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  • Italian.
  • Oneiroi/Serpent's Hand/Janus Order enjoyer.
  • Catradora enthusiast.
  • Knows Spanish (just to shitpost and take some n-word passes).
  • Staff both here as junior site mod and on the English branch as junior staffer.
  • On -IT I do mainly translations1 and work on the site2, but also original works and forum/site crit.
  • Just want to keep it chill.

Enough being said. Let's get to the real shit here.


This page literally wouldn't exist without those.

1. SCU-EWW-J — The most beautiful of all, or "How fascists allied with artists, Julius Caesar's zombie and the Pope in order to kill the horrorTM".

2. Cult of the Great Eye of the Mediterrean — Lovecraft like sea cult. Wow.

3. Serenissimo Colejo degli Estri e dei Maùchi del ComùnInsert anomalous venetian screams

4. SCP-082-IT — The Helm of Knowledge, or how being stupid is the best.

5. SCP-055-IT — The Devourers, i.e. why staying home is the right choice.


7. SCP-042-IT — The Answer, AKA how a complicated and ambiguous relationship of love-hatred-going-around-stealing-codes-for-each-other between me and the author QuantumCryptographerQuantumCryptographer was formed.

8. SCP-002-IT-J — The Doctor-Destroyer, best -IT-J, fight me.

9. Ordo Iani — Best GoI 10/10, it has a mechazord.

10. Anomalous Materials Information and Security System — Police GoI Police GoI

11. SCP-067-IT — The King of the Hill, Team Bird would die to get their hands on this.

12. SCP-080-IT — Shattered Civilization, "Unity is Strenght" and it really is huh.

13. SCP-079-ITLocus Amoenus, finally an article about a videogame that isn't just "Game's cursed!!!"

14. SCP-001-IT-J — The "Dragon" of Revelation, and who the hell has a lizard as a pet anyway.

15. Lore of the Italian Branch — Remember, if it hasn't lore, it ain't ItalianTM.

16. SCP-149-IT — After the End of the Eternity. Calling your son Anselmo?? Eternity's not enough you monster.

Original works on -IT

C'mon, it's always a good time to spam. :^)

1. Nothing Strange — No. Don't read it. It's bad. Really bad.

2. SCP-115-IT — The Duke's Jail. My first article, got old in a bad way, although I still have a soft point for it because of nostalgia3. A bit of backstory and lore for the GoI OrganumCybo-Malaspina in this article, with knights from St. George's Brotherhood and sea creatures from CGOM.

3. Innards — Short and """sweet""" body horror story. To this day what I consider my second best work. A fascist vomiting his own innards, what more can you ask for?

4. SCP-069-IT — The Exodus. Beginning of my first storyline "Gloria in Excelsis", starring angry magical axolotls and their god fighting angry inquisitors. Shoutout to my co-author Dr PlacidoDr Placido for making the incident and the interview something phenomenal. Third place in -IT's summer 2021 contest!

5. SCP-130-IT — The Gang of Broken Dreams. Winner of IT's Halloween 2021 contest! Something BIG and NOTORIOUS is approaching the dream world, and an unlikely group of heroes will have to fight it back! Beginning of my second storyline "Suspicious Minds". My best work to this day.

Original works on -ES

Lmao it's already a miracle I can publish in my native language.

Original works on -EN

As above.

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