Reading Recommendations from the French branch

There are thousands and thousands of pages on this site, whether translated or original. And when one wishes to start reading them, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by such a tremendous amount of content. SCP articles, their supplementary or collaborative pages, their experiment logs, the associated and independent tales, the tales linked to canons, GoI formats, the stories of the Wanderers' Library, the joke articles, the explained articles… There is so much to read that sometimes, we do not know which way to turn!

In order to fish out the readers which would be drowned in so many texts and guide the newcomers on these unpredictable tides, here is a short list. It includes a bit of everything, so that it shows a brief tour d'horizon of what the French branch of the Foundation can offer to its readers. A glimpse of the originality that the many contributors to the site have been able to develop along the years, in order to constantly reinvent themselves and explore new writing and storytelling techniques.

The list is divided in several sections. First, the formatted texts include all texts written according to a particular format. These include the SCP articles and GoI formats. Second, the narrative texts have a wide variety of very diverse forms. Tales make up the most of this section. You will also find a small section showcasing the French texts of the Wanderers' Library and a discovery section dedicated to canons.

Intradiegetic texts

Describes with simplicity original and non-dangerous entities.

A simple SCP, perfect to discover the horrific potential of the Foundation.

The quality can sometimes lie in the simplicity of the atmosphere conveyed throughout..

The anomalous can be found everywhere, creating texts that break the fourth wall.

Excellent introduction to a Group of Interest.

How a simple image can create a whole atmosphere.

SCP's can also be fun!

  • SCP-204-FR - Passports of the Principality of Mittelheim

Builds its own little universe within that of the Foundation, while remaining coherent with the anomaly.

The SCP develops its narrative while conveying an increasingly oppressive atmosphere.

Sometimes all it takes to make a fascinating anomaly is a few details.

Organic horror, perfectly coherent thanks to its link to a Group of Interest.

Though simple, this article shines through its collaborative page, where imaginations can run wild.

An original and coherent anomaly, delivered by another Group of Interest.

Talking about your passions makes it easier to develop an SCP.

Even trivial news can be a source of inspiration.

An SCP that explores various historical events and clearly belongs to the EX category.

Simple and fun, everything builds up to the ending!

Harder to understand, but a hilarious opening to many elements of the SCP and SPC universe.

The text builds up its mystery bit by bit, before giving us a sad conclusion.

A good introduction to the contests and the creation of original formats.

A very classical format, but one that shed light on the moral issues of these Groups of Interest.

A text that perfectly conveys the sophisticated atmosphere of the canon in which it is set.

Narrative writings

A simple tale, almost like a creepypasta, but that works.

A brilliant use of horror without resorting to gore.

Tales can also be fun, everything lies with the characters!

A tale that's a bit far from the Foundation universe, but exceptionally poetic.

Gives a good insight into the condition of anomalous staff members.

Sometimes, taking everything ironically provides an original angle of approach!

An "introduction talk" type of tale, particularly interesting for discussing specific aspects of the Foundation in detail.

A text that says so little, yet manages to convey all the horror resulting from a Group of Interest.

Sometimes words alone are enough to captivate the reader..

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