Student Profile - S11013387
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School Administration
Medium Security Encrypted File
Student Profile
Part One: Educational Particulars
Student Name Shek Kwai-chun Student ID S11013387 Year of Admission 2005
Assigned Dormitory East/South/West/North Grade Year 2 N/A
Required Subjects Electronics
Elective Subjects Games Society, Music Society, Literature
Part Two: Personal Particulars
Sex Male/Female Height 173 cm Weight 65 kg
Species/Race Human, Han Chinese Date of Birth 1993/06/04
Phase of Origin Left/Right/Hong Shing Registered Residence China, Hong Kong
Hong Shing Resident ID L3568796421(3) Hong Kong Identity Card No. Y9563242(1)
Address N/A
Part Three: Paratechnological Abilities
Biological Modifications Yes/No Anomalous Ability Yes/Latent/No Thaumaturgical Grade None
Details of Modifications • Blavatsky-type brainwave amplification
• Implanted resonance stabilizer
• Tattoo consisting of text
Details of Abilities • Basic repair-type reality warping, capable of transforming "incomplete" concepts into "complete" ones in his own way
• Can create his own tools to aid repair work
• The student may become uncontrollable and unstable without intention, placing a heavy load on his body
• Repaired objects will quickly deteriorate; however, no instances of complete loss of function have been reported
Thaumaturgical Capabilities N/A
Last updated: 20130415

School Administration
Medium Security Encrypted File
Student Profile
Part Four: Yearly Records
+ 2005
+ 2006
+ 2007
+ 2008
+ 2009
+ 2010
+ 2011
+ 2012
- 2013
0312: At his routine monthly health checkup, Shek Kwai-chun's reality warping abilities were discovered to have become apparent; they appear to be repair-oriented in purpose. Data has been updated. — Liu, Nursing Society
• In addition, his control over his abilities seems to be unstable. His brain and neck seem to have undergone some alteration. I suggest asking him about how he discovered his abilities. — Liu
0313: An interview was arranged between Shek Kwai-chun and the mentoring group (see addendum 1). It was confirmed that his abilities were awakened due to external human intervention. I'll ask the internal affairs team to help out with [Encrypted. For Training Team and Internal Affairs Team eyes only.], and while they're at it sort out the mess he's made while in that state. — Lee, Training Team
0317: Based on the tattoo Shek Kwai-chun has discovered on his body, we believe he has been affected by anomalous techniques used by the online youth paratechnological group "Gamers Against Weed". I've asked the karmic sciences graduates from the external affairs team to track down the relations between Kwai-chun and Gamers Against Weed. — Lee, Training Team
0318: We received a document from Gamers Against Weed (see addendum 4), confirming that Kwai-chun's state is something to do with Gamers Against Weed's "fake Little Misters" project. By the first stipulation of our school's External Affairs Guidelines, we have put in a request to the external affairs team to take action against the Gamers Against Weed members responsible. — Lee, Training Team
0320: We have traced Shek Kwai-chun's condition to two members of Gamers Against Weed, and have applied "appropriate retribution" to them: branding "scum that attacks innocent students, Gamers Against Weed" on their faces. — B.L., External Affairs Team
0331: According to information compiled by the internal affairs team, [Encrypted. For Internal Affairs Team and Training Team eyes only.], our school's study of reality-warping abilities was not enough to deal with his loss of control. In the worst case, we'll need to force his abilities back to being latent using the "Weiken Repression Ritual", but there is a high chance that his reality-warping abilities will simply disappear. We'll consult with Kwai-chun himself for his opinion. — Lee, Training Team
0401: I have seen Shek Kwai-chun's profile. The training team's response was excellent. His talents have plenty of potential. I do not wish for them to disappear like this. I will talk to the Hang Tan side about this. The best seedlings need the best environments to grow. — Principal, Supervisory Board
0405: As arranged by the principal, Shek Kwai-chun has been fast-tracked into the 2013-14 exchange group, and will be joining the students at Hang Tan Secondary for a short-term exchange learning program. We hope they can help him control his abilities. — Lee, Training Team
0415: Shek Kwai-chun has been temporarily transferred to Hong Shing Hang Tan College for the third semester of this year. His file has been updated. — Wong
Last updated: 20130415

Student Guidance Team
Medium Security Encrypted File
Interview Log
Log No. 20130313-50
Student Name Shek Kwai-chun
Student ID S11013387
Interviewer Koo, Guest Psychology Lecturer, Mid-Level Guidance Team Member
Interviewee Shek Kwai-chun, Second-Year Electronics Student, referred to as "Shek" below
As discovered during yesterday's (0312) routine health checkup, Shek Kwai-chun's latent reality-warping abilities have been awakened. However, it was also discovered during an internal scan that his brain and neck have traces of an invasive surgical operation. To better understand and confirm the process by which Kwai-chun awakened his abilities, and additionally to assess his mental state, the training team reached out to us and requested an interview with the student.
Last updated: 20130313
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