SCP-001-EX (Reclassified)
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Item #: SCP-001-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-EX and SCP-001-EX-A are non-interfering unless actively observed, and due to their extremely low risk, only information controls are to be enforced.

Description: SCP-001-EX is a human (Homo sapiens sapiens) present in SCP-001-EX-A, described below. SCP-001-EX does not possess any anomalous properties.

SCP-001-EX-A is a parallel world similar to the base world in which this report exists. Baseworld and SCP-001-EX-A are largely consistent with the history known to the general public, with the physics and cover stories determined to be normal. The peculiar difference is that SCP-001-EX-A does not have any abnormal physical laws or anomalies attached to it, and in addition, a group creation site called "SCP Foundation" naturally occurred as a complete creation. That is the point. No anomalies exist regarding the origin of the "SCP Foundation" within SCP-001-EX-A. However, historical events in the base world and works in the "SCP Foundation" match approximately 81%.

SCP-001-EX was originally believed to be a successful observation of a Super Entity causing a ZK Class Existential Collapse Phenomenon against the Underworld. This is due to the confusion between outer space observations and metaphysical observations, as observation technology outside the base world at that time had not been established. In other words, it means that it was prematurely judged by the observation of creations that vaguely resembled the appearance of the Base World and the existence that wrote them. However, due to improvements in observation technology, the misidentification of the aforementioned technology has gradually begun to be resolved. As a result, it became clear that the technology that was observing SCP-001-EX and SCP-001-EX-A was an outer space observation technology. A ZK-class phenomenon has also been observed in SCP-001-EX-A, and it is speculated that it is a creation created by the same high-ranking group of beings.

Due to the above, SCP-001-EX has been reclassified as Explained. The current SCP-001 has an unobserved higher entity tentatively registered. In addition, since SCP-001-EX and SCP-001-EX-A themselves do not have any particularly noteworthy points compared to other parallel worlds, investigation and research are suspended.

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