Sayonara Heaven
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Good morning, students, teachers, and general and external affairs staff.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone at this school, students and faculty. That our college has made it through thick and thin all these years is thanks to your committed support. Next, I'd like to express my congratulations to everyone sitting here: Thank you, proud students of my school, for from today onward, the second you step out of the school gates, you will have officially said goodbye to your school lives. Perhaps you may find a home that brings out your talents; perhaps you may walk into another ivory tower and continue on; or perhaps you may walk a path that no one has walked before. But at last, you will walk out of this "heaven" and towards a great unknown.

"Heaven"… To refer to this little institute as a "heaven" might come across as blowing my own horn. But that has been the goal of myself and every teacher and staff member at this school over these last few years. We have used every last drop of our resources, every last piece of technology, to construct a "heaven" in which everyone can live happily, and learn happily. For me, the moment I saw each and every one of your forward-looking eyes, I knew my effort had not gone to waste.

Or perhaps you have heard — no, you must have heard, for we have hinted at it since you enrolled — that after your cohort there will be no more new students entering this school. This world has already undergone a rapid transformation. Perhaps, tomorrow, everything you have learned will become irrelevant and dated; or perhaps, one day, you will have no choice but to take on a challenge you have never faced before. Perhaps, at some point in time, you will think back to your memories of life at this little institute that should have closed down long ago.

So I, as the Principal of this school, at the very end of everything, say this blessing for you: I hope once you leave this school, you can live this life "without regrets". I hope your wisdom can shine brightly and choose the right path. I hope you will maintain an optimistic heart, smiling in the fact of challenge. I hope your will stays strong as iron, and that you will avoid eternal regrets.

Everything returns to nothing, and from nothing is born everything. All heavens will eventually fall apart. What you need to do now is to wave goodbye to the heaven in your heart and begin your new journey.

I wish that you find a new heaven. Congratulations on your graduation.



"Mr. Principal, all the graduating students have safely left the compound, and most of the teachers have smoothly retired."

"Understood. Contact the Boundary Team; they can leave too. They've worked hard these few days.

"Mr. Principal, at the moment the last student left the campus, I lost contact with the Boundary Team too. The only people left in the school are the two of us.

"Understood. Let's go. We can't stay much longer. Oh, yes, R.D.?"

"Yes, Mr. Principal?"

"You've done well these few days too."

"No, no. It's my job."

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