession of anomalous technology, or whether anomalies are used to develop their technologies.

Raptor Tec. was able to finance itself by trading exotic technology on the global black market. The Foundation in Germany showed great interest, and on 5th June 2001 entered into a trade deal tasking Raptor Tec. with the development of technology to contain or destroy SCPs. Raptor Tec. supplied equipment and weapons , including combat drones, that overshadowed even the most modern technology on the market.

After the Foundation discovered the anomalous effects of the weapons and equipment they were supplied with, it was suspected that Raptor Tec. utilised anomalies or anomalous technology to develop their products. It was quickly decided to bring Raptor Tec. Industries forcibly under the control of the Foundation, which resulted in the self-destruction of the only known Raptor Tec. facility. The Foundation assumed that the organization would be destroyed, taking all of its technology with it.

On March 22nd, 2008, Raptor Tec products unexpectedly appeared, and several Foundation facilities were attacked at the same time. The technology used could be identified as a product of Raptor Tec. Industries. From then on it was clear that Raptor Tec. Industries intended to cause significant damage to the Foundation and continues to attack the Foundation's facilities to this day.

The Foundation suspects that Raptor Tec. Industries has a huge impact on the global black market. Products and SCPs with the organization's logo are appearing more and more frequently.

Objects currently contained by the Foundation and associated with this group include SCP-017-DE, SCP-030-DE, SCP-056-DE, SCP-075-DE, SCP-098-DE, SCP-102-DE, SCP-116-DE, SCP-120-DE and SCP-047-DE.

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