Meeting Table
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Black Queen Alisa

Alyss, Queen of the Black Forest

Nigrum Regina Vestalys

Black Queen Alison


A wooden table typically used for meetings and all that stuff. Come on, it is also used for eating. It fills you spiritually. A good table is the heart of a good family.


Any species simultaneously using the concept of society and the concept of habitable housing. The latter is not a concept, it is a human right. Alisa, let's just say that as part of my job, I often see all sorts of weird things as concepts for tables and chairs, among other things. Well, I live in a very small and cozy place. I don't think mine is for a house, so I'll have to cross it out.


Great for settling arguments and bringing loved ones together. Or to fight, like my parents. I hope they didn't grabbed the first knife they saw. Knives? I saw one 14 years ago, before breathing clean air.

Instance: Timeline A-914

I have owned it since 2015. Nothing special about it. Just a brown table and that's it. Seriously, it is not anomalous. C'mon, Ali. Don't waste my time over a table. My bosses are checking on me more than Winnie. Alright. When I'm sitting at this table I see the silhouettes of the linked queens, and it's one of the few things that makes me feel something. It's not the wifi or my magic stuff at all. Lovely! That's how you talk, positively!

Instance: Timeline G-041

That's where I live! Well Alyss, I wasn't able to convince a lot of queens to talk about a table. So I think one for each will do. Go on. Okay. When I was little, I lived inside these hollow rectangles that people called houses. They were made of iron and they were gray and smelly. Until roots came from all over and freed us from the shitty Iron. My parents said I was crazy, that I spent too much time with my buddies, but they were based and my parents were boomers. Show more respect for your parents, Alyss. I don't know what 'boomer' means but it doesn't seem like a polite word. Uh, girls. I've got to go. My coffee break is over. I'll be back later. Alright, we'll wait for you once it's your turn.

After my parents died, I ran away with my college friends to the woods to enjoy life. Running around naked, smoking weed, playing with cucumbers and meat in large quantities. It seems hypocritical to like certain meat when we're vegans. I'm getting carried away a lot, girls. I ran for days, feeding on fruits until I reached my city, I think. Before I went on, I went back to my house to reminisce and stuff. That's when I came across that table. It was made of wood, but not like the ones I had seen. It was made of roots that were always moving and, as I sat down, my father and mother emerged from the roots. I was so excited to see them that I could barely hear their apologies. After my last dinner, I packed up my things and left for the Evergreen Forests. There I realized that I had been chosen by Min the Erect.

Instance: Timeline V-142

It's in my house. There isn't anything special about it. It always has plenty of food and it's the greatest, so much so that for a moment people stop killing each other. I also have a never-ending fire under my table and in my fireplace. And everyone from bearded bosses to some clueless guy who came to our neighborhood and we had to kick him out. That's not longer normal, Vestalys. Alisa, the thing that's not normal is that when we went to dinner with Black Queen Mousse, she sat sideways as if she thought she was a goddess or something. Forgive me, but I get angry with such rudeness to my person.

Well girls, I'm taking Romu and Rem to the hills. Bye. Me too. Sorry to leave you all alone. Bye!

Alright, now I just have to wa- I'm back. Oops, I'm late.

Instance: Timeline F-127

It doesn't matter, as long as there are two or more, we can continue. Okay. Here I go.

Well, I didn't want to say it but I work for the… Foundation. We have a similar kind of table for sure. I always follow the procedures by locking it in a room everyday.

It's a brown table like yours, but with a bowl in the center, filled with a transparent liquid that always refills itself, along with several empty plates. When it's drunk, the plates are filled with food. If they're steaks, they're steaks of impossible beasts, vegetables so colorful and juicy they seem to be from another time, and fruit so delicious it appears to be grown with great love. But that's nothing. Something like ghosts appear. I can't tell if I recognize them, but it feels like a real family. Not like my father, because it's his fault I have this shitty job, I HATE YOU, DAD!

Alison, take it easy. You're going to trigger some Foundation filter. I don't care, I just want to get out of here.

Well, if it's okay with you, you could take a vacation. This weekend, go to you-know-where and pretend you're looking for a book. I'll be there in 10 minutes and we'll go to my place and then we'll have a girls' night. I'm fine with that. It could last a little longer, though. Ali, Ali, don't worry. You can stay at my house as long as you want. We'll really get along. I'll get everything ready.

Instance: Timeline Z-052

Th… Thank you Alisa, I didn't know I needed that… I had to improvise, although I see that you liked it, hehe… Did you just wink at me? Noooo, no way… well yes, but that's okay. Being in- Hellooo!!! Oh, those little eyes don't fool me, my Alises! You have… Hi, girls. Glad I found you, I hope you weren't busy! No, of course not. No, we weren't, Vestalys. I've just arrived.

I found a very interesting place with tables. Who wants to join? Okay, but then each one is on its own. Same here. I'll miss María's Take, but that's okay for once.

AAAAAAAH! Where are the trees, the grass, the fresh air? I only see tables here, tables hanging from table legs and I think what I'm stepping on is… I swear the tablephobia is real! I'm getting out of here, sorry to leave you alone… Alyss made traveling enjoyable, I'll miss her. And she's right, the atmosphere smells like varnish and wood.

I say we keep going, I've detected signs of another Black Queen. Like us? Well, there are few like you, Vesta. It won't be long now. Let's hurry, we don't want the yellow table to stop shining. Oh god, is the sun also a table?

A lady like me shouldn't be afraid, but I just heard something being chewed violently… I think there are beasts here, and surely they are tables worthy of Tartarus. How much longer, girls? Here we are, our Black Queen is in that cave.

I can see her, I think. It's a black crown-shaped table 1 meter wide, 3 meters long and 75 centimeters high. There is nothing else. Do we bury her or do we take her to a healer? No. I'd take her with me, but I don't know any carpenter or furniture-biology expert Queen, and there'll most likely be police tables looking for her. Let's get out of here.

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