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Notice: The following document is a digital record from GoI-███ ("St. Christina College") involving the Person of Interest PoI-1144 (described in the document), who is currently being tracked by the Foundation. Personnel reading this document are to keep in mind that this document may not be fully trustworthy, and may contain dramatization, falsehoods or errors.

— RAISA Chinese Branch Director, Zhou Qiming

School Administration
Medium Security Encrypted File
Student Profile
Part One: Educational Particulars
Student Name Yat-fung1 Chai Student ID S11443617 Year of Admission 2010
Assigned Dormitory East/South/West/North Grade Year 3
Required Subjects Sociology
Elective Subjects Environmental Studies Society, Religious Studies Society, Memetics
Part Two: Personal Particulars
Sex Male/Female Height 163 cm Weight 45 kg
Species/Race Human, Japanese Date of Birth 2003/01/03
Phase of Origin Left/Right/Hong Shing2 Registered Residence China, Hong Kong
Hong Shing Resident ID L358927408(2) Hong Kong Identity Card No. Y972942(1)
Address N/A
Part Three: Paratechnological Abilities
Biological Modifications Yes/No Anomalous Ability Yes/Latent/No Thaumaturgical Grade None Latent
Details of Modifications • Artificial left hand from the wrist down
Details of Abilities • Basic telekinetic ability; capable of affecting objects she has touched for a certain amount of time from a faraway distance.
• Antimemetic ability. Capable of arbitrarily applying antimemetic properties to herself and any object she carries (except for her artificial hand).
Thaumaturgical Capabilities Unknown
Last updated: 20180823

School Administration
Medium Security Encrypted File
Student Profile
Part Four: Yearly Records
+ 2010
+ 2011
+ 2012
+ 2013
+ 2014
+ 2015
+ 2016
+ 2017
- 2018
0317: In a sociology presentation contest, Yat-fung Chai's "Reform Towards a Sustainable Society ~ What we in anomalous society can do ~" was voted as the top entry. Her results are remarkable. — Rie, Management, Grading Team
0328: Yat-fung Chai has expressed interest in particiapting in our joint summer Social Research Training Program with Deer College3 As part of the academic affairs team, I'd like to endorse her. — Tes, Academic Affairs Team
 • In view of her strong interest in sociology and environmental preservation, I believe this would be a good opportunity for us to provide a better learning experience for one of our best students. — Tes
0329: As her grades are excellent and she has fulfilled her allotted number of modules, the management has agreed to confirm her participation in this program. — Rie, Management, Grading Team
[Some logs omitted.]
0712: Currently, Yat-fung Chai has been temporarily transferred to Deer College as an exchange student for training. The transfer is planned to last 6 weeks during summer break. Student particulars have been updated. — Wong
0823: Yat-fung Chai has safely returned from her exchange program. Her student particulars have been updated. — Wong
0903: A report that Yat-fung Chai has met with the Church of Chaos Gods4 has reached us. I should note that it is forbidden for our students to collaborate with this group.5。— Lee, Training Team
 • Following an interview with Yat-fung Chai herself, it has been determined that this was not an intentional exchange; this incident has been logged as a light violation of the school rules and she has been reprimanded (Addendum 1). — Lee
0905: An investigation into Yat-fung Chai's actions during her period of exchange has been requested of the External Affairs Team. As with the recent incident, we have heard that there has been much trouble between Yat-fung Chai and other students. Strange. Something must have happened during her exchange. — Tes, Academic Affairs Team
0907: As a result of investigations, it has been determined that there is a possibility that she had come into contact with a member of the Green Sparrow Foundation (GSF) when she went to Disney World in Florida6 as part of her orientation (Addendum 2). The Student Support Team is currently conducting interviews on request of the Training Team (Addendum 3). — B.L., External Affairs Team
0908: I have seen the interview records. In view of the risk that she has been brainwashed in some way by the GSF, Yat-fung Chai has been prohibited from leaving the campus grounds, and is to be monitored for an indefinite period. It really is a shame that it had come to this. — Principal, Supervisory Board
0915: Yat-fung Chai has gone missing. The External and Internal Affairs Teams are currently working together to investigate the possibility that she had escaped the school grounds with an unknown person's help. — B.L., External Affairs Team
Last updated: 20180915

Training Team
Low Security Encrypted File
Discipline Log
Log No. 20180903-15
Student Name Yat-fung Chai
Student ID S11443617
Violation Disciplinary violation — contact with banned organization "Church of Chaos Gods"
Discipline Recording of medium-severity violation of school rules Recording of light violation of school rules
 • 0903: The student has testified that this was not intentional; as such, it a has been recorded as a light violation. — Lee
• Cautionary measures
Notes 0903: This incident was reported by students who had participated in the environmental conservation movement along with the student in question.
0903: When questioned, the student claimed that she recognized the group as a Macrochaosist religion due to their similar teachings and had only approached them to solicit donations for her environmental protection project.
Last updated: 20180903


Notice: The following is a document retrieved from a Green Sparrow Foundation base through the activity of the SUSEOCT(Southern United States Extranormal Organization Cooperation Treaty), which has been confirmed to be related to PoI-1144.

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