State Enemy Report 013
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Commander Breno Borges Fortes


NAME: Alexandre Vannucchi Leme

AGE: 22 years old



PLACE OF BIRTH: Sorocaba - State of São Paulo


ACTIVITY: Member of the National Liberating Action / Member of the Association for the Rights of Paranormal Entities / Leadership of the student movement at the University of São Paulo (USP) / Participant in armed actions agaisnt the Government / Participant in demonstrations agaisnt the Government.

PARANORMAL CHARACTERISTICS: Cognitive effect - Altered perception of location, history and existence. Changes include, but are not limited to: Forgetting the appearance of State Enemy, forgetting whereabouts of State Enemy, forgetting the existence of State Enemy. Such points remain even with the update of the information. The effects manifest when looking at the face of State Enemy 013 in its entirety. Effects last for about two weeks and can be reactivated if State Enemy is observed again. Any obstruction of the face of the State Enemy inhibits its paranormal characteristics. Graphic representations of State Enemy maintain the paranormal characteristics of State Enemy.

ACTIONS TAKEN: The Research Group A-05 was formed on 28/02/1973 by Major ███████ ██ ██████, Psychology Department Director, with the aim of finding a way to block the paranormal effects caused by State Enemy 013. On 05/03/1973, the Portable Cognitive Blocking Device(PCBD)1 was developed, logged as Paranormal Object ███. Tests were carried out to confirm the effectiveness of the device. On 17/03/1973 the target was eliminated after an ALN meeting in the center of the city of São Paulo by undercover agent ██████ ██████. The agent, armed with a Colt .45 pistol and the PCBD, carried out the action after the meeting on the █ ██ ██████ street, around 08:00 PM, the body was successfully covered up and a version of death sustained by a traffic accident was released to the public.

NOTES: It was determined by the Information Operations Detachment - Center for Internal Defense Operations that the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal take charge of the case of State Enemy 013 due to the subject's paranormal abilities. The main objective is the elimination, given the expense of resources with attempted capture, of State Enemy 013.

I determine the storage of the PCBD for use in operations involving Paranormal Objects with characteristics similar to those of State Enemy 013.

— Major ██████ ████████████ ████


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