Orientation by Anomaly Personnel CASE: Haru Saeba
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"Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us.
Today, Dr. Haru Saeba, the daughter of Dr. Haruki Saeba, will be giving a lecture"

"I hope that this lecture will be fruitful for all of you who have completed the senior personnel test"

"At the request of Dr. Haru Saeba, this lecture is free to leave.
You are free to leave if you feel that it is a low priority for you"

"I, Amemori, will be the moderator. The scheduled time is 60 minutes.
Now, Dr. Saeba, you may start anytime"

…… Heave ho.
Hello, everyone!

………… Oh, I haven't got much of a response.
One more time, hello, everyone!

Yes, well done.
Greetings are important, and I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well.

My name is Haru Saeba. I'm a Level 1 personnel. Nice to meet you all.
Today, I'd like to talk about the theme of "how we see things, which is affected by subjectivity".

Have you ever heard of satsuma?
The details are shown in this diagram, but it is that yellow, sweet, and sour fruit.
It's the kind of thing that gets moldy easily if left unchecked.
I once received so many satsumas that I wondered how I could use them all up.

For example, I can just use it as a snack.
But then I would get bored. If I eat 6 or 7 of them a day, I won't be able to eat foods.

So what to do, I thought to myself.
As a result, I decided to juice it.

Have you ever used the juicer in the cafeteria?
That is a good juicer to get rid of excess grounds.
Thanks to this, the amount of satsuma I use in a day has increased significantly.

Once I've juiced it, I can apply it to a certain extent.
I asked them to make jelly and ice cream bars.
If I bottle it, I can share it with others.

But, there were times when people would not accept just bottled food to share.
I also mixed in a bit of the grounds that came out earlier to make an even better juice to share, so I can get by with that for a while.
But you know what? Generally, after 3 times of sharing, people say they don't want it anymore.
That's when I had an idea. I decided to put a label on it to make it look more expensive.

I have tried labels in a variety of materials. These include plastic, fabric, paper, and wooden tags.
As a result, the most "popular" was the one made of crumpled Japanese paper, as you can see here.
The wooden tag and fabric look luxurious, but too luxurious.
The reaction was that the ordinary paper and plastic didn't look very expensive and was no different from the concentrated reduced juice that is usually served in a cafeteria.

It is a very sad thing.
They are all the same on the inside, but their appearance alone is enough to deceive us.

…… Well, uh, Amemori. How long has it been now?

"Yes, about… 15 minutes"

…… Well, it's been 15 minutes and it's already empty!
But, since there are 3 people left, I may have done well.

…… Well then, Amemori. Please lock this room.
You are all forbidden to leave the room from now on until I give you permission to do so.

"Will do. Now, I would like to ask everyone to stay in their seats"

…… Please don't panic. It's not like I'm gonna grab and eat you.

Now, once again. Welcome to the orientation by anomaly personnel.
And congratulations. You are now certified as Class B personnel.
After the next month of training, to be precise.

Don't be so surprised.
You have demonstrated the qualities necessary to be senior personnel in this somewhat unusual environment.

Some of you are not aware of what qualities you have demonstrated.
It was a very trivial thing, but a very important one.

It's "not having bias".
You must have wondered why a young-looking personnel is giving a lecture of uncertain content and importance in the environment of the Foundation where advanced scientific research is conducted.
Many of the personnel decided that it was not worth listening to and left their seats, but you "did not leave your seats" even though you recognized unusualness of this environment.
That's what's important.

Our conventional theories, laws, and common sense do not always apply to the myriad of objects we deal with.
That is why we need to constantly check where we stand.
When you are faced with something that has no standard, the first and last and only indicator that remains is "yourself".

We must always find out where we stand.
What exactly is it that we need to secure, protect, and contain?
What is it that this organization called the Foundation is trying to hold back from the dark side?

In order to know this, it is important to be unbiased.
If you perceive things through the glasses of bias, you are only imposing your "values" on others.
No matter what kind of "entities" they are.

This is the first step in what you need to learn as senior personnel.

Now then, let's begin today's orientation.
From this, I hope that you will learn what ethics you need as senior personnel.
I, Haruki Saeba, will be in charge. You have been granted access authorizations,
so please refer to the personnel files for details.

And, as I will repeat often during this orientation, please do not forget.
That ethics is not a convenient term for imposing one's own values and eliminating those who stray outside of that frame as lunatics.

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