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    Item #: SCP-001-IT

    Object Class: Keter

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-IT is contained in the maximum-security Alpha Section of Site Deus. This structure must have a Class VII Reality Cell system1 constantly active to prevent space-time deformations. SCP-001-IT is chained to the ground by steel-niobium alloy chains and is constantly monitored by security cameras and movement sensors. In case signals of its awakening are detected, the cell must be filled with soporific gases; should they not be effective, the speakers in the room must be activated and reproduce Class XVIII or higher auditive memetic agents for at least 25 minutes. The Superintendence must be informed immediately of any events regarding SCP-001-IT.

    Description: SCP-001-IT is an extradimensional entity of reptilian appearance, measuring 34 m in length and weighing 17 tons. Its body is covered by bony plates, and it possesses six wings with iridescent feathers. SCP-001-IT possesses clawed tentacles that can be everted from the oral cavity or from three pairs of holes on its neck and that can be used to grab and manipulate objects with extreme accuracy. SCP-001-IT is capable of speaking fluently in Latin, Ancient Greek, and archaic forms of Italian and German; however, because of the enormous risks SCP-001-IT poses when awake, no interviews have been attempted.

    According to the documents from Ordo Iani, SCP-001-IT originally manifested as a shapeless mass of tentacles expanding around an almost spherical central core that presented underdeveloped sensory organs and the entity's mouth. Two years after its first appearance, the entity presented itself in a more organized shape, with a cephalic region where the tentacles were disposed radially and a body where they were interweaved and partially fused to form a snake-like shape measuring 45 m in length. According to Site Deus' experts, SCP-001-IT emerged in a form unfit to physical laws and that, over time, it adapted itself in order to become more stable.

    SCP-001-IT can manipulate space within ██ m from itself when fully conscious; this allows it to manipulate objects and to create defensive barriers. The latter, combined with its natural physical resistance to damage, makes it impervious to most conventional and anomalous weapons. SCP-001-IT's cell was created in order to prevent it from breaching containment or manipulating reality outside the room; in 2004 a Reality Cell system was implemented to strengthen the structure and, at the same time, [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF THE SUPERINTENDENCE].

    History of the anomaly: The first documents about SCP-001-IT date back to August 1236. The entity assaulted various villages along the coast currently part of the Andria province and some survivors informed the Emperor Frederick II of its existence. In the following two years, SCP-001-IT advanced inland and was attacked repeatedly by the army and the Ordo Iani, ally of the Emperor, without suffering significant damage in any of the battles. This prompted the ruler to put aside his differences with the Papal State and to ask help to Pope Gregory IX; he, after many hesitations, sent a division of the CCSG to support Frederick II and to study and classify the anomaly in May 1239. At the end of the year, after alarming reports about the presumed nature of SCP-001-IT, the Pope sent the other three divisions of the Brotherhood, with the permission to use the CCSG's most powerful Relics.

    The Brotherhood's troops joined the imperial army and, at the beginning of 1240, fought SCP-001-IT 18 km from Andria. Despite the massive losses, the coalition finally managed to prevail using a Relic2 that overwhelmed SCP-001-IT's defensive barriers and struck it directly, provoking a great explosion that knocked out the anomaly and opened a deep crater. Using the Brotherhood and the Ordo Iani's esoteric knowledge, Frederick II ordered the construction of a structure that would act as a barrier to imprison SCP-001-IT.

    SCP-001-IT remained dormant in the following centuries, slowly modifying its appearance; it reached its current form in 1933 and, from that year, started to show signals of its awakening; they culminated in 1934 when SCP-001-IT tried to escape and was stopped only with the usage of a Class XV memetic agent. The RIDIA learned about the accident and took part in the containment of SCP-001-IT until its dissolution.

    Contingencies in case of a containment breach: Because of SCP-001-IT's great destructive capabilities when fully awake, it is impossible to prevent an "End of Secrecy" scenario should it escape containment. The Superintendence, in accord with the O5 Council and the Boards of Directors of the other Branches of the Foundation, considers the use of protocols of historical revision inevitable to hide any possible proof of SCP-001-IT's existence and of the events following the breach, along with the institution of a temporary government during the time period between the breach and the contingencies' actuation.

    Addendum 1: A study conducted in 2001 in the archives of Ordo Iani and RIDIA revealed that the appearance of SCP-001-IT was followed by a great increment in the anomalies on the Italian territory, with a particular prevalence of extradimensional entities and objects concentrated mostly in Northern Apulia. It is believed that SCP-001-IT's emergence destabilized the region's space-time continuum and is the cause of [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF THE SUPERINTENDENCE].

    Documents from Ordo Iani on SCP-001-IT, translated from the originals in Latin:

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      Letter from an anonymous member of the Ordo Iani to the Council, dated 23/08/1236:

      Illustrious members of the Council,
      today, a few inhabitants of a village near Andria requested the audience of the Emperor: according to their words, they are the survivors of the attack of an abhorrent beast that ripped the skies and fell to the ground, crushing with its enormous mass a few buildings. The horror started immediately grabbing men and beasts alike with its countless limbs and devouring them, dragging itself slowly to chase them.

      The Emperor was skeptical but feared it might be a demon summoned by his enemies in the Papal State, the only ones with enough knowledge to unleash such a monster, so he decided that a squadron of imperial knights and members of the Order of Janus will be sent to find this creature. I shall inform the High Council for any developments.

    Documents from the CCSG about SCP-001-IT:

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      Letter from Carlo de' Galli, Captain of the Brotherhood of Saint George's Knights, translated from the original in Latin and dated 22/05/1239:

      To Brother Antonio Bernardi,

      I have important news from Rome. It seems that the heretic Frederick sent a letter to the Pope, begging for help to stop a demonic beast and that the Pope decided to send a division of our holy order to investigate.

      I admit my surprise, I cannot believe that the Pope decided to help a traitor of the True Faith, but I wouldn't dare to question the will of the Vicar of Christ. There might be reasons that are beyond my comprehension, so I shall wait for further developments so that I shall not make hasty judgments. If you discover something, let me know; I shall do the same.

      Brother Carlo de' Galli.

    Extract of the message of the last General Director of the RIDIA to the Superintendence about SCP-001-IT.

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      A N O M A L I Æ

      […] The day my predecessor brought me before Nero-0446 is the day I understood that man, despite being gifted with genius and knowledge like no other being on Earth, will never fully understand the mysteries of the world around it: the slumbering creature that laid before me was just the reflection of something massive and uncomparable which, moved by unknown reasons, chose to obey to laws beneath itself.

      It is the reason our country is flagellated by anomalous beings and unexplainable occurrences: during its appearance, its immense power shattered a delicate equilibrium that shall never be repaired.

      Today, a painful day in which I expiate both this once glorious Institute and my own sins, I leave you an ungrateful duty, like an unworthy father leaves its debts to his children. May those who this letter is addressed to never forget its presence, slumbering but never deceased. Like my predecessors and me before you, go before it and contemplate it. In front of its horrid majesty you shall truly comprehend your duty: keep the Dragon in its prison, may it never see the light of the Sun and may it never again feel the sweet wind on its wings.[…]

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