Photographic Record Ǐᵮ-0003-420
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The following file consists of six photographs found in SCP-ES-091-3 (a building belonging to the complex originally called Villa Australis, where it served as a hospital and laboratory). They were found stored between the pages of a book on gynecology published in 1972, estimated to be between 35 and 45 years old. Some of these images have handwritten annotations on the back, of unknown author, although the analyzes have shown that it is the same as the file Ǐᵮ-0003-377. The originals are stored in warehouse B-11 of Site 34.

The context of most photographs is unknown.


Note on the back: Mens sāna in corpore sānō.


Note on the back: Ah, how many memories… how much nostalgia.


near Rochester, New York.


Unidentified individual.


Note on the back: Thanks to the wonders of modern prosthetics, Dr. Kirk can continue to be a valuable member of the F.I. and society in general, instead of becoming a disposable burden.


Note on the back: I was very interested in analyzing its brain, discovering new mysteries of teratology through the study of this chick, but Jeremías, my cat, ate it, at least I could recover the skeleton after opening Jeremías.

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