Sand & Ash

A rolling bush surrenders its body to the breeze and over a sea of ​​molten sand, walks the dry body of the desert in search of water. The body of the desert poured a seductive mirage into Dal and Gio's eyes. Each hill finds a new shape with each breeze and leaves the footprints of the two in memories; It seems that each step does not last more than a few mornings; Short and transient, just like life.
Gio said: I never thought that the desert would be so beautiful; Although it is not my first time; But as if this time, I see with the eyes of my heart.
Dal said with a sweet and loving smile: "Whenever you feel helpless, say, there is no rush; In this barren desert, we must look for a tomb that you will find only when you are aware of its existence. So you don't need to stress yourself and remember to drink water constantly so you don't get heatstroke.

The spring sun shone its flaming whips in the desert sky and played mercilessly on the bodies of these two young men.
Gio said: I said that, I have been in these areas before; Years ago, right after a tomb burned down in the heart of the city
Opened and filed SCP-050-IR . We have explored these areas several times; But beyond the stones of existence, we did not find any abnormality or other abnormality; We found only burnt ruins, crushed statues, cracked pottery and worn tools. I have read that case many times; The search reports in this area are as extensive as your own mystery file reportsIs.
Dal thoughtfully said: I believe from the bottom of my heart that this time is different; Syringe

It does not send me on the wrong path; All this time you were looking for me, you should know this well. Although the promise is that the guide puts a promise on the path of adventure and informs about the dangers; But a commitment must be followed to reach the goal.

On the hot body of the desert, however, there was a bush playing with the wind; He slowly crawled on the sand and drew Dal's attention. Rolling and dancing on the burning sands of the desert, like a child under the rain, he reached the side of a big stone with rhythmic movements.
At this moment, Dal's eyes flashed, he pointed to that stone and continued: "The witness came from the unseen." The same stone we were looking for; Now we need to start routing.
Gio said excitedly: "Thank you for your sharp eyes, after these adventures, I believe in Sirang." Tell me, what do you see on this white stone? Which way is the road?
Dahl moved closer, drew a hand on the stone, and pointed a supposed path to Gio with his finger on it. Then he said: Look at these signs, according to the signs on the stone, I can clearly see that we are seventy-five steps away from the tomb; That is our destination.
Gio rubbed his hand on his chin thoughtfully and asked: What is the secret of this place? In the south of Shahdad desert
What are we looking for? In this vast land, why should we step on such a place where no animals or plants live?
Dal said with a sweet smile: I think we have to wait a bit to find the answers to these questions. Prepare yourself; Because when we arrive, we have to shovel; The tomb does not open by itself.
Guy who felt the weakness in his body; He said helplessly: Can we eat a little first to have the necessary energy? Let's drink a little of those potions full of your energy, so that we can get better. Dal nodded in approval and they both started walking.

The silence of the desert had made them both silent and this silence was taking a ride from their minds. In that desert, there is nothing but imagination, and this illusion, if it gets on the mind, is no longer an escape.
Dal took a gulp of water and gestured for Gio to drink as well, then continued, " What other places did you trash when you were looking to complete the information on the SCP-050-IR file?"
"I remember reading file after file in the Department of Fame's archive center that referenced almost every source," answered Gio with a furrowed brow. Any place that had a sign of this story in it; They had turned upside down; But they did not find any information. It was not even possible to say for sure which of the stones of existence can be found where. It was, dare we say, the dumbest case we ever had.
Dal said with a sweet smile: Look at what arrogance does; Point measurement should be learned from a point-seeing teacher like Sirang. These impasses are the result of the arrogance of the people of your foundation. All the signatures I left for you in recent missions; All of them were related to the stones of existence; But you were thinking of catching me and you didn't see anything. It was finding these stones and their inscriptions that took me from one city to another.

Walking on the sand always whips their souls and hurts their imagination. Dal went forward and Gio stepped on Dal's feet; The heavy load of the equipment was hurting those two shoulders. Suddenly Dal stopped, pointed to a stone picker and said: We have arrived; right here It is better to seize the opportunity; Prepare things, time is tight.
Gio, who was a few steps behind, approached Dal and said: Do you know what I was thinking? For several years, I researched various cases in that Nemur room, and the only thing that drew me from behind the desk to nature; It was an honor to meet you. I thank you thousands of times for bringing me on this journey; I was going crazy. Although it is not necessary to mention; But, Your Honor, I must tell you that I am not a shoveler. My hands are as soft as freshly picked cotton; Where am I and where is shoveling…
Dal shook his head as a sign of regret and said in his heart; Given all the good things it has, it is still not the same color. He remembered Sirang's words, he remembered that Sirang always said that no one's essence is the same. He thought and poured bitterness on his face and threw the shovel on the soft soil of the desert. He sat on his knees and threw all the stones aside.

The wind in the desert, like a fire that destroys the dry body of wood chips; It was slowly changing the face of the desert and the face of the sand was a toy in the hands of the wind. Gio asked to change the heavy atmosphere of the environment: Do you know who this tomb belongs to? Dal answered while shoveling: As Sirang said; This tomb must belong to a wrestler

Bronze Age
Well, you should know that in the past, this was not around the desert; Rather, there was a lush and rich civilization in this region. According to Sirang's guidelines, I believe that this land is one of the most important regions of Iranic lands
It has been greener. It can even be said that it was greener than the greenest parts of this earth…
Gio, whose mouth was constantly moving, swallowed the piece of bread he had in his mouth and then asked with surprise: Where do you get these materials? Is it possible that this barren desert was once green?
Dal, who was a little helpless and out of breath from shoveling alone; He answered: When Sirang spoke about this civilization; He always pointed to the greenest gardens and flower gardens
, which were collected by the best wrestlers.

The desert bestowed generosity on the two of them; It's like a pearl that comes out of an oyster when the sea is kind to the fisherman. At this moment, the sound of the tip of the spade hitting something earthen and hollow echoed. Dal shouted with great enthusiasm: Give good news that we have reached the coffin!
Dahl knelt down in the hole and with his blistered hands, scooped out the remaining dirt and opened the coffin door with the edge of the spade. Dal came out of the hole and went to a corner and spoke in praise of Sirang. After Lakhti, he returned and said: Come and look into the heart's eyes, now I know the meaning of Sirang's words well; He used to say
that the tomb has a guide in its heart, which is the answer to our questions; Now I know what kind of guide this is. A statue of black jade
which is engraved on an ancient inscription in a forgotten language. I remember learning this language from an old alchemist many years ago. Hoshang Khan Ahedi always said: (This language will be used one day when you don't expect it). Who knows, maybe it's time. Let me translate it; I must first perform an ancient ritual to preserve its sanctity.
Dahl took the statue out of the tomb, hugged it and walked several steps towards the heart of the desert; He knelt down slowly, put it on the ground and started his ritual. After performing the ritual, he began to read the inscription on the statue and at that moment, the statue began to tremble.
Gio said with surprise: Dal… look, the statue is shaking !
Dal, who had tears in his eyes and was looking at the sky; He nodded that I know.
Along with a slight vibration, the statue made unintelligible noises, but after 47 seconds, it started speaking in Persian language:

We give thanks to the Aratanian kingdom, the biggest and most powerful kingdom that the universe has ever seen, a land where justice, generosity and kindness reigned supreme in all matters. I was born in the city of Astar, so that I could go to the land of Arata by four men and record everything and be the narrator of the history of the Arata people until the resurrection of history, so that the future generations would know that the kingdom of Arata* (Wikipedia link) was two cities, Astar in the east and Pahlu in the west
Astar was the kingdom of Asatir, a powerful, green, undemanding and vast land that was ruled by great men such as Sirang*, Humay*, Gopet*, Merti Khar* (Wikipedia link for all) and other legends of this land. Astar was based in Nimroz* of the Kansu* Sea.

Pahlo was a land full of artisans and intellectuals who were leaders in all the knowledge of the world, and great people like Kiyomarth, Diako, Landhor, Cyrus and others brought Yazidi *(Wikipedia) to this land. Pahlo was based in Apakhtar* Sieh Mountain.

It was customary for everyone to put the names of great legends and heroes on the children of this land so that they can benefit from their knowledge and strength.

Kindness to parents was the pillar of life and the path to happiness. Every man and woman who fulfills this order will be blessed with happiness.
The people of Arata had the greenest land in the world, evergreen and fruitful gardens that were famous in all kingdoms. The wealthiest people in the world were in this land, the lack of need of the people of this kingdom was in the nature of this land, and all their wealth was due to knowledge and wealth, knowledge that gave them the ability to do anything, and another sign of them was wealth, the wealth that was on wearables and tools. And weapons are used to give substance to the knowledge of legend. The knowledge of legend could not be used without need. The Gehars all came from the heart of the land of Arata and their knowledge included the five worlds.
Simia*, Limia*, Rimia*, Himia*, and Kimia*, these knowledges were in the hands of the elders of this kingdom.
Aratani magicians were the creators of the knowledge of fairy tales* (magic and fairy tales were part of the science of magic), every fairy tale that they enchanted instantly took its toll.
Giuznani were always engaged in pottery making, so that they would be enchanted by this hidden gem, and at the same moment, these legends would be enchanted on the pottery. The myth of Simiagaran Homai and their warrior was called Landhor.
The Aratanians had the knowledge of commanding the water and soil, the smiths fertilized the water and soil of this land with their great efforts and commanded them to grow with the knowledge of legends. The land was unique in the whole world. And this was due to the existence of golems* (link to golem) that the smiths created by mixing the water and soil of this land. The legend of the Gupta warriors and their warrior was named Diako.

When the Aratani kings sat on the throne, they practiced justice and gave nothing but goodness to their people. But with the divan.* (referring to the civilization of the divas) and the enemies of Tandi, they used to take the most severe punishment on them. He considered the best people in the world to be the people of his land and all the good things were the gift of the people of this land.
The Arata Corps consisted of the Yalan and Givan units. Yalan unit, a large unit of birds, beasts, jumpers and bloodsuckers as big as a mountain, all of whom had a heart on their foreheads that this knowledge belonged to Limyagaran. The Givan unit consisted of mighty legends and warriors. No enemy had the strength to stand against Arata's army, except Diwan Froomayeh, who had no use of the furnace, and the curse of the spinning wheel was on them, and their fields were contaminated with the shame of Ahrman.
There was no mercy on the enemies, it was the fate of the enemies to always remain stone and worn out as they are to be destroyed by water and soil. Wherever there was an enemy, it was permissible to stone them. This fate was fulfilled by the Limyagars with the knowledge of legends. A souvenir from enemies to warn others. The legend of the Marti-Khor limyagars and their warriors was called Cyrus.

The other thing is that Aratani's defenders had knowledge that a part of this knowledge was mastered by the court and the rest of it was hidden from everyone. The legend and hero of Hamiagaran was hidden from everyone and no one knew about it.

And the other knowledge of the elders of the kingdom, which was the most extensive among them, was with the alchemists, the knowledge that brings health, industry, food, clothing, cunning, love, and immortality, which was all from the stones of the alchemists. The myth of the alchemists of Sirang and their hero was named Kiyomarth.

Aratanians had many friends and enemies, Makhanians* were the closest powerful allies of Aratanians who traded with each other. They gave them tools, weapons, and steel organs* and engraved clothing, engraved dishes, and engraved ornaments. They used to take the steel organs from the Makhanians and put the charms enchanted by Simiagaran on them so that the power of these organs would increase and become powerful. Because Simiagaran's gems were imprinted on the steel eyes, it gave him the ability to see the thoughts of others, and because these gems were imprinted on the steel hands, you gave it the ability to create meta-tools, and because Simiagaran's gems were imprinted on the steel tongue, it gave him the ability to speak with the entire universe. Brings. These organs were many and the strength of the people who had steel organs decorated with charms was great.
These legends also affect tools and weapons. When a weapon and tool comes up with the legend of Simiagaran and the gods of this land, it is used only when its charm is recited and if a person does not use this charm, this tool And the worker's weapon did not fall. So these legends were taught to all users.
I watched that from the day I was born until seven hundred revolutions of the sun passed like this, until this knowledge transformed the Aratanians into a unique people and brought pride, selfishness and self-righteousness to the people of this land.
One day, a big stone fell from the sky on the black mountain, as if the earth became eight and the sky became six, then a black cloud settled on the sky and night turned into day. Legendaries and warriors spoke about it before its arrival and they all spoke of it with praise and considered it a sign of God's wrath. After the black cloud subsided, alchemists were assigned to achieve the full power of this heavenly stone. After seventeen months, the alchemist elders brought fifty chests full of precious and powerful stones. Warriors and mythologists used to say that no other power in this world could face this kingdom. I observed that the warriors of that time did not have the knowledge to use this treasure and their pride did not allow them to express this truth, but they were looking for a solution in their privacy. The pride of the people of this land made them turn a blind eye to the battle that was unleashed against them by an enemy beyond the power of all.
The first Nahan* battle took place when Divan invaded the Aratanian land, a very extensive and terrible battle, as I saw, it led both sides to destruction and brought extensive losses to both sides of this battle.
Pahlo was the pioneer of the battle and Astar was helping, the allies also came to help Pahlo. The golden army of the Makhanians attacked Divan from Iram* and the steel Makhanians were the pioneers of the army and helped them in the battle along with Golan, Yalan and Givan.

Wherever I went, smoke and fire were coming from all sides on this land, although the Yalan and Givan forces were powerful, the number of Diwan was many and they had no advantage over the Aratanis, and they used a lot of tricks and tricks in the battle. Aratanian was driven away and this battle dragged on for years.
I could see that over time the gardens and fields were no longer compatible with the knowledge of the Aratanians and the food was deteriorating. As a result of this extensive battle, the houses of Sieh Kouh were destroyed and Sieh Kouh was collapsing and the strength of the Aratanians was on the verge of destruction. Due to Divan's machinations, the fields and gardens of Pahlo were demonized and the trees and plants fought against the Aratanians, so the Ramyagars mounted on Gauls attacked the fields and gardens and destroyed all the greenery except for food.
This battle dragged on for so long that no one remembered anything but the battle, so much sadness fell on the hearts of the Aratanians that no one could laugh. Although none of them were completely destroyed, both sides of the battle lost their strength and were facing destruction.
I remember one day the Makhanians, who were allies of the Aratans, sent messages after Iram, because no help was coming from Iram, but they ran after Iram and found nothing.
His coming, he who has no name*, was the time of Aratanian's death, careless of the hidden and open battle, the footsteps of women entered the city of Pahlu, went to the hall of the warriors, sat on the ground and picked up a piece of stone and buried it in the soil. The whole city of Pahlu with its palace, garden, fields, hall and everything was turned into sand in a moment and no one else was left in that city except Kiyomarth. Except for the tombs, there were no other structures left, as well as the clothing and the crown of Kiyomarth, and then he got up and left.
Kiyomarth ran naked and confused to the city of Astar. I saw that he entered Asatir's hall without any hesitation and told Asatir what he had seen, but no one believed his words, pride had blinded Asatir's eyes, only Sireng believed Kyumerth's words and decided to leave the city of Astar on his advice. and they fled the city at that moment. After the escape of Sirang and Kiyomarth, several people of Asatir also fled from the city.
I remember he entered the city of Astar and saw the Asatirs lining up to fight him, he pointed his finger at the Asatirs and the entire city of Astar and everything in it started to burn, he burned everything he could and this burning was six The whole month lasted long.
In the first three months, everything was on fire, but nothing was burning, the fourth month was the time of the collapse of mythology, the fifth month, the structures were being destroyed, and in the sixth month, the flames subsided.
In the meantime, some of the legends who were weaker stoned themselves with different myths so that they could get rid of this endless suffering, but maybe the legends who escaped returned and released them, and gradually other legends also joined this self-stoning. Gopet, Humai and Morti Khawar were the last ones who made stones themselves, and at the end of the third month, all the legends were alive and burning and had turned themselves into stones, after that they started to crumble and from the burnt legends, living stones became fragments. remains. After the flames subsided, there was no way back. This fate of self-petrification, when mixed with crushing, had no way back, and endless exhaustion was their destiny.
These flames engulfed everything for miles, nothing was left but ashes, few black bodies and pieces of molten stones. During these six months, the sea of ​​Kansu began to boil, and after the flames subsided, nothing remained of it except a small water intake and moving rocks.
This was the fate of Aratani people who lived in this land and believed that they were superior to the rest of the world.
I remember that nothing was left of that evergreen land except ruins and sand and ashes. Years passed after each other and no one passed on this land until one day Kiyomarth stepped on these ruins riding a syringe. Bimahaba came to me, hugged me tightly and took me with him to the tombs of the city of Pahlo and buried me here and promised me that he would go to the battle of Diwan to close this destruction. After years of fighting, Kyomarth also gave his life on this battle and was buried in my arms.))

The statue suddenly shut down and no more sound came from it. There was a flowing spring from Dal and Gio's eyes, and now tremors were visible on their bodies. Dall kissed the statue and carefully returned it to the sarcophagus of Keumerth's tomb, then returned to Gio and pulled Gio into a hug.
Gio whispered in Dahl's ear: the strangest story I have heard in my lifetime, what a strange fate, this statue should be placed in the central hall of the department of fame so that these words can be specially investigated. Dahl first hugged Gio tightly and
then He separated and walked towards the Hamon Lake from Giv and said: If this information reaches the foundation, he will destroy all the soil and stone of this land to get everything and the calamity that happened to the Makhanians, Divas and others. This civilization will also come…
Gio jumped in and said: Does that mean I shouldn't tell the foundation about this trip and all this? These memories will not be erased from my mind even with memory.
Dal continued while setting up the ritual: I feel that the best answer to this question is that you should build a dead end for the foundation, I also have the duty to take out the legacy of this history from under the rubble. In the meantime, the foundation should not smell, do you know what science and art is buried under this soil? Of the sciences that the statue mentioned, Sirang only has alchemy and only taught this one science to Ahedians, now suppose all these sciences reach our hands, we can serve this land in the best way. Sirang has chosen you for this reason, you must help us to take out all these inscriptions without the foundation knowing and to discover the secret, we must revive the ancient sciences…
Dal, who had prepared the ritual table, took his leave with a hand gesture from Gio and started the ritual.
Gio replied with a gesture and went in the opposite direction, after eleven steps he lay down on the hot sand of the desert and wiped his face from tears and said in his heart: Why should I miss the reward of this great discovery? Although I sympathize with Dahl, the reward of this discovery is very sweet. On the other hand, I am with Dal, something from the bottom of my being tells me that I should trust Dal, but I don't know how. So he made a date with himself, took out a lawyer's coin from his pocket and threw it up, the jingling sound of the coin echoed in the air. Yes, the lion came and he was sure that he should go with Dal…

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