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Item #: SCP-002-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immobile nature of SCP-002-FR, and its location, it cannot be moved to a site. SCP-002-FR must be constantly monitored by three (3) staff members to prevent intrusion. Staff members must be kept out of reach of SCP-002-02-FR if it appears outside of SCP-002-FR.
To ensure security, only the following persons or entities may enter:

  • Mechanical entities such as guided robots or automated cameras.
  • Animals less than one meter high and with a mass equal or less than 19.82 kg (this mass was determined after sending many animals to SCP-002-FR).
  • Children under 19.82 kg.

Following numerous pressures provoked by the ethics committee, it is forbidden to use "adopted" children (consenting or not) for the purpose of exploring SCP-002-FR.

If SCP-002-02-FR is seen outside of SCP-002-FR, then it must be apprehended by personnel on-site. Researchers assume that SCP-002-02-FR is lodged in the air ducts of the structure, as there is some evidence of German singing from the air vents. However, it is assumed that it cannot be contained in a solid medium.

Description: SCP-002-FR was discovered in the Natzwiller-Struthof concentration camp in France, following the report of a missing ninth grade class. Officially, the site has been closed to tourists for "military requisition".

SCP-002-FR is an operating room dating from World War II (the exact date is unknown) measuring 10 × 5 × 3 meters, which does not comply with current hygiene regulations. It contains an operating table under a dental ceiling light, which is the only source of light in the room, a ledge with two sinks and a locker filled with several surgical tools, most of which are not up to standard or have been out of use for several years. Five glass containers are embedded in one of the walls, and their supposed function was to hold organs temporarily.

If observed through an object such as a window, binoculars, magnifying glass, camera or other, SCP-002-FR looks like the photograph taken and appears completely normal. The SCP-002-FR activities are only visible to people inside the room.

When one or more people enter the SCP-002-FR enclosure, one of them becomes the subject of experiments such as vivisection, or the implantation of inanimate [DATA EXPUNGED] into the subject's body; the people accompanying the subject perform this procedure against their will despite the victim's pleas (the victim does not seem to be anesthetized, the only means of immobilizing him or her is the use of leather straps, as well as the use of a balm that is applied to the subject's skull; the occasional presence of SCP-002-02-FR is also a factor that reduces the intensity of the subject's reactions), the experiment will continue until its end and organs and body fluids will be found in the five bins provided for this purpose. The attendants who inflicted the experiment come out of SCP-002-FR in shock, and prefer to stay away for a few days, after which they lose all memory of the abuse they inflicted on the subject of the experiments.
When a person enters alone, it is supposed that he or she inflicts the experience on himself or herself. However, in the absence of testimony or evidence, this remains a supposition. It is also assumed that SCP-002-02-FR inflicts the experience on the victim.

One hypothesis is that the experiments performed in SCP-002-FR have for the most part the specificity of having used a still unknown technology allowing the survival of the subjects in a critical state, as well as the survival of the extracted organs over a long period of time without the addition of elements indispensable to their survival in general. However, observations of operations that took place in the room (using guided robots) revealed that Class D dissected their victims with the tools present in the room, which do not present anything anomalous, except for a level of rust that should systematically provoke a tetanus contraction by the subject of the experiments.

SCP-002-02-FR is a humanoid entity of two meters and a half in height, whose skin seems to be that of a human with third degree burns. The skull of the entity is covered with black feathers, and these seem to extend in its back (the blouse masking their presence) and are also present on its forearms. Its arms reach the level of its knees, and the fingers of this one seem to approach the twenty centimeters. The face of SCP-002-02-FR has a beak instead of a nose and a mouth, and the eyes of the entity have the same retina as those of a feline. The entity is dressed only in a white coat, and moves constantly with a notepad that it uses when it attends certain experiments.
SCP-002-02-FR has already been observed speaking in German to some of the individuals performing the experiments on the subject, occasionally giving them certain instructions. Sometimes SCP-002-02-FR [DATA EXPUNGED] of the bins, before walking away through one of the walls, without damaging it.

History: SCP-002-FR is an operating room that was used for various experiments on Jews or gypsies during World War II, the construction of SCP-002-FR having been ordered by Niels E████ H█████ thanks to the use of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Following this discovery, the sending of a remote-controlled robot into SCP-002-FR brought back containers: twelve perfectly viable and transplantable hearts, boxes completely reddened by a mixture of blood, bones, hair and other organic fluids, as well as other larger boxes containing living [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-002-FR was discovered during a guided tour of this ancient operating room by a ninth grade class from the school of ██████, Austria. The history teacher accompanying the class was vivisected by the eleven students and the tour guide who entered the room first (groups had to be formed due to the size of the room). Following this incident, the tour guide committed suicide and the children were isolated before being returned to their families.

Addendum: On 12/11/20██, an eighty centimeter (80 cm) high egg weighing fifty kilograms (50 kg) was discovered in one of the air ducts of the structure where SCP-002-FR is located. The shell of the egg was largely composed of compacted human cartilage, plastics, and hardened keratin.
Once the egg was opened by Dr. ██████ via the use of a discus, what was assumed to be a [DATA EXPUNGED] was discovered inside, connected to the shell by numerous nerve endings. The object is currently stored in a formalin-filled jar in the Site-01 biological research laboratory.
"We believe that this discovery would have a clear link with SCP-002-02-FR
, but without evidence, nothing is proven.
" - Dr. ██████.

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