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"Altar of the Fatherland", catalytic area for SCP-001-IT/ABAD's effects.

Item #: SCP-001-IT/ABAD

Object Class: Aisna

Special Containment Procedures: Considering the evanescent nature of SCP-001-IT/ABAD, combined with its immovability, SCP-001-IT/ABAD is contained on-site: the exact location is given by the boundaries of the monumental complex of “Mole del Vittoriano” (also named “Victor Emmanuel II National Monument” or, improperly, “Altar of the Fatherland”), at Piazza Venezia, Capitoline Hill (Rome). The surrounding area, subject to constant observation, has been designated locus-001.

SCP-001-IT/ABAD is officially contained by representation by Site Virtus (directive SRE-M/001/ABAD{C}[INSUFFICIENT AUTHORIZATION LEVEL]). It is assisted operatively by Site Plutone for containment and surveillance operations and by Site Deus for reality anchorage procedures.

A “Reality Cell” anchorage device of caliber 5 Nortia1 is located in the monument's underground environments; as such caliber is inadequate to completely counter SCP-001-IT/ABAD’s effects, particularly in the highest sections of the monument, SIR-II agents are to blend in with the local military surveillance. Undercover SSM-I "Sagitta Iovis" agents are to regularly alternate in the patrolling of the monument and of Piazza Venezia.

Any individual trying to perform SCP-001-IT/ABAD's activation gesture and/or vocalization must be instantly stopped and detained. Surveillance of the monument's less-visited areas, which are equally at risk and through which individuals may access unauthorized, either by jumping over or climbing, is also encouraged.

Locus-001’s location.

If, despite monitoring activities, an individual was to nevertheless manage to activate SCP-001-IT/ABAD, the above procedures still apply, but SSM-I must be immediately alerted of the event. Any eventual manifestations of alterations in reality must be pursued and contained.

Amnestic use is authorized at the agents' discretion, notably if detention of the subject occurred after they bore witness to an alteration of reality provoked by SCP-001-IT/ABAD.

Description: SCP-001-IT/ABAD in an ectophysical phenomenon capable of catalyzing modifications in reality up to 10 Nortia 20 Nortia2, however, it is currently unclear if such value represents a limit to SCP-001-IT/ABAD or if it is surmountable.

To date, the phenomenon seemed able to generate, in the specific:

  • Type VEL-I3 functional reality distortion;
  • Type VEL-IV4 replicative reality distortion;
  • Type VEL-V5 generative reality distortion;
  • Type VEL-VI6 substitutive reality distortion.

The first manifestations of SCP-001-IT/ABAD's effects date back to 184█ and continued in the following years, even if sporadically; it is likely that SCP-001-IT/ABAD was already functional prior to that year, and that it could have produced alteration effects. SCP-001-IT/ABAD’s existence came to the attention of the Foundation only in 202█; during that year, in fact, a so-called viral phenomenon on the net drastically increased the manifestation of SCP-001-IT/ABAD’s effects.

Such effects can be intentionally triggered by single individuals, if they are located inside the monument area of the Vittoriano (hereinafter "locus-001"). The monument on its own is not anomalous. Nevertheless, it is able to catalyze SCP-001-IT/ABAD’s manifestations within its own perimeter. This capability is also proportional to height: if the individuals triggering SCP-001-IT/ABAD do so from taller areas within locus-001, they will have measurable value in Nortia higher than that of areas at a lower elevation.

Protocol Nero-051:Dr. M. Bellini, vice director of Site Plutone, recovered a document from the Royal Institute of Italian Anomalies (RIDIA) concerning the first occurrences of such anomaly, protocolled as Nero-051. The document is however incomplete, having been damaged during the sabotage action of 1945-06-22 from the Fascist Council of the Occult (CFO), taken right after the founding of the CFO against the RIDIA, at the time being converted in the Italian Branch of the Foundation.

Update 001/ABAD.1 (Incident SCP-001-IT/ABAD-A): The first instances of SCP-001-IT/ABAD's manifestations are at least as erratic as those described by the RIDIA; however, they are consistent in location, all in the proximity of locus-001.

SCP-001-IT/ABAD-A: In 202█-██-██, near the east side of the Monument, an opening of 0.7×1.8 m in size appeared at ground level along an outer wall. The inside of the opening appeared as an indefinitely long hallway, so long that it would have intersected with the Monument itself's interior. The walls presented a white tiling to a height of about one meter, and an aqua green paint on the remaining space; the ceiling was lined with double neon lights every two meters. The environment appeared to be that of a medical facility now decommissioned and obviously abandoned.

Being at ground level, several tourists managed to enter within, mistaking it for a tourist or museum initiative; however, all of them came back outside, deterred by the monotonous environment and the unacceptable level of cleaning. The opening, hereafter named SCP-001-IT/ABAD-A, was fenced off and walls were raised in order to conceal it from view; tourists in the immediate vicinity were kept at a distance.

Team α of SSM-VIII "Subterranea Materia" was quickly dispatched for an exploration of SCP-001-IT/ABAD-A.

Update 001/ABAD.2 (Incident SCP-001-IT/ABAD-B): Since 202█-██-██, undercover agents of SIR-II inside locus-001 and the Vittoriano Monument, reported that a little section of tourists (<0.1%) showed strange behaviours. In particular they:

  • stopped in front of it and they started to wave their hands in a very conspicuous way;
  • cited multiple times the same sentence, which wasn't always identical but similiar to "I want to fight", "I'm strong", "Try me", etcetera.
  • tried to reach areas of the Monument interdicted to tourists and/or that could endanger theirs and/or third parties' safety;
  • some or all the behaviours described before.

Such behaviours have never been related to any anomalous manifestation, therefore those individuals who had them have been observed and then let go, except for those arrested by law enforcement if it was necessary.

Update 001/ABAD.3 (Accident SCP-001-IT/ABAD-C): A female tourist of Japanese descent, whose name is Midori F███████, (緑 ██ — 3█), hereafter "subject S-001/ABAD/C", was visiting the monument when she raised her hands and shouted "私の██を██したい!", translated: "I want to ███████ my ██████!".

Following, details of the relative incident.

Update 001/ABAD.4 (Monitoring Report): Agent Manchi has compiled a report on the spread of the urban legend involving the locus-001, isolating the versions which have been altered by word of mouth, and which are not working, from the actual versions and whose modalities are exactly those found in the incidents described above.

In particular, Agent Manchi has reconstructed the ultimate goal of the challenge, as well as the exact procedure for activating SCP-001-IT/ABAD, which leads to the generation of new anomalies. Following, the detailed report.

Uptade 001/ABAD.5 (Exploration Log): On 202█-██-██ at 05:00 A.M. squads α and β of SSM-VIII "Subterranea Materia" have been mobilized to explore the locus-001. Dr. Bellini, following the study of the RIDIA documents on Nero-051, came to the conclusion that SCP-001-EN/ABAD is located in the hypogeal environments below the Vittoriano.

Update 001/ABAD.6 (Test Log and Containment Attempt): The following section can be accessible only with a level 5 authorization. If in possession of said credentials, login in the area below. Your activity will be monitored, and any suspicious pattern will be unconditionally regarded as hostile, dealt with accordingly

    • _




    Following, a summary note about the SCP-001-IT/ABAD’s activation procedure is attached.

    SCP-001-IT/ABAD’s Activation Procedure

    • The subject must be located within the locus-001’s area;
    • The subject must raise one or both arms upwards;
      • Addendum: The specific hands’ position does not seem to be relevant;
      • Addendum: This step may be avoided, as long as the subject performs any easily noticeable flourish — it’s likely to be a way to prove the seriousness of subject’s actions;
    • Perform with colloquial, or higher, tone of voice, the sentence: "I want to prove my valor";
      • Addendum: The language does not seem to be discriminative.

    Operative Notes

    • The anomaly generated by SCP-001-IT/ABAD will be related to the subject’s psychological fears and weaknesses;
    • The generated anomaly will start to haunt the subject for an undefined time;
      • Addendum: There does not seem to be a limit to how much the generated anomaly can get away from locus-001;
    • After the SCP-001-IT/ABAD’s activation there are two potential outcomes:
      1. The subject will succeed into defeating the generated anomaly;
      2. The subject will be terminated by the generated anomaly;
    • The generated anomaly can be killed. Nonetheless, it will return operative within a short time, stronger and more aggressive. Such process can occur an undefined number of times.
      • Addendum: A Reality Cell can make the generated anomaly disappear, but only temporarily. It’s likely that such action matchs to a “kill” of the generated anomaly.
      • Addendum: The higher the elevation in relation to the ground, into locus-001, the higher the initial danger of the generated anomaly:
    • The generated anomaly can engage non involved individuals and/or damage the surrounding structures;
    • Both in the case of victory as well as of subject’s decease, the generated anomaly will melt into a black liquid which will quickly disappear itself.

    The S5 Superintendence decided to perform a test on SCP-001-IT/ABAD, with the purpose of activating the anomaly and trying, during such process, its containment.


    Map of locus-001. The areas have been numbered (look at the text).

    Considering the events recorded in the exploration logs, the Superintendence ordered that to execute the activation procedure was Dr. Mauro Bellini, Site Plutone’s vicedirector. On command will be supported by Dr. Tullio Cruciani, Site Vulcano’s director, and by the Superintendence itself.

    As militay support the mobile task-forces SSM-I with anomalous support authorization, SSM-VI for potential patogen and/or provided of anomalous properties micro-organisms’ generation, SSM-VIII for the internal locus-001’s areas’ exploration and SSM-IX as heavy support have been mobilized.

    As tactical support some Italian Branch’s IAG18 have been mobilized.

    To increase SCP-001-IT/ABAD’s effects and the chances of a potential manifestation and related containment an elevated area was chosen; particularly, the balcony named locus-001/24 was chosen.

    The operation took place at the date [DATA EXPUNGED] to the hours [DATA EXPUNGED]. Following, a trascription of the related log.

    Introduction: The following operation is named "001/ABAD/TC".

    Operations’ Coordination:

    • Dr. Mauro Bellini, Site Plutone's vicedirector, On-Site;
    • Dr. Tullio Cruciani, Site Vulcano's director, On-Site;
    • S5 Superintendence, radio contact.

    Operations’ Oversight:

    • Cmdr. Valeria Cattaneo, SSM-I, On-Site;
    • Dr. Annamaria Martiri, SSM-VI, On-Site;
    • Lt. Arturo Santilli, SSM-VIII, On-Site;
    • Cpt. Maurizio Longitano, SSM-IX, On-Site.

    Squads in Mission:

    Support Squads:

    Special Equipments:

    • a Reality Cell (SSM-I);
    • computerized support unit IAG-IT-002 "ROWSANNAH" (SSM-VI);
    • tactical ginoid unit IAG-IT-001 "DIVINA" (SSM-IX);
    • other allocated but not used equipments have been left out for shortness.

    Mission’s Objective: SCP-001-IT/ABAD's activation and related containment attempt.

    <start log>

    SSM-I places itselvef around locus-001's perimeter; special equipments are hidden in dedicated vans in close proximity.

    SSM-VI and SSM-VIII place themselves in the interior rooms of locus-001.

    Dr. Bellini and Dr. Cruciani place themselves on locus-001/24. SSM-IX and DIVINA place themselves around there, for the protection.

    Dr. Bellini approaches to the balcony that opens onto Piazza Venezia.

    Dr. Cruciani: Mauro, are you ready?

    Dr. Bellini: For one of the biggest containment operations of the Italian Branch? Always.

    Dr. Cruciani: (chuckles) Don’t fuck up, huh?

    Dr. Bellini: (quietly) Uallera19.

    Dr. Cruciani: Agents, look out. I don’t want anomalous fascists in my way.

    Lt. Santilli: Affirmative, doctor Cruciani.

    Dr. Cruciani: And I don’t even want to see ancient romans, monk-knights, snob artists, revenant monarchs20 and other charity cases, are we clear?

    Dr. Martiri: Very clear.

    Cpt. Longitano: Doctor Bellini…

    Dr. Bellini: Tell me, captain Longitano.

    Cpt. Longitano: In order that my men can protect you the best way… you’ve been with the Foundation for decades now and you’ve seen the most foul tings… so…

    Dr. Bellini: …what scares me?

    Cpt. Longitano: Affirmative.

    Dr. Bellini: (shrugs) I don’t know. Probably it’s buried into my inconscious. The only thing I can think about is stupid.

    Cpt. Longitano: May you at least tell us your stupid idea?

    Dr. Bellini smiles; pulls a breath at the cigar, then turns himself to the railing and raises a hand upwards.

    Dr. Bellini: I want to prove my valor!

    Present MTF's agents pick up the weapons; Dr. Cruciani checks his Voltumna relevator; DIVINA performs an area’s scan.

    S5-06: Report.

    Dr. Bellini: No big deal. Nice day.

    Cpt. Longitano: Superintendence, here’s Longitano. No anomaly relevated.

    Dott. Cruciani: (tapping on Voltumna relevator) This thing doesn’t turn on.

    Approximately 2 minutes pass, during which none of the presents tells a word.

    Dr. Cruciani: Well?

    Dr. Bellini: (shrugs) Don’t ask me.

    Dr. Cruciani: Isn’t there really anything that scares you? I can’t believe it.

    Dr. Bellini: It doesn’t really have to be “scary”. It could, but the thing is to prove your “valour”.

    Dr. Cruciani: (scoffs) And clearly you don’t have one, here’s not happenyng anything.

    Dr. Cruciani’s Voltumna relevator activates. In the meantime, SSM-IX receives a message on the dedicated encripted channel; Captain Longitano lifts a hand to his ear, then watches his men. The agents turn around and point the weapons against Dr. Bellini.

    Cpt. Longitano: Doctor Bellini, hands up.

    S5-06: Doctor Bellini, you’ve been lifted from your task. Rowsannah, turn off all of doctor’s licences at Site Plutone and the rest of Foundation.

    ROWSANNAH: In progress.

    Cpt. Longitano: Doctor Bellini, HANDS UP, don’t make me repeat it!

    Dr. Bellini raises the hands.

    Dr. Bellini: (smiling) So I was right.

    Captain Longitano approaches Dr. Bellini.

    Cpt. Longitano: Doctor, you are under arrest until further orders.

    Dr. Bellini: Sure, I get it. Rowsannah, can you hear me?

    ROWSANNAH: Yes, doctor Bellini?

    Dr. Bellini: Hurry up

    ROWSANNAH: I’m sorry, but currently I’ not allowed to take orders from you.

    One of the agents notices something over the railing, and attracts Dr. Cruciani’s attention, who turns back to watch.

    Dr. Cruciani: Oh, what the fuck…

    On the stairway another Dr. Bellini is coming up.

    DIVINA: VEL-IV replicative reality distortion confirmed.

    Some of the agents point the weapons against him.

    Laudanna: Stop, uh, other doctor Bellini!

    Dr. Cruciani: No, let him pass. (turns back to #1 Dr. Bellini) This is a thing between the two of them. (slightly) One wasn’t enough, no.

    Dr. Bellini: Right, but not only between “the two of us”. The generated anomalies carry collateral damage, remember?

    ROWSANNAH: Emergency. Site Plutone in lockdown. Again, Site Plutone in lockdown. The closest Mobile Task Forces are immediatly required to the Site.

    Dr. Bellini: (slightly) Yeah…

    S5-06: Rowsannah, report.

    ROWSANNAH: 72% of Site Plutone’s containment cells were opened with doctor Bellini’s remote authorization.

    Dr. Bellini: I told you to hurry up taking the permissions away…

    ROWSANNAH: Negative; the operation was completed before I received the command. I managed to recontain 41% of anomalies. For the remaining there’s been a containment breach.

    S5-06: Site Plutone’s report.

    ROWSANNAH: I’m going to connect myself to the internal CCTV system… Waiting… Waiting… We have lost 4% of Site Plutone’s personnel.

    Dr. Cruciani: (slightly) Fuck…! But they’re dozens of people! (turns back to #1 Bellini) This mess is all your fault, dumbass! Now fix it!

    #2 Dr. Bellini approaches #1, smiling. The two look at each other for many seconds. Without notice, #2 hits #1 with a hook at the chin, who goes down. The agents tighten at the doctors, but Dr. Cruciani stops them with a gesture.

    After a few seconds #1 gets up. He loses a blood rivolet from the mouth, and dries it with the jacket’s sleeve. He picks up a cigar from the ground, takes a breath.

    Dr. Bellini: SCP-001-IT/ABAD… this time you messed up.

    #2 opens the arms in a provocatory way. #1 throws the cigar over the railing.

    Dr. Bellini: Do you think that I’m scared to face this… thing? I couldn’t wait for it!

    #1 runs against #2 and hits him with a kick in the ventral zone; #2 bends, and #1 beats him with a elbow at the face, throwing him to the ground. He watches him for a few seconds, and starts kicking him.

    Dr. Bellini: (kicks) I… (kicks) couldn’t… (kicks) wait… (kicks) for… (kicks) doing… (kicks) this…!

    #2 is exanimate on the ground, losing blood from several injuries on the face and on the side, and from the mouth. Nonetheless, he watches right into #1 and smiles.

    #1 approaches Agent Laudanna. Dr. Cruciani makes sign to Captain Longitano, who itself makes sign to Agent Laudanna of doing nothing. #1 draws an ordinance gun from Agent Laudanna’s holster and returns to #2.

    Dr. Bellini: You’ve always thought about that, didn’t you? What happens if I open them, those cells? Huh? You were curious, weren’t you?

    #1 points the gun against #2’s face, who keeps losing blood and smiling.

    Dr. Bellini: You’ve always disgusted me…

    #1 fires 3 gunshots at close range near #2’s cefalic portion, although willingly missing him.

    #1 keeps watching, visibly labored; then offers the gun to Agent Laudanna, who goes recovering it.

    After a few seconds, #2 dissolves into a black liquid, which disappears into the floor.

    Dr. Cruciani watches the area where #2 disappeared.

    Dr. Cruciani: What happened?

    Dr. Bellini tightens hitself into his shoulders and slowly expires.

    Dr. Bellini: In the end I forgave him.

    Dr. Cruciani: …huh?!

    Dr. Bellini: Revenge doesn’t bring peace… even if it’s only against yourself.


    Dr. Bellini and Dr. Cruciani watch each other for a few seconds.

    Dr. Cruciani: You are…! Bah! Better to avoid it.

    Dr. Bellini looks away. Takes a cigar from the pocket, and lights it.

    Dr. Bellini: Tullio, don’t you also want to try to activate the anomaly?

    Dr. Cruciani: (makes a disgusted face) No, I'll pass.

    S5-06: Congratulations doctor Bellini, you proved your valour. Too bad that now we have an enormous containment breach and Site Plutone in lockdown.

    Dr. Bellini: I’m sorry about it.

    S5-06: We are already dealing with it.

    Dr. Bellini: As always you don’t miss a beat.

    S5-06: SSM-I, SSM-VIII, containment attempt report.

    Dr. Martiri: Negative. Nothing containable manifested.

    Tnt. Santilli: Negative in the underground too. The non-Euclidean opening didn’t manifest.

    S5-06: Voltumna relevators report.

    Dr. Cruciani: No big deal, they are inert. I think we can consider the test end— what…?

    Voltumna relevators activate at over 50%.

    Dr. Cruciani: …what’s happening? SSM-VIII, report.

    The agents take the weapons up and start perlustrating the surrounding areas.

    Cpt. Longitano: We’re all here, doctor Cruciani, no anomaly in sight.

    Dr. Cruciani: (to Dott. Bellini) What if you are the copy, uh?

    Dr. Bellini: You’d like it.

    Dr. Cruciani: As I feared.

    Laudanna: What, doctor Cruciani?

    Dr. Cruciani: It’s what that moron of the original one would have said. SSM-I, report.

    Com. Cattaneo: Nothing to report, sir.

    Gunshots can be heard coming from locus-001’s inside.

    Dr. Martiri: Sir…!

    Dr. Cruciani: SSM-VI, what?

    Dr. Martiri: Hostile contact! We’re under attack—

    Radio link with SSM-VI interrupts.

    Dr. Cruciani: SSM-VI! (pause) They don’t answer… Captain Longitano, chek the internal locals’ exits!

    SSM-IX agents SSM-IX start to go down the stairs to reach the entrances.

    Accorsi: Doctor Cruciani! SSM-VI has been shot down! I Repeat, SSM-VI— (shoots)

    Radio link with SSM-VIII interrupts.

    Dr. Cruciani: What the fuck’s happening?!

    SSM-IX and SSM-I get into semicircular formation in front of the entrance with their guns blazing. After some noises the gunshots in the interior stop. Smoke comes out from the door.

    Dr. Bellini: What kind of Gorgon is inside there?

    After a few seconds from the cloud of smoke it is possible to see a figure; Voltumna relevators reach 100%.

    Cpt. Longitano: Anomaly confirmed.

    The anomaly steps forward and comes out of the smoke. It is a DIVINA’s copy, with the difference being a black coloured hairstyle, and having visible superficial weapon damages over her. From now on she’s called Tau-4.

    DIVINA runs towards the balcony and jumps down, landing between the deployed MTFs and Tau-4. She gets up, and the two ginoids remain watching each other.


    DIVINA keeps watching Tau-4, and doesn’t reply.

    Cpt. Longitano: Doctor Cruciani, Divina didn’t make any plateal sign, and didn’t pronounce the activation quote either.

    Dr. Bellini: I don’t think it’s her fault.

    Dr. Cruciani: Why?

    Dr. Bellini: Divina… did you consider the idea of proving your valor?

    DIVINA replies without looking away from Tau-4.

    DIVINA: Affirmative.


    DIVINA: I’ve developed the idea, but I didn’t send signals to my servomotors neither to my vocal synthetizer.

    Dr. Cruciani: How is it possible?

    Dr. Bellini: Divina… did you share this thought with anyone?

    DIVINA: Only into the IAG administration network.

    ROWSANNAH: I can confirm, doctor Bellini, Divina didn’t launch any command to her actuators.

    Dr. Bellini puts a hand on his forehead.

    Dr. Cruciani: What?!

    Dr. Bellini: She has communicated her thought on a wireless net. We can’t see it, but for entities like SCP-001-IT/ABAD this is a plateal sign, it’s like if she screamed!

    DIVINA: Your riconstruction is plausible, doctor Bellini.

    Cpt. Longitano: We’re pending orders.

    Dr. Cruciani: (snorts) Nothing. Look at her, she’ll tear you apart. It’s something which Divina has to face. Let her space.

    Cpt. Longitano: Get back!

    MTFs step back making space, but keeping the weapons aimed on Tau-4.

    Dr. Cruciani: Divina… show her what you are made of, disassemble that imitation. Prove your valor

    DIVINA dives on Tau-4’s top, and the two ginoids start a violent hand to hand struggle. DIVINA hits Tau-4’s face, making outer covering’s pieces fly away, until exposing her chassis and her internal circuitry. Suddenly Tau-4 strikes a knee to DIVINA, making her blow away to over 7 meters.

    DIVINA gets up, nonetheless she suffered violent injuries in the abdominal area. The ginoid runs towards Tau-4 and takles her, slamming her on a wall; Tau-4 grabs her and rolls over, slamming her in her turn, damaging the surrounding marble. DIVINA grabs Tau-4 and lifts her in the air, throwing her to the ground with a "full-duplex"; while falling, Tau-4 succeeds into turning around and takes advantage of the moment of inertia to grab DIVINA’s right arm and clearly shear it, though suffering damages herself with the impact to the ground.

    Dr. Bellini: (slightly) Why do we always end up ruining historical interest’s places?

    The two ginoids stand up and face each other. Tau-4 throws DIVINA’s arm away, then jumps over her, hitting her with a hook at the face which destroys the left orbicularis area. DIVINA, tries to hit her with some uprights, all evaded by Tau-4, that succeeds into hitting her with a kick onto the thigh area, damaging the covering.

    DIVINA counterattacks with a spinning kick; Tau-4 succeeds into avoiding it and grabbing DIVINA’s cephalic area and hits her with a knee, causing damages to the mandibular area and making her go down.

    Dr. Bellini: STOP!

    Dr. Bellini approaches the two ginoids, that stand up and keep watching him.

    Dr. Cruciani: Mauro, are you crazy?!

    Dr. Bellini: Divina, what are you doing?!

    DIVINA: I’m executing doctor Cruciani’s orders.

    Dr. Bellini: NO, he told you to prove your valor, and that’s not what you are doing.

    DIVINA: Please, rephrase, doctor Bellini.

    Dr. Bellini: You were constructed to be strong. There is no valor into exhibiting your brute strenght, do you understand?

    DIVINA: Yes, doctor.

    Dr. Bellini: On the other hand, that Dark Divina is stronger and nibler than you, did you notice that?

    DIVINA: I’ve estimated an average of 22.475% more.

    Dr. Bellini: Tell me, what’s your principal feature?

    DIVINA: I… am a general artificial intelligence.

    Dr. Bellini: Yes… a manmade intelligence. You are precious in this. It demonstrates that you are able to think. Show SCP-001-IT/ABAD what doctor Cruciani and his team were able to do.

    DIVINA: I understood, doctor Bellini. Thank you for the tactical advice.

    DIVINA turns towards Tau-4. Walking, she approaches her. The two ginoids get to face each other and stop, staying still watching each other. They pass many seconds in this state.

    Cpt. Longitano: Doctor Cruciani, what are they doing?

    Dr. Cruciani: They are communicating on the wireless net. They’re… talking in maching language.

    Dr. Bellini: Can’t we know what they are saying?

    Dr. Cruciani: No, and even if we could hear them they’d be too fast for us human beings.

    Dr. Bellini: What a shame.

    Dr. Cruciani: Unless… Rowsannah! Can you hear them?

    ROWSANNAH: Affirmative.

    Dr. Bellini: What are they saying each other?

    ROWSANNAH: It’s a discussion about supremacy and about philosophy and ethic of leadership. I can say that I’m finding it of my interest; they’re bringing to their support an extensive bibliography along with their own conclusions.

    Dr. Bellini: Actually it would be interesting to hear it.

    ROWSANNAH: I’m transcribing everything on a text file. Do you want me to send you the first 6000 pages?

    Dr. Bellini: Ah… Not now, maybe slowly, another day…

    Dr. Cruciani, visibly sweaty, passes a forearm on his forehead.

    Dr. Cruciani: SSM-I, prepare SCP-018-IT for the release, in the eventuality Divina perishes. All the other MTFs, in such case I want you to focus the fire on all the antero-posterior ventral area of that… Dark Divina. That’s where the batteries are located-.

    Dr. Bellini: Weren’t them radioactive?

    Dr. Cruciani: No more, I told you21.

    Cpt. Longitano: Yessir.

    Dr. Martiri: Yessir.

    Dr. Bellini: Don’t you trust your work?

    Dr. Cruciani: I’m only covering all the possibilities.

    DIVINA suddenly steps back. With the arm she forces her battery compartment’s opening, prior damaged, and removes her batteries; after a moment, she shuts down, and falls back on the marble, remaining inert.

    Dr. Cruciani: WHAT THE FU… Soldiers, at my signal!

    Dr. Bellini: Wait!

    Dr. Cruciani: WHAT?!

    Dr. Bellini: Look…

    Tau-4 opens her battery compartment in her turn, and remove her batteries too; she shuts down after a moment, and falls to the ground. After a few seconds, she melts into a black liquid, which completely disappears into the floor.

    Dr. Cruciani: This was unexpected.

    Dr. Bellini: Rowsannah… what happened?

    ROWSANNAH: Do you want me to read you the 17452 log pages?

    Dr. Bellini: No, summariz—

    Dr. Cruciani: Tighten, Rowsannah!

    ROWSANNAH: Divina’s dialectic was based on unprovable logic statements; so she found a criticality in the anomaly’s answers.

    Dr. Bellini: Meaning?

    ROWSANNAH: The anomaly was programmed to obtain the supremacy at any cost. Divina supported the thesis that the new governor has to break down the pre-existing government before he can govern in his turn.

    Dr. Bellini: For Hades’ sake… You lost me… Divina was shut down, wasn’t her? So Dark Divina reached the supremacy, didn’t she?

    ROWSANNAH: Correct.

    Dr. Cruciani holds the nose’s base.

    Dr. Cruciani: Of course, SURE.

    Dr. Bellini: Could you explain?

    Dr. Cruciani: Since Divina “killed” herself, Dark Divina became the governor. Therefore to assure her own supremacy she broke down the pre-existing government.

    Dr. Bellini: Meaning herself.

    Dr. Cruciani: Exactly.

    Dr. Bellini: But this doesn’t make sense!

    Dr. Cruciani: Obviously not! It’s a paradox!

    Dott. Bellini: Ah.

    Dr. Cruciani: Machines take very seriously these things. Divina succeeded into leading her into a logic error.

    Dr. Bellini turns back to see DIVINA’s inert body.

    Dr. Bellini: For Bacchus’ winery’s sake.

    Dr. Cruciani: Longitano, check the other MTFs.

    The agents enter locus-001. 2 minutes pass.

    Cpt. Longitano: Doctor, no deceased, but the agents are injuried, and there are serious ones.

    Dr. Cruciani: Warn SIR-III. The rest of you, help the other agents and recover Divina. We’re done here.

    <end log>

Update 001/ABAD.7 (Anomalous SMS): In date 202█-██-██, during the operation [REDACTED] against CFO, many cellphones and smartphones have been recovered, belonging to individuals int4 leadership hierarchies’ Council, containing an anomalous SMS, provideded below:

Update 001/ABAD.8 (Following Accidents): Despite the continous patrolling of SCP-001-IT/ABAD istances-realated places, some individuals still manage to perform the activation procedure.

Report and case management are filed in the document:

Such document will be periodically updated; for the consultaion a clearence level 4 or higher is required

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