Scka's Proposal
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Welcome, people. Let us start our day by saying the prayers for our father in heaven. Now, let's read the phrases on the booklets we've given you. Yes? Oh, it's Latin. I'll tell you what it means later, so please read it with a light heart. In a revere mind… calmly… Wait, people, thou shalt not drowse. Wake up, everyone. Everyone's drowsing…. except you. Good to see you. What's your name? Good.

Oh, don't try to run away. This place is already in lockdown by our people. Don't worry. This isn't another lame organ harvesting or another hostage situation. Oh, those people? Don't worry about them. We're just giving some amnestics to our friends over there. They will be sent to their homes without any harm, all their memories of here wiped away and returning to their everyday lives. You? You can't.

Of course, we owe you an explanation. Although I suggest, you give your last prayers here before that. You'll need to come with us anyways. …Well, okay, alright. We're from the SCP Foundation.. so an organization that "Secures, Contains, and Protects". Our job is to take supernatural phenomena that harm humanity away from the daily lives of ordinary people. You seem worried. However, I don't mean that you have some unique capability hidden inside you as you may think. Feel relieved? Of course, you must be even more worried, and it's perfectly fine. But you must get used to this kind of talk.

We've put our efforts to contain all supernatural entities that try to harm the continuation of humanity. An undying lizard, a moving statue, and other things you didn't need to imagine are currently locked under our Foundation's facilities. Yes, whatever you think, may it be occult or Bigfoot, that stuff actually exist. Ah, since you've seen the X-Files, it'll be easier for you to understand. Those kinds of things exist. We're not from the government, though. Now don't talk and just listen. Not a single person knew how these things could have been generated, ignoring evolution and all known laws of physics. Until the astronomical telescope was invented.

Yes, it was space. We've observed an energy storm of indescribable magnitude from one edge of the cosmos. It slowly, but staunchly has been gobbling up the entire universe. And it was creeping towards Earth. Shush, listen. We've analyzed the heat radiation pattern with all the science and technology that we can. That irregular change of form, the relentless destruction and devouring… We then found the answer from the least expected. The pattern matched that of a white blood cell's. SIT DOWN.

Do you remember high school biology class? To inform the white blood cells that a pathogen has infiltrated, the cells around it generate a particular substance. We've revised this new concept, and unfortunately, the prediction turned out to be true. The paranormal activity that we contain served as a beacon calling for that dreadful energy storm. What does this mean? They… no, 'She' thinks us, humans, as a virus—this cosmos. The waves emitted by the paranormal events spontaneously made from a cell called 'Earth' is activating the entire universe's defence mechanism. If we cannot get rid of them, the immune cells won't stop before it devours us.

Now you seem interested. But I think you'd be asking this question: "What's all this got to do with me?" Now, let's return to biology class again. When a cell recognizes a pathogen, it doesn't compare every part of it one by one with a normal cell. It noticed a peculiar protein that doesn't exist in a normal cell and realized we are here. Get it?

You're that peculiar protein.

Okay, wait, wait, you don't have to panic like that. Remember, we put in all this time to break it down for you. We have absolutely no intention of doing anything with you for the time being. Yes, 'for the time being'. You get the point. Since the things we're going to do to you need your understanding, you had to know everything: why we spend all that money, gather personnel, grind, experiment, research and then instead of destroying all those atrocities, contain them by all means and then try to weaponize them. I assume the answer for everything is now inside your head.

We've put some elbow grease to find your 'kind'. We've put in undercover agents in every country and location possible to run tests that can identify peculiar species. Yes, one of them being the phrase you read earlier. It might sound unbelievable, but we have the technology to induce a particular action by only making them read some letters. An average human will fall asleep, but the 'cancer cells'… well, as you can see. Of course, besides this brute way, we run numerous other tests to distinguish the abnormal… Not a few people are led to the Foundation against their will.

Inhumane? Sure it is inhumane. But it is inevitable. We paid you back with the truth for the unfairness you must feel, and you are obligated to comply. A particular chemical, wave or pattern emitted by the likes of you are evoking other paranormal entities to exist on this planet. Not only that these entities themselves are a great threat to humanity, but if you think of the much more powerful enemy that they will guide to us… We merely buy time before they arrive, before we develop the technology to move elsewhere, for instance… For humanity's survival, someone needs to take preemptive measures, and luckily, we know what we have to do.

Of course, not so lucky for you, but move along.

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