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Sci-Fi Month

What is Sci-Fi Month?

Sci-fi, short for science fiction, is a genre that explores the effects of scientific advancement on humanity through deconstructing natural science. I believe that the writing of science fiction has a relatively high barrier to entry, not only requiring the ability to write, but also a wealth of knowledge in order to construct the setting that supports the work and the ability to make that setting mesh perfectly with the idea in one's mind. But once you overcome that barrier, unfolding before your eyes will be a vast ocean of imagination — and the one in charge of everything that happens in this sea is you, the author behind the screen. So put pen to paper and set sail on that boat made of science!

The Chinese branch of the SCP Foundation, as a platform for creation, is naturally never short of sci-fi stories. K96 Anti-Time-Stop Mine, In Storms of Thunder, Stars Fall Like Rain, The Literature Machine and the Dinosaur, are well known in the Chinese branch, and Bluebird, Knowing Yourself, Accelerated Dark Blue and OEM are no less famous as CN sci-fi scips. But these would not be enough — as the saying goes, "the wave behind pushes the wave ahead", and on the good foundation that these works have laid, the Chinese Branch will definitely produce more and better sci-fi works, bringing the readers new visual delights.

The "Sci-Fi Month" is a 31-day event, borrowing the concept of EN's SCP Anthology. On each day of July 2023, a new sci-fi article will be published. It may be an SCP, a Tale, or a GoI Format, and each work will have a different author. Taking inspiration from the rules of "ABCs of Death" and adding a Chinese twist, we have decided to base our themes off the "Twenty-Eight Mansions". These works may use any topic, theme or setting — of course, as long as they are relevant to the corresponding constellation. The author can use any interpretation of the character associated with the constellation — for instance, the author of "Star" can choose a word using that character, such as "星云Nebula" or "星空Starry Sky", and use that for their topic in creating their work. It can be said that the different ways of interpreting the themes is a major draw of this event, and to not only "dance while bound in chains", but instead turning the "chains" into the centerpiece of the "dance", requires a significant level of skill from the author, adding another layer of twist to the event.

If you are in search of the sparks created in the clash between fantasy and science, do not miss out on this event!



HornUltima Thule天涯海角


NeckHigher and Further更高更远








BasketBeacon 薪火


DipperSmall Room斗室


OxNewton's Realignment光谱


GirlGood Luck多吉




RooftopIncoming Crisis 危机将至


EncampmentSecret Room密室






BondYoneme Mei ?米女芽衣?


StomachPoison Chalice饮鸩止渴


Hairy HeadUndead Sun太阳不死


NetThe End of the Snow雪尽


Turtle BeakBurning Monkeys火猴


Three StarsThree 


WellLaunching Silo发射井


GhostCelestial Dog天狗


WillowWillow of Life生命之柳


Extended NetExtending张开


WingsCocoon Breaking Wing破茧之翼




Short and Not Empty: Shortest article by length. (Does not include code. Based on Chinese original.)

Prizewinner: The Day of the Nv Mansion, byDrStseDrStse1

Sci-Fi King: Highest-rated article. (As of 2023/08/07 23:59 UTC+8)

Prizewinner: SCP-CN-2845, byEnflowerzEnflowerz&EtinjatEtinjat&Re_spectatorsRe_spectators2

Controversial: Article with the closest-to-equal number of upvotes and downvotes. (As of 2023/08/07 23:59 UTC+8)

Prizewinner: The Death of A Crane, byThink cyanThink cyan3

Speedrunner: Fastest time from receiving the theme to completing the article.

Prizewinner: SCP-CN-2785, byHuaNianQWQHuaNianQWQ

Akasupa: Highest-rated article on the topic of "VTubers".


Ad Astra: Highest-rated article set in space.


The Great Scientist: Propose one or more fictional theories/devices and explain their theories in-depth in your article.


Codermind: Highest-rated article using complex coding to increase the reader's immersion.

Prizewinner: Antaris and Hormress's Proposal I, byAntar1sAntar1s&Dr HormressDr Hormress5

Universal Collision: Highest-rated crossover article.

Prizewinner: SCP-💡, byEMON-XEMON-X&AngoulmuckAngoulmuck6

Neuromancy: Highest-rated "cyberpunk" article.

Prizewinner: Action Record:Ultima Thule, byColorlessLColorlessL&Lyrics LinnLyrics Linn7

Heavenly Script 1110: Highest-rated "wuxia"-type article.


There Are No Guys in Touhou Sci-Fi: Write a work where each and every character is a girl or a young woman, no exceptions.

Prizewinner: Secure Facility Dossier: Site-CN-169, byAgent PhageAgent Phage8

Fight Choreographer: Highest-rated article with a detailed battle scene.

Prizewinner: Aerospace and Aviation Military Yearbook of Site-CN-23, 2042/7/16 - Departure Day Special Edition, byinitializerCOX does not match any existing user name9

Alien Ambassador: Highest-rated article from the perspective of a non-human civilization.


Hidden Achievements

Illustrative: Article with the highest number of illustrations/multimedia files used.

Prizewinner: Aerospace and Aviation Military Yearbook of Site-CN-23, 2042/7/16 - Departure Day Special Edition, byinitializerCOX does not match any existing user name10

The Great Commentator: People who has left comments with the highest total number of characters.

Prizewinner: Simon ArranSimon Arran11
Special Award: WhokingWhoking who has the most comments for Sci-Fi month entries (23 articles).

Master of Destiny: People who voted for all Sci-Fi entries.

Prizewinners: AAAAAAyinAAAAAAyin, LPCaCO3LPCaCO312

Many Hands Make Light Work: Article with the highest number of tags.

Prizewinner: SCP-CN-2845, byEnflowerzEnflowerz&EtinjatEtinjat&Re_spectatorsRe_spectators13

Duality: Article related to, or mentioned, SCP Anthology entries.


Public Executions: Authors who submitted their entries which are then downvoted to deletion.

Prizewinners: WG_SumoWG_Sumo, fishaltfishalt, EderliziEderlizi

Stood Up!: Authors who didn't submit their entries as of 2023/08/07 23:59 UTC+8.

Prizewinners: Ethnic ElapidEthnic Elapid, fuor_cloverfuor_clover, SkyNight_aicSkyNight_aic

Fire Brigade: Articles which filled the vacant slots of the Sci-Fi Month hub.


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