Resazurin's Proposal


To Head Researcher of SCP CAPRICA,

When you see this letter, I shall first congraduate you for promoting to Head Research of SCP CAPRICA. You should now be familliar with the properties of SCP-CN-001.

I believe that after such prolonged resarches, you should have already understood that the distance between SCP-CN-001 and us are not as far as it looked. Current studies have hypothesized that water's relative permittivity must be within the range of ██±█████ to ensure the ability of carbon to evolve life; when the value is higher than the range, carbon-based organic macromolecules will be hydrolyzed rapidly, and when the value is lower than the range it cannot sustain the conditions for vital activities, such as conformations of protein. Both of which will cause an SK-Class Dominant Shift Scenario due to a change in the basis element of life forms. The effects of SCP-CN-001 is a key to existence of carbon-based life forms; but now it is also confirmed that any means that the Foundation can achieve cannot reverse the effects of SCP-CN-001, thus it is expected that SCP-CN-001 will inevitably cause a CC-Class Scenario in ██ years.

SCP-CN-001 is the Matrix that nurtured all carbon life forms. SCP-CN-001 destroyed all other life forms in Laniakea, but has given birth to us amongst the corpses of silion-based and siloxane-based life forms. But then, at the moment we are born, we have been told the time at which we will die —— we can even be exact to a specific date. We are not the first child of SCP-CN-001, and will not be the last life that it kills. One day we will be on the path on which silicon-based, siloxane-based and life forms of more elements had been our precursors, becoming the nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water in Earth's atmosphere, becoming part of this planet's "natural environment", and hand over the baton of life onto next kind of life form.

This is reason why we are classifying it as Boltzmann. SCP-CN-001 came from an accident in a universal war in the ancient times. But it is also an emissary of thermodynamics, an avenge of laws of nature towards free will. We cannot pray on cold formulas to show mercy on life. The normal propagation of SCP-CN-001 have ensured that our dominance will never be threatened by silicon-based lives, but we canot "use" it to contain any anamoly; at the same time SCP-CN-001 has sentenced us to death early, but we cannot do any meaningful struggles. Even if we learn the ways of believers of the Broken God, that we alter our bodies into machinery made of alloys and save our consciousness in the sea of electromagnetic waves —— there will be a day, when alloys become dusts of oxides, and electromagnetic waves lose its carrier.。

We take record of SCP-CN-001, not only to record anomalies, but also to record where humanity came from, and how much time is left before leaving the universe. But this certainly does not mean that we should give up trying —— the purpose of the Foundation is never only about existence and continuity of humanity, but also record as much traces that humanity had existed as possible throughout the histroy of existence of the universe.

Humanity, being towards death.

Secure. Contain. Protect.

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