SCP-ES-112 Extended Test Log
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Attention all researchers:
Please sign off of your name in all experiment logs.

Researchers will be held responsible for any results of their experiments. Any damage, loss of life, or personal injury will be the responsibility of the current assigned researcher and will be subject to possible disciplinary action.

Testing Log Format:
Please use the following format for all experiment logs.


Researcher: Researcher Elliot
Value/Object: $5.00
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired 20 spitballs.

Researcher: Researcher Elliot
Value/Object: Researcher Elliot's favorite stuffed animal.
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired a single 1 km long thread of cotton at approximately 170 km per hour.

Researcher: Doctor King
Value/Object: $75.00
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired 75 apples.

Personal: Doctor King
Value/Object: One apple.
Result: One Site-34 food voucher, redeemable for a single apple.
Note: I hate this thing. - Dr. King

Personal: Doctor Everwood
Value/Object: 25 Wonderbucks (Wonder World currency)
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired 10 padded purple and gold rubber darts branded 'Dr. Wondertainment.'

Personal: Researcher Alkenoc
Value/Object: One 20 bolívar bill.
Result: Nothing.

Personal: Dr. Calibax
Value/Object: Standard 9x19 mm caliber bullet.
Result: The bullet slides at a rate of 5 cm per minute inside the barrel (metallic screeching is audible for the duration). Upon exiting the muzzle, eyewitnesses report hearing a non-metallic wet sound (approximated to a fart).

Personal: Dr. Calibax
Value/Object: Fragment of Carrara marble obtained for the restoration of the █████ of ██████ █████. Estimated to be worth 2090€ within certain circles.
Result: A phalic projectile (fully erect) made of Carrara marble measuring 15 cm in length. Fired at Mach 3 speeds.
Note: Seriously? - Dr. Calibax

Personal: Dr. Calibax (with O5-7 permission)
Value/Object: One coin produced by SCP-ES-150.
Result: One live serpent of a previously unknown spcies was launched with its mouth open. The serpent's jaw was critically fractured upon impacting against the ballistic gel. The serpent's venom was found to be highly corrosive upon examination.

Personal: Dr. Calibax
Value/Object: 9x19 caliber bullet made of solid gold, with the names of all subjects which worked on crafting it engraved along it's length. The bullet was designed for both aesthetic value and functionality by a private company known for taking great pride in their works.
Result: An explosive projectile similar to anti-tank ammunition.

Personal: Dr. Calibax
Value/Object: A personal poem written by Dr. Calibax.
Result: .19 megaton detonation.
Note: I'd rather not get into the poem's contents. They were personal. What matters is it works. - Dr. Calibax

Personal: Researcher Alkenoc
Value/Object: Dr. █████'s pet redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti).
Result: A 16 cm tall egg, which after 18 months, hatched into a mature spider measuring 1.5 m in width (legs included), the physical characteristics of which coincided with the Giant Congo Spider, a famous cryptid.

Personal: Researcher Mocholí
Value/Object: 1,000,000 pesetas ($6446.30) consisting of bills and coins of Mocholí's own collection.
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired 50 incendiary rounds of .50 caliber bullets. Each bullet was recorded to exert 10 MJ of energy.

Personnel: Researcher Ebear
Value/Object: One cookie produced by SCP-1459.
Result: A dog was fired directly at the wall of the testing chamber, breaking its skull and killing it instantly. Following this, an open trapdoor manifested under the dog and it fell until out of view. The trapdoor demanifested shortly after.

Personnel: Researcher Ruiz
Value/Object: An iPhone's microSD card with the game Genshin Impact installed on it.
Result: A lot of euro bills were fired, many of them being 100 euro bills.
Note: Researcher was sent in for psychological evaluation after his gacha addiction was discovered.

Personnel: Researcher Emma
Value/Object: One (1) SCP-500 pill, authorized for testing.
Result: Researcher Emma pointed SCP-ES-112 at a group of contained individuals infected with late stage SCP-008 infection, and proceeded to fire. SCP-ES-112 fired a beam of unknown radiation lasting approximately 12 seconds, resulting in the individuals infected with SCP-008 expiring.
Note: This thing could be useful if we also used 038. - Site Director ███████

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