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Item #: SCP-002-EL

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All plants that are under the effect of SCP-002-EL are to be contained in Area-██ in an on-site greenhouse. The area is to be monitored daily for any new mutations. Any additional instances found outside of containment must be reported immediately to Foundation officials. Personnel who wish to do further experiments with SCP-002-EL will have to ask their supervisor to be assigned to the anomaly.

Description: SCP-002-EL is a carbonate mineral with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, with a composition similar to limestone and calcite, though traces of sulphur have been found in samples of ██████ despite not matching the geographical circumstances. Its crystallographic structure doesn’t seem to resemble any of the known recorded crystal structures, and after breaking, several instances are observed to have blunted, jagged edges and fragments. While SCP-002-EL is reactive with most oils, it has only found slight to barely any observable reactions with weak bases and acids, and has demonstrated no observable reaction to strong bases or acids, and water. After reaching the triple point, the material takes on the properties of █████, gains surprisingly low viscosity and loses most of its resistances to acids/bases. Probable cause is increased surface area and breaking the bonds between molecules.

The mineral seems to cause anomalous properties in plant-based lifeforms permanently altering them to look like regular household objects; most commonly ladders (Which are classified as SCP-002-EL-2), along with making the surrounding soil completely solid and waterproof. This phenomenon was first discovered in ████████ on 5/12/1997 when citizens reported a field of ladders slowly rising out of the ground, reaching heights at approximately 5 meters. The owner of the field Mr. █████ and the foundation were notified. During the investigation Agents tried to look for the causation of SCP-002-EL only to discover that the ladders had roots at the bottom of them. While it was not certain what the cause for this was, and the nature of SCP-002-EL was not clear by then, a cover up story was made on how the field was leaking an influx of hallucinogenic natural gases was and Mr. █████ was set free under the pretense of danger, later convinced to sell his field to the Foundation for further research.

Addendum 002-EL-1: On 4/7/200█ two wild instances of SCP-002-EL-2 were found near the village of Ampelakia, Larissa. Both instances showed signs of being climbed. Further analysis revealed an anomaly in its occurrence in that it showed up in a different manner compared to the instances in the past; testing showed that it would have been forged and planted manually instead of growing naturally.

Further testing of the area is under review.

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