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AUDIO LOG KLFL-0097 | 28/11/2019 | 21:34 - 23:55

Begin Log


CL5-13: Yes. As you know, the anomaly is already reaching a considerable part of the region, which is extremely worrying given the location of Site PT10. The other boards have already been notified, and we will be discussing the matter with the O5 shortly. For now, we should analyze all the possibilities, considering the researchers' projections, so that we can minimize the damage using a reasonable amount of resources. I want suggestions, possibilities, everything, this is a real danger and it spreads extremely fast.

CL5-06: First of all, which sites and areas are currently at risk?

CL5-13: According to the most recent data, Site PT10 may be reached in less than two months. The director has already reported his concern, and unfortunately it is not possible to carry out an evacuation process from the site without leaving the anomalies behind, therefore the current order is for them to be isolated in the underground region of the structure. Other than that we have three others on alert, including an area.

CL5-06: And what is the plan being proposed here?

CL5-13: We have drafts and suggestions from directors and the Ethics Committee, we only need to organize everything and put the protocol into effect.

CL5-02: And why didn't we receive these drafts before?

CL5-13: The last one arrived this morning, even I didn't have time to read it.

CL5-05: Let's see what we have before making any decision. Does everyone have the reports from all the directors?


CL5-03: Do you think fifty main structures is a reasonable number?

CL5-13: It is not reasonable, but it is the minimum necessary for us to act efficiently.

CL5-03: We don't know if we will need to evacuate all the sites on land, we don't even know if the evacuation stage will be reached.

CL5-13: You've seen the research, you've seen that they have no idea how to stop it, and you've seen the speed at which it spreads. What is your plan? Sit here and hope for the best?

CL5-03: Obviously not, but if we move without resources, we will be unable to stay in the water. The expenses are huge, and any damage is the end of the world, we all know what happened to the…

CL5-13: You can stop there. Where else will we go?

CL5-03: Almost all facilities extend underground, and we know this is a safe way to protect agaisnt the anomaly in question. It is way less costly and much faster to build underground than facilities on the ocean floor. And we didn't even began to discuss how we would take the contained anomalies to these new sites.

CL5-07: Look, it really might be the simplest, but it's not the safest.

CL5-03: And how is a mass evacuation by sea safe? Don't you think we may be intercepted at any time?

CL5-13: We have tactical forces for this, and damage is predicted in any situation.

CL5-03: You are insane, it is not possible for this protocol to be carried out successfully, or close to successfully. We will be lucky if we can get all the equipment, all the personnel, and all the anomalies through to a single submarine site, let alone fifty of them.

CL5-13: Enough, it won't get us anywhere. You can keep your vote and objection logged, but the majority will decide on this situation. Now, if no one else has any other points to emphasize, who is in favor of the immediate implementation and activation of the guidelines here logged of Protocol NV-3?


End Log

AUDIO LOG KLFL-0102 | 03/12/2019 | 23:02 - 23:39

Begin Log


CL5-03: Three?

CL5-11: Right now, yes. Other than that, PT10 has already started its preventive isolation, so we had to enter level four.

CL5-03: So we have to hope that the O5 accept the terms so that we can start the operation?

CL5-11: In theory, yes, but if they take a little longer, we'll have to start taking action on our own.

CL5-03: And how is the other situation?

CL5-11: Not good, at least one-fifth of each site is unable or too unstable to be transported, while area two has to not only find a way to get the [REDACTED] to the water, it also has to find a way to get the Big Six out of there.

CL5-03: And what are the expenditure and progress projections?

CL5-11: Bad. Hopefully we will have ten facilities and two fleets by the middle of next year.

CL5-03: Didn't we create any plan B?

CL5-11: That is what we plan to discuss with the O5.

CL5-03: Shit. And the research?

CL5-11: Progress is slow, but considerable. I called you here for that. This report indicates that regions 7 and 14 are experiencing a slowdown of approximately 20% from the previous week.

CL5-03: This means that…

CL5-11: Yes. It's possible, and it seems to be something natural from the anomaly.

CL5-03: But are we sure that it won't come back?

CL5-11: No, but it is enough to stop the project. We just need to speed up the bureaucratic part of filing.

CL5-03: Great. We are going to present the terrestrial protocol in the O5 meeting and the later one, present the files to one and four.

CL5-11: Perfect.


End Log

AUDIO LOG KLFL-0108 | 17/12/2019 | 19:12 - 20:47

Begin Log


CL5-13: Please, understand, this is beyond anything we've encountered before.

[REDACTED]: Beyond anything you've encountered before. Turning all our efforts to this is simply absurd. It is impossible to meet the guidelines in this draft before the presented date, and no plan for transporting priority objects was proposed. Sorry, but we need more than that to make any decision. That is all?

CL5-03: Actually, ladies and gentlemen, before we end this session we have some data that we would like to present.

CL5-13: And that would be?

CL5-11: Allow me to clarify the situation. According to the researchers in charge of studying the anomaly in question, its deceleration process began about thirty days ago, and today, at least in the affected regions in territory under the legislation of the Lusophone Branch, we have had a withdrawal of approximately 35%.

CL5-13: That is ridiculous, who submitted this data?

CL5-11: The Directors of sites PT10, five, thirteen, sixteen and the director of Area PT2. We are still waiting for the monthly report from the other directors, but the projections are favorable.

CL5-13: Wait, where are you going with this? You've seen the latest death toll, we need a contingency plan.

CL5-03: And that's exactly what we want to discuss. As pointed out by [REDACTED], the current guidelines are surreal and impossible to complete, so we have two proposals to make.

CL5-13: What? And you didn't notify the board beforehand because…

[REDACTED]: One moment, we are interested in the proposals. Please proceed.

CL5-03: Thank you. Firstly, regarding the guidelines found in the current document, we suggest reducing the total number of sites and fleets to be created to fifteen sites per branch and twenty fleets. In addition, we would extend the deadline by another year, and place the start of construction on CONDEF Level 3. Lastly, regarding the transport of anomalies, we are carrying out a selection process of priority anomalies to be transported, non-priority anomalies, and anomalies to be eliminated before the final evacuation. These would be the changes to the current points.

[REDACTED]: One minute, please.

[REDACTED]: We can agree to these terms.

CL5-03: Perfect. Our second proposal would be an alternative contingency plan. The only real change would be that instead of having to settle on the ocean floor, we could simply expand the underground areas of our current sites. In response to the latest CONDEF, we propose the creation of interconnected underground shelters that will be managed by government agencies.

[REDACTED]: Is there a draft ready so we can analyze each point?

CL5-03: Yes, we will be sending right now.

[REDACTED]: Regarding the changes in the first protocol, the CONDEF level should only be lowered if the data on the expansion of the anomaly takes the opposite direction. With that, we accept the current conditions, and we will be analyzing the new suggestion. We suggest that you stop building for now. Is that all?


End log

AUDIO LOG KLFL-0113 | 05/02/2020 | 08:45 - 09:23

Begin Log


CL5-13: I don't understand.

CL5-03: It could have been a real threat. Actually, it was a real threat, thousands were killed and we had to work hard so that the information wouldn't be leaked. But that's over, we should be relieved that we don't need any protocol or evacuation, don't you think?

CL5-13: Yes, but I can't understand how something like that would just cease to exist.

CL5-03: It is an anomaly, after all. You know as well as I do that we hardly ever understand how these things work.

CL5-13: You're… You're right. But isn't it possible for it to return? Shouldn't we at least keep the protocol active in case it comes back?

CL5-03: Did you see the report? [REDACTED] stated with all certainty that the chance of this anomaly coming back is almost zero. They'll continue to study with what we have, and it might be possible to find the first instances before their areas of effect get out of hand, should it happen again.

CL5-13: Good. It really is a relief to have this information. Let's schedule the meeting, we need to see what the others think before making any decisions.

CL5-03: Certainly.


End Log

AUDIO LOG KLFL-0117 | 14/02/2020 | 21:07 - 22:34

Begin Log


CL5-13: With that, we need to make a decision. We can stop the process and file the protocol, or we can finish the pending projects and just eliminate the others.

CL5-01: Is only forty-two complete?

CL5-13: Yes, it just needs to finish the installation of the power systems and the internal building of some rooms. The other three sites in question are in the middle of their process, while the others are at the beginning or have not yet left the paper.

CL5-03: An alternative would be to use just forty-two. I recently inspected the site and it can be extremely useful for containing certain objects.

CL5-13: Anyway, keeping the latest data in mind, let's vote.


CL5-03: I don't understand the problem, how are they suspicious of the decision?

CL5-11: We wanted to speed up the process, now they think something is wrong.

CL5-03: This doesn't make sense. Didn't the anomaly retreat?

CL5-11: Yes, but that's not the point. We need to stop the protocol but we also need to elimiante everything it represents. If they suspect that the anomaly is still a threat, even if they are not real, they will ask to reactivate the protocol or even create a new one.

CL5-03: And what will we do?

CL5-11: I suggest changing the document and deleting the records as soon as possible, it might even be better to inform the directors about the problem. But we have to be quick.

CL5-03: The report and logs issue I can resolve.

CL5-11: I will notify the others then.


End Log





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