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Item#: CN-001
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Distribution of SCP-CN-001-A within Laniakea Supercluster (Yellow regions in the picture).

Special Containment Procedures: It is unnecessary and unable to contain the item. Such phenomenon will not cause any obvious threats to humanity in the forseeable future, but when the scale of time is enlarged to an order of magnitude of million years, it may cause a mass extinction of carbon-based living organisms. It is expected that machanilization or digitalization of body is incapable of relieving the negative impacts brought about by SCP-CN-001.

Observations regarding SCP-CN-001's state of anomality are executed via the following described method: with a cycle of 3 days, measure the speed of light in standard 0.020 mol/L potassium hydrogen phthalate solution under 298.15K and 101.325kPa, then substitute the measured value into the Freking's Law to calculate the solution's permittivity. If a deviation from the Freking's Law is found for 10 consecutive measurements, it should be directly reported to the Overseer Council immediately.

According to orders of the Overseer Council, all observation works regarding SCP-CN-001 are now carried out by SCP CAPRICA. On 12/8/20█, SCP-CN-001 is officially migrated from File SCP-███ to under management of the Chinese Branch of the Foundation.

Description: SCP-CN-001 is a kind of phenomenon with a scope of influence distributed across multiple clusters within the Laniakea Supercluster1. It is currently know that the effects of SCP-CN-001 will not cause any change in basic laws of physics in the affected region, but will significantly affect the strength of interaction between atoms, hence changing the behaviour in chemical reactions, especially possibly significantly decreasing the activation energy2 of different reactions involving electric charge, making systems that are thermodynamically unstable but dynamically stable reach thermal equilibrium rapidly. Due to the important role of non-equilibrium processes in the sustaining of life, overly progressed SCP-CN-001 may cause the CC-Class Collapse of Chemistry Scenario, leading to that the chemistry relying on carbon element does not provide the conditions suitable for creating life.

Although the potential destructive effects of SCP-CN-001 had never been actually observed, current studies have shown that it might have caused several cases of CC-Class Scenario in the past, and have shaped the current universe ecology. Generally SCP-CN-001 is considered to have limited destructive power on life systems based on carbon element, but when the scale of time is enlarged to an order of magnitude of million years, the effect may become unneglectable.

SCP-CN-001's effects within its scope of influence are transmitted by a specific carrier SCP-CN-001-A. SCP-CN-001-A behaves similar to an ideal gas physically, and is inferred to be a kind of boson with mass. SCP-CN-001-A itself is electrically uncharged, but has a certain degree of electric susceptibility, and has shown characteristics of an induced dipole when interacting with electric charges, behaving similarly to a dielectric material. SCP-CN-001-A can penetrate through all known solids, liquids and gases spacially. Its effects are determined to be of atomic scale, and for interactions of subatomic scale, SCP-CN-001-A will not cause any obvious impacts.

SCP-CN-001's anomalous properties mainly manifest as that SCP-CN-001-A's electric susceptibility will increase in time. As SCP-CN-001-A can penetrate through all known matters, its change in electric susceptibility will affect the polarity of nearby matter, macroscopically causing polar materials to increase in permittivity. It is proved that the rate of change in electric susceptibility follows the equation of ████████, currently calculated theoretical electric susceptibility is ████.

Addendum I. Discovery of SCP-CN-001-A

On year 19██, Foudation researcher Dr. Ar██ Freking discovered a change in measured speed of light in air due to reality alternation while observing past records of measurements of speed of light. Though very insignificant, the measured speed of light in air is found to have decreased in the recent 100 years. This effect have shown to be more observable in water, in which the speed of light has decreased by █████% in the recent 100 years. Observations on other constants of physics, including measurements to rate of nuclear reactions have shown that light of speed in vacuum had never changed. Analysis based on observation results and Hubble's Law has shown that an unknown medium is distributed across some regions of the Laniakea Supercluster. Such medium itself has a certain degree of electric susceptibility, when interacting with polar molecules it causes the increase of permittivity.

Analysis on measured values have shown that under effects of SCP-CN-001-A, the relation of speed of light in different media with time generally satisfy the equation c=c0×(kF+t)-1/2, and hence derived that SCP-CN-001-A will cause the relative permittivity of matter to change linearly with time. Dr. Freking deems such phenomenon enough to make SCP-CN-001-A a kind of anomaly. He reported such phenomenon to the Physics and Mathematics Research Institution of the Foundation (SCP-PMRI), whom have filed SCP-CN-001-A as SCP-███. The Overseer Council have redefined SCP-███ based on its phenomenon on ██/█/19██, making SCP-CN-001-A a child item of the phenomenon instead of the main item.

Addendum II. Extract of report concerning SCP-CN-001, submitted to Overseer Council by PMRI (██/██/20██)


Under the influence of SCP-CN-001, activation energy of some reactions will be decreased significantly, making these reactions able to proceed rapidly under lower tempertures.

…Through calculations, we have proved that the cumulated effects of SCP-███ have caused a siginificant change in the universe's chemical patterns in past dozens of million years, especially those chemical reactions driven by static electricity and has participation from heavy elements.

The main effect of SCP-███ is the increase of solvent permittivity, which is deadly to most important organic reactions. Take the example of stability of all-silicon resembelance of organic molecules in water, though at any time silicon dioxide is thermodynamically more stable than the solution of such complex molecules, at 80 million years ago, formation of silicon dioxide between such molecules and water requires much activation energy; they can exist stably in solution even under room temperature.

Calculations showed that the chemistry of silicon 80 million years ago may very possibly have the stability and diversity comparable to the chemistry of carbon nowadays. In fact, we can even design a whole series of stable silicon-based biomolecules. We can have silicon homologues of amino acids, sugars and nucleotides. They are fully capable of grouping together and forming silicon-based lifeforms, extremely similar to carbon-based lifeforms we now have.

Just as we all know, as one of the most abundant matter in th universe, water will be the most suitable thing to be a solvent for life. If we keep pushing back in time, we may possibly get more varieties of life forms. Phosphorus, sulphur, even metals. Their tolerance of water will increase, which will significantly increase their chances of evolving life.

Based on such findings, I think we have reached a conclusion about the potential hazards of SCP-███. Throughout the 80 million years, under the effects of SCP-███, the permittivity of water has already significantly increased. The existence of SCP-███ will decrease certain compounds' tolerance of water, which will cause potential organic molecules to be rapidly broken down by water and reach a dead state of thermodynamic equilibrium. I admit even without SCP-███, we will finally reach the heat death, but its eexistence will speed up such process rapidly.

Due to its special properties, we currently have a pessimistic view on that we do not have any means to defend against the effects of SCP-███, just as how we cannot resist the second law of thermodynamics.

Addendum III. Exploration memo of Foundation in ████ Region, 19██

On year 19██, giant groups of rock pillars composed mainly of phophate and limestone minerals are discovered in ████ regions while quarrying. Such rock pillars may be one of the most ancient landscape to have existed in North America, approximated to have existed over 35 million years, but internally consisting of excavation marks unexplainable by natural phenomenons.

Site-██ have acquired the ownership of the land on █/█/198█, and have quickly cordoned off surrounding regions. Exhumation operation had completed on █/█/199█.


Groups of rock pillars in ████ Region after completion of exhumation.

On year 199█, under the supervision of Site-██ Researcher Dr. Wynn, two members of MTF-█-██ (referred to as Alpha and Beta below) have carried out multiple explorations to the area. The first three explorations concluded with not much meaningful discoveries, but at the fourth exploration they have brought back some samples from within the largest rock pillar structure of the area. Excerpt of related exploration log is shown below.

The operation has brought back 2.█mL sample of an unidentified liquid and a cuboid sample piece of diamond containing regular etched patterns with stored information. It is currently unknown of the method of etching such patterns. Composition of the liquid was later identified to have been polysiloxane compounds dissolved with low amounts of silicon-oxygen clusters.

Addendum IV. Extract of PMRI's report on latest progress concerning clay hypothesis4 (█/█/2014)

Clay could be of an important role within the origin of carbon-based organisms on Earth. There are already views that clay minerals will store energy from mechanical force and cosmic rays, and may drive the formation of primordial organic molecules with such energy.5. In fact, there are multiple publications of experiments concerning such hypothesis recently. There are already many proofs that justify the possibility of such view, that porous structure of clay may adsorpt carbon-containing molecules that can create life, such as amino acids, allowing them to react in the clay hydrogel, forming important organic macromolecules6.

And the recent results from our internal research has stated that the formation of carbon-based lifeforms are very likely to be based within vesicles of clay minerals containing transition metal elements. In a silicon-rich environment, the forming of such vesicles are not something very hard; they raise carbon lifeforms just like the beakers raising homumculus7.

But let us switch a point of view. Just as how fungi feed on the nutritions of dead wood, would carbon lifeforms be founded on the corpses of silicon lifeforms?

Recently the team researching on SCP-███ has reported on some notable findings. They analysed the sample ores from ████ regions collected since 19██, and unexpectedly discovered some polysiloxane liquids within the ores, which contains high content of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphorus and silicon-oxygen clusters with unusually complex structures. From the viewpoint of an inorganic synthesis chemist, such compounds can be thought of as some precursors to the synthesis of silicate minerals. We have never discovered such compounds in nature previously, as according to current experimental results, such compunds should have been unstable under the conditions for hydrothermal mineralisation. But if we take into account SCP-███'s effects, then we will naturally come to the conclution: such molecules belonged to the corpses of a lifeform based on siloxy skeleton. The silicates in the region have existed since about 35 million years ago. The formation of silicates generally indicates the collapse of the complex systems based on silicon-oxygen clusters; in other words, the domination of silicon-based lifeforms on Earth, if ever existed, have ended about 35 million years ago. Coincidentally, this is the time period hypothesised by modern biology to be when carbon-based lifeforms have originated on Earth.

Through hypothesis on process of origin of life with the introduction of Freking's Law, we have discovered that early at the formation of Earth, chemistry of carbon is too inert to evolve life in the true sense. But at about the point in time of 30 million years ago, SCP-███ have made the chemistry of carbon close to the edge of being able to evolve life. Though with the condition then, to reach such results would require the assistance from some catalysts, which the aforementioned clay can take on such role.

Addendum V. Interpretation work on information within diamond crystal discovered in exploration

On █/██/20██, the deciphering work on information stored within diamond crystal are generally finished. It is proved that stored content is a quintuply mathematically encrypted radio wave signal, with a frequency of ██-██GHz. Excluding environment noise, a complicated perodic signal can be identified which is speculated to be an analytic language; only the meaning of a portion of vocabulary are identified. The wave record lasts for 17 minutes and 24 seconds.


Verified your clearance is Clearance CN-5Δ/001.

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